TOP STORY: Chaffee County COVID-19 vaccine distribution to begin

Chaffee County Public Health will receive 100 doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine as early as mid-December, a press release stated.

The federal government determined the vaccine allocation amount by the size of every state’s total population and the quantity of ready-to-ship doses from the manufacturers.

The state of Colorado determined the number of doses going to each county or location by surveying each facility’s need for phase one.

At a county level, public health has been working with Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center and Chaffee County Emergency Medical Services to specifically identify those in our community who will be first in line for this COVID-19 vaccine.

The three phases of distribution for Chaffee County are based upon population.

In phase one, public health and other providers in Chaffee County will be getting a small supply of vaccines.

Chaffee County Public Health will be receiving its vaccines from Moderna, while other key partners will receive from both Moderna and Pfizer.

No matter which manufacturer, these first vaccines will be for the community’s highest-risk populations, as well as frontline healthcare workers and responders. This will include residents and staff at long-term care facilities.

The second phase will most likely be for higher-risk workers and essential workers, as defined by the State of Colorado.

Immunosuppressed individuals are included in phase two. However, Chaffee County Public Health recommends that this population speak with their health care provider regarding any specific questions related to the vaccine.

The third phase will be for the general public.

The vaccines are two doses spaced 21-28 days apart.

Each vaccinated individual should acquire immunity within a month’s time.

Chaffee County Public Health will host its first COVID-19 vaccination clinic as soon as supplies become available.

Per Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines, Chaffee County will be giving vaccine recipients a v-safe information sheet at the time of vaccination to report any side effects.

In the near future, Chaffee County will make an announcement about its upcoming vaccination clinics with instructions on how to sign up and will also provide instructions for caregivers.

“Chaffee County residents need to remember that although the vaccine process is in motion, we are still months away from a time when we can resume life as we once knew it, before the pandemic.

“We each need to continue to practice the five commitments of containment and limit our interactions with others outside of the household now and throughout the holiday season,” said Andrea Carlstrom, Chaffee County Public Health director and incident command for COVID-19.

For more information visit https://covid19.colorado.gov/vaccine.

For questions about the COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan for Chaffee County, contact Chaffee County Public Health at [email protected].

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