Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Review: An Honest Review with Demo

Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Review: Hi Guys, Welcome to my Review on Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0.

Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0

ProductMassive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0
CreatorJames NevilleTaylor
Official WebsiteClick Here
RecommendationYES! Highly Recommended

The Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 is a revolutionary course that will transform you into a successful affiliate. This course was taken by James Neville-Taylor for affiliate marketers tired of losing out in the affiliate marketing world. He has created this blueprint to help anyone, beginner or pro, excel in the affiliate marketing world, and become a successful marketer.

Case studies and ready-to-use affiliate marketing tips like niche landing= pages, lead magnets, and high conversion affiliate offers are incorporated into the book.

Massive Affiliate Blueprint money-making system is the finest example of an affiliate marketing system that can help you sell and earn profit uncontrollably with easy DFY solutions. The product has many unique features that you will never be able to find in any other affiliate system.

Most tasks are already completed by the Massive Blueprint system, as you will never have to break your back to add content or drive traffic to your page. Everything works faster and easier in 1, 2, and 3 steps.

Who is the creator?

His name is James Neville-Taylor, and he’s a successful six-figure entrepreneur. I strongly believe this is one of the best programs, not just for beginners, but for anyone who wants to learn more and earn more.
It’s mainly because James is probably the best affiliate and online marketer I’ve ever worked with. He’s been through it all, and if someone knows what’s best for anyone starting from scratch, that’s him. Because back then, there weren’t guys like this, creating programs and blueprints that would help others get on the right foot. You’ve got to find the way on your own. And that’s why he’s the best because not a lot of people succeed on their own, but that’s how you learn the most from your mistakes. And now, he’s going to share those mistakes with you and show you how to avoid them.

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James is an incredibly successful and well-known affiliate marketer and entrepreneur with an impressive track record and millions of dollars in his name through his affiliate marketing ventures. After winning several affiliate campaigns/contests with his marketing skills, he became famous. Although James started out like any other beginner, he was able to break into a small circle of successful affiliate marketers in a short period of time.

In his career, he shares the secrets of his affiliate marketing success to enable beginners and other affiliates to excel in being successful affiliate marketers.

What is the Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 and how can it help you?

I recently got access to the program in beta before it was released. The support team wanted a few people to go through it to make sure there were no issues or bugs with the system (see the lowest price.)

I would consider myself a beginner to the intermediate marketer.  I have some experience with the online space but there is still a lot of things that I do not know. Having a fully functioning online business that is profitable takes a lot of work.

There are so many pieces that must be connected to point people in the right direction of where you want to point them. There squeeze pages that collect email addresses. And There are email autoresponders that hold all the emails and sends them out.

On top of making sure you have your squeeze page correctly connected with your email autoresponder, you have to also make sure that your squeeze page is connected to the right offer you want to send people to!

And then, what do you do with the people that end up on your email list? What types of emails do you send them to get them to buy more from you?  And how do you even get people to see your squeeze page in the first place?

These are all things that you must learn how to set up on top of selecting the right offers to send people to. Affiliate marketing can be a very easy way to make money online. There is just a lot to learn before it becomes profitable.

This is where Massive Affiliate Blueprint comes in to save the day.  This is the most done-for-you (DFY) system I have ever seen. I have seen many programs that have a DFY email sequence or a DFY funnel that you must go in and change out your links to.

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There seems to always be some piece of the puzzle that is still missing with these other DFY systems. They never seem to connect all the pieces for you. They only give you part of the system that is DFY.  Here is where the Massive Affiliate Blueprint is different!

Massive Affiliate Blueprint offers a one-click download button that imports everything you need into your system. This automatically imports all your emails, all of your squeeze pages, and connects it all together.

With Massive Affiliate Blueprint, the whole this is literally done-for-you! Here is a list of the things that they give you to use as your own:

230 Emails (Will be over 365)

12 One-Click Rebrandable PDF Lead Magnets

A Full White Label Affiliate Marketing Course (22+ Videos)

12 Custom Capture Pages for Each Lead Magnet

12 Custom Thank You Pages for Each Lead Magnet

And 1 Custom Sales Page for your Affiliate Marketing Course


All of these are automatically added with your name, your affiliate links, and your signatures.  The stress of trying to create all the emails and all the lead magnets is taken away with this system. Everything is set up for you and connected to your system.  All you need to do is sign up for the recommended affiliate offers.  After that, it is a matter of copying and pasting your affiliate link in so that the offer goes to your link and you get the credit.

