Worst Raw After Mania? Is Vince McMahon Responsible? Fan’s Outrage on Twitter

Worst Raw After Mania? Wrestling fans are unhappy about Monday Night’s episode of Raw, and it appears that Vince McMahon was responsible.

On Monday morning, McMahon announced that he had sold a majority stake in WWE to Endeavor hours after WrestleMania concluded. During an interview with CNBC, McMahon said he would still be involved in the creative aspect of WWE but not on a day-to-day level

The Monday Night Raw after Wrestlemania usually sets up new storylines for the following year.

The main storyline of this year’s ‘Raw after Mania’ featured Brock Lesnar turning on Cody Rhodes and slamming him on the announcer’s table.

Worst Raw After Mania?

Unfortunately, wrestling fans hated that Rhodes, who many thought should have become WWE Champion during WrestleMania, is now locked in a feud with Lesnar.

Fans called this year’s ‘Raw After Mania’ one of the company’s worst post-WrestleMania shows of all time.

According to a report from PW Insider, McMahon was personally responsible for late rewrites of the show leading to a “negavite shift in morale” in the company.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightul went on to report that talent was frustrated by Monday Night Raw’s episode.

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