You only just copy and paste one time into a specific area outlined in the program and it will automatically be added to all pages within the system.  This saves you hours of time.  Most systems are set up where you must go to each individual page and each individual email to change out your links.  Not this program, you save your links one time and it is updated throughout the system like magic!

They have done all the work for you so that you can get your offers out there. This is another key part of this system, the traffic! If you do not have traffic (eyes/people) to your offers, then you do not get sales.  There is a large section of this program devoted to teaching you how to generate traffic.

Moreover, you will also get access to a private Facebook group, monthly Q&A sessions, masterclass sessions, and monthly contests. The amount of resources being offered in this program greatly outweighs the price.

I have not found a more done-for-you system that sets you up for success. You will be learning from a marketer who tops leaderboards time and time again. James knows how to do affiliate marketing and you will have access to his secrets in this program.

What does the Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Offers

23 Features of Massive Affiliate Blueprint System

Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 is an unbelievable affiliate platform where you could rebuild your system with the most advanced and uncommon tools and methods. You can be astonished by the way your profit-making can transform into a vibrant mode of affiliating.

Affiliate Blueprint is a very advanced method that has a lot to offer you and will bring you the latest update to keep you active in using the system. With the most in-demand products, you could cash out all of them through the Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0  system without any unforeseen loss.

Let’s talk further about its features:

  • 40+ High Converting Affiliate Offers that are DFY Proven & Tested-worth $4000

These offers were used by James to earn a 6-figure handsome amount for the preceding 3 years. It will turn out to be very useful for you if you think of cashing it out the offers. No hectic workload involved and all you need to do is to choose what you need to cash out first and what second.

  • 12 DFY High Converting Landing Pages that Proven & Tested- worth $1200

According to Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 review, you can benefit a lot from the high converting Lead Hoover Machines that have been used by the creator himself. You will be able to pull in tens of thousands of subscribers and earn a lucrative 6 figure amount through the autopilot option as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • 12 DFY High Converting Bridge Pages that are Proven and Tested- worth $1200

You will be able to boost conversions and kickstart your EPCs with the support of bridge pages available to you. Enjoy benefiting  from the bridge pages by simply clicking the publish and the rest is done by the system with the support of auto tag technology where all the affiliate links will be added to the bridge pages

  • 365+ DFY High Converting Email Promotional Swipes that are professionally made- worth $36500

Benefit from the year access to the follow-up email facility that automatically promotes, engage, create a bond and strengthens your relationship with every new subscriber. You will never have to be writing a single word from your side. It works miraculously when your personal information is entered into the system where all the content will be created by the system with your name and signature added to all mail id’s, along with affiliate links.

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  • Top Traffic Secrets Package from Traffic Experts – worth $9997

You will be getting to know how traffic legends like Chad Bartlett, Henry Gold, and others strategized their moves to get millions of potential customers form Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and many more channels that you cannot even imagine

  • Unlimited Brain Bank Email Access for 365 days- worth $5997

Exclusive access to clear all your doubts with one of the best strategy coaches regarding your business. All you need to do is email your questions and get answered form the coach

  • 12 monthly “ask them all” VIP coaching calls- worth $12000

Here you will be able to speak to the creator or other elite members to clarify your doubts on any related topics of the affiliate system and its working methodology. You will be served well until all your doubts are overcome.

  • Get an exclusive 100+ traffic Rolodex access- worth $10,000

All the traffic sources will be disclosed to you, along with ad vendors and traffic boosting leaders to help you with attracting unique and new visitors to your page in days

  • 100% commission assured on high converting products

As mentioned in the Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 review, the instant commission will be sent to your account that is limitless, without any inventory or overhead cost deduction. A priceless feature that lets you earn $9700 if you could sell 100 copies or pieces of a product that is worth $97 each.

  • $450 for each sale you make of Taylor Future Now DFY Massive Blueprint 1.0- worth $997

Each sale will help you earn $450 and you could even earn more than that if you get high converting swipe files. You could copy and paste to your autoresponder account so that you could earn bigger amounts from this blueprint masterpiece.

  • 365 days limitless technical assistance- worth $5997

You will never have any technical errors again with your system as you will get a Platinum Level of assistance from the top tech team members where they can get connected to your autoresponder, can set up your blog, activate SSL certificate, publish your website and do much more help. Just mail them with your problem and in 24 hours you will get a reply.

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  • Exclusive Private Affiliate contest every month

This is something extraordinary to win a vacation certificate where you can choose your destination from a list of places like Dubai. Thailand, Italy, Bali, Fiji, Mexico, or any places that are on your list. High priced products will give you a 100% commission for 30 days that will equal $997 for every single referral.

  • VIP access to Taylor your future LIVE session- full access – worth $1997

Get free access to Taylor Your Future Live event by James you could bring your partner as well. You will learn how the author has been successful in life without being fearless, traveling the world, and at the same time earning being online to transform himself into a limitless leader. You could also see exclusive authors, speakers, celebrities, CEOs, influencers, and many other important people present at the live event.

  • One Full day Group Mastermind Session with James Neville- Taylor in you Pajamas- worth $2997

Both your partner and you can get free tickets to this mastermind session where any question can be asked to clarify your doubts. A ready to use action guide will be made for you to inject right away into your business. Lunch, drinks, and snacks will be complementary

  • Recordings for all monthly masterclass sessions, live case studies, and Q and A sessions.

All live sessions will be recorder and you can access them and get the best information to help you turn your business into a money-making machine. All the valuable tips from live sessions of industry leaders, monthly Q & A session recordings will be kept for you to understand and make the right decision.

  • White Label Affiliate Marketing course- worth $4997

As per Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 review, you can view a 22 part affiliate marketing course that covers all the affiliate marketing aspects. You can sell this product to people and keep the 100% profit to yourself. The whole course will have dozens of your affiliate links throughout the lessons.

  • 12 DFY  exclusive PDF’s – worth $1.2.00

12 done for you pdfs that are made professionally to generate and attract leads to your page. By default, these pdfs will have your name, affiliate links, and your company name in it.

  • DFY Professionally made Sales page – worth $997

For your white label affiliate course, you will get an exclusive sales page where you could sell your course for $7 and without any limit. You can drive in more traffic to your member’s area space and showcase your affiliate offers.


  • Download  TYFN system in a single click

You could earn 365 DFY emails, 12 Optin pages, 12 download pages, 22+ part membership, and much more in just a single click download.

  • Your Step by Step blueprint to Taylor’s 6 figure business

Learn everything steps by step, everything inclusive of emails used, sales page, bridge pages previously used, all the resources that you need.

  • Cash pulling copy mini-course

10 videos of the highest quality will show you how you can know anything and everything of copywriting that will help you with high conversion rates

  • Mini-course for Traffic Mastery

Get access to 20 high-quality videos that will lead you towards mastering traffic generation to your page.

  • Taylors Traffic Series

Understand all the tactics used by James behind the scene to build a system so reliable and has been achieving 6-figure business success.

Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Demo

Benefits of Massive Affiliate Blueprint Session 

To assure the clients with a transformation in their business through the Massive Affiliate Blueprint system, clients can access 7 live masterclass sessions. This will surely be a life-changing decision for them as understanding all the knowledge is key to success.

  • Masterclass Session 1

The “Taylor Your Future” Massive Cash Blueprint 1.0: It is a formula used to transform a person without anything to a person who earns six-figure affiliate profit, and also a speaker worldwide. This takes only 24 months to achieve. It is valued at $197

  • Masterclass Session 2

By Analyzing Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 review, The ‘finder keeper’ techniques you must attract cash-sucking products master blueprint: It is the formula discussed commonly and you could pick and choose products and services that you find perfect and supports you with instant cash earnings. It is valued $197

  • Masterclass Session 3

The ’13 Year Old’ stupid simple secret you can use to set up your profitable website in a few minutes: With this masterclass session you could see a sudden surge in your website activities in an easy 1,2 and 3 clicks where you can create your cash out website exclusively. It is also having a value of $197

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  • Masterclass session 4

Set-up high converting landing pages. The Taylor your future secret to seducing your audience to say YES on giving you their personal information: Your audience will have no choice than to share their email address to you through this powerful session.

  • Masterclass session 5

The Illuminati techniques you must use to have your audience give their credit card numbers even if their spouses say No to your offer: This means that your audience will be so happy to see your offers that are attracted to them. Thus they use their credit card to make the payment secure due to an addiction to the product or services added to your business page.

  • Masterclass session 6

The “Go-All-In” Taylor ingredients you must apply in your marketing strategies to motivate your audience to buy ANY products and services you recommend: This actually shows how loyal a subscriber can be to your offers, even if your competitor is ready to lure them away with a similar product offer.

  • Masterclass session 7

The “Traffic Hurricane” recipes Taylor has been using quietly to attract an unlimited amount of leads to his business:  A supreme method to bring traffic to your business is never an ordinary way. No need for free traffic that needs more time and no paid traffic as it costs you a fortune.

How to immediately scale up your businesses with breakthrough sessions?

Breakthrough sessions are motivational and inspiring ways that show how some of the techniques will keep everyone stronger to work hard towards their goal as per our Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 review. Every breakthrough session will show you how each person has shot their earning capacity higher. They have known to struggle first and learn to make a profit later.

To motivate yourself and go forward, you will learn a lot of things and achieve a 6 digit profit ratio through affiliate marketing strategies. This will help you scale up your business  if you could think of growing success to yourself and people around you

Knowing the different Breakthrough Sessions

  • BREAKTHROUGH SESSION #1: The Secret TAYLOR Ingredients That lets you earn a Passive Income Each and Every Month
  • BREAKTHROUGH SESSION #2:  The Super Methods Erick Salgado has used to form a Multi 8-Figure Business in the United States being a Brazilian Immigrant.
  • And BREAKTHROUGH SESSION #3: Learn Spencer Mecham’s Skyrocketing techniques to reach a 5-figure Monthly Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing in Just 2 Years
  • BREAKTHROUGH SESSION #4:  Learn about The Top-Secret Tactics Dave Sharpe Deployed to Create a 250 Million-Dollar Empire
  • BREAKTHROUGH SESSION #5: Learn about the unique ways how Henry Gold Closed a $10,000 Program in 30 Minutes to a Complete Stranger
  • Also BREAKTHROUGH SESSION #6: Secrets to show Akbar sheik went from living in a broom closet to a multi 7 figure coach in less than 2 years
  • BREAKTHROUGH SESSION #7: Use of Underground Art by Digital marketing strategist Greg Cassar For Creating Freedom’ – Building Your Dream Life By Design
  • BREAKTHROUGH SESSION #8: The simplest ways Greg Jeffries Uses To secretly DOMINATE the search engines
  • And BREAKTHROUGH SESSION #9: Case Study secrets to fight competitions with obscenely large email lists by Wayne Crowe
  • BREAKTHROUGH SESSION #10: From Idea to Finished Product in 7 Days by John Thornhill
  • BREAKTHROUGH SESSION #11: Tom Beal’s mindset hack to rise to the top of everything.
  • Also BREAKTHROUGH SESSION #12: Matt Bacak’s stealth marketing techniques that drive in millions of potential buyers without them even they know
  • BREAKTHROUGH SESSION #13: Omar’s tactical approach to build a 7-figure empire with JV launches.
  • BREAKTHROUGH SESSION #14: Peter Wolfing’s extraordinary secrets to revolutionize industries and create new categories in marketing.


Through the All in One Done For You Affiliate System, where even a beginner can start earning a decent share of an affiliate commission in no time, affiliate marketers get off the ground quickly.

The email system is practically automatic as high conversion emails have been pre-written. All you need to do is plug the details in and let the system work on its own.

More than 12 Free, professional landing pages. Quality landing pages are often the secret ingredient missing from the affiliate program. The Massive Affiliate Program teaches you how to write high-volume landing pages.

Case studies of successful affiliate marketers and their techniques can help transform affiliates into professionals.

Numerous traffic generation techniques, most of them free, help affiliate marketers generate massive traffic, and traffic generation is the king in affiliate marketing.


For most people, $1,000 is a high price to pay for any kind of educational course. You need to be all-in on your decision to become an affiliate marketer.

Testimonials of Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 

Here are some of the testimonials of Massive affiliate blueprint 1.0 clients that testifies the qualification of the course.

“I have no words to describe how much I appreciate James. Actually, he is one of my personal heroes. The amount of things that James had to overcome to become the person he is today is impressive. If you have an opportunity to work with and learn from James, don’t think twice, just do it.”


CEO of Builderall (An 8-Figure Business Owner)

“James is a guy you want to get to know and align yourself with right now. He is making all the right moves and developing so quickly, he is going to be a force to be reckoned with online.”


CEO of Higher Level Strategies (A 7-Figure JV Partner)

“If you get a chance to work with James, Jump on it! Take his recommendations and his advice and follow the guy to the ends of the earth.”


CEO of Legendary Marketer (A $250 Million Dollar Entrepreneur)

Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Review

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