QuizTarget Review: An Honest Review with Demo Video

Welcome to my QuizTarget review!

Studies show that 90% of the most shared Facebook posts are quizzes! And 82% of people engage with quizzes they see in their newsfeed! With just these two statistics, it clearly shows you the potential of quizzes in bolstering the engagement of an online business website.

Moreover, when people take your quizzes, they’re going to give you GOLDEN info that can make you a TON of money! Actually, you’re not getting just names and emails anymore, you’re getting PROFITABLE data… like how they feel, what their problems are, what type of person they are… and tons more info from their answers.

This means you will have a huge chance to create targeted offers that GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT and also, make YOU more money!

But the obstacle is that it is too complicated for you to try to figure out the way to create a simple quiz let alone a big one. Especially, since you are still a newbie in this field and time is really money for you, I’m sure that none of you want to split your tight budget for quiz makers.

So, what is your best solution now?

Well, if you read that all, you are in the right place as I would introduce you to this effective product called QuizTarget. This tool will help you create Red-Hot Video Quizzes in just a few clicks. They work to catch the attention of your customers and bring unlimited leads and sales.


CreatorHarshal Jadhav & Vishal Kangane
Official WebsiteClick Here
Guarantee30-Days Money Back Guarantee
RecommendedYES!! Highly Recommended


QuizTarget is the most affordable and powerful Quiz Builder on the planet. It creates engaging Quiz Funnels that Skyrocket Leads, Boosts Conversions for any niche

Now, you and your subscribers can grab unlimited leads via engaging quizzes. QuizTarget will help you to create any quiz (Open-ended quiz, Multiple choice quiz, Fill in the blanks, Polls, True or False, Personality quizzes, Score based quizzes, Image quizzes, Audio quizzes, Video quizzes, Text quizzes) in just a few clicks.

QuizTarget Creators


This product is brought to you by Harshal Jadhav with the cooperation with Vishal Kangane. Harshal has years of online marketing experience and launched many high-quality products which are highly recommended by many gurus in the world and received decent feedback from the users.

Some of his remarkable products are StopMotionSuite, VidViral, SpyStream 2.0, and VidViral. If you can’t imagine how great Harshal’s products are, the next part of my review will show exactly you more about QuizTarget’s features.


Here Is Everything You Are Getting With Quiztarget Today:

QuizTarget Review

   ♦   Pro Features Save You Even More Time And Money!

   [+]   URL Redirect

Click Here to Visit Official Website

Send your audience to different URLs depending on their Quiz result. Redirect them to your Website, Sales Page, Affiliate Offer and more.

By showing the right content based on their answers, your conversions and sales will shoot sky high!

QuizTarget Review

   [+]   Add A Timer

Create scarcity and encourage people to finish the quiz. Choose from multiple timer layouts and designs!

   [+]   GDPR Compliant Lead Generation

Stay protected with a built-in checkbox for GDPR which allows you to collect leads safely.

This product also helps you to boost engagement and opt-ins by reassuring people their Data is protected.

   [+]   Multiple Income Streams Built Into Each Quiz!

Inside this feature, you are able to earn more from YouTube views, affiliate offers or your own products as people engage with your Quiz.

QuizTarget Review

   [+]   Watch Your Quizzes Go Viral!

Quiz takers can share their results on Social sites, helping your quiz go viral overnight!

You can also share the overall quiz results to your social media too, helping you explode your traffic for free.

   [+]   Powerful Reporting

Download reports in Excel, CSV format. Check CTA clicks, visits, drop-offs, completion rates, which Quiz flow working best and much more.

   ♠   Optimize the quiz campaign and boost leads.

   ♠   Reporting features will help to create marketing decks, case studies etc.

     Essential for any agency or freelancer who is working with clients

QuizTarget Review

   [+]   Clean Dashboard Keeps Everything Simple And Easy To Use

Log in to create campaigns, check Campaign performance, view leads and download performance reports in a few simple clicks.

   ♠   Easy to use

   ♠   Quickly see what’s happening and save time

     No learning curves

QuizTarget Review

   [+]   Enable Or Disable 2-Step Auto-Responders Opt-Ins

Build a high quality targeted email list, reduce spam complaints, boost deliverability of emails and increase sales! Powerful reporting


As soon as you log in to QuizTarget, you will be able to see its dashboard as shown. You can create your quiz campaign using the DFY templates or from scratch. In my review, I will show you how to do it from scratch.

Step 1: Name your quiz

You first need to enter your quiz campaign’s name and choose the type of campaign you want. QuizTarget gives you a detailed description of each type of campaign so that you can better understand them.

Get it Now with Discount Price

Step 2: Select theme

In this step, you can either create your quiz theme from scratch or choose a theme template.

Step 3: Customize

You will then need to add a question/lead form/CTA/result to your quiz mindmap. This is an effective tool for you to segment your leads and boost your conversions.

This is an example mindmap: As you can see, if quiz takers choose answer 1 or 2 in question 1, they will be led to question 2. And This is why QuizTarget creates a personalized experience for quiz takers.

   [+]   Customize question

You can edit your question and answers by clicking onto the ‘Edit’ button.

You can select the type of question you want, add in text and image.

For answer, you can either choose to display text or text together with image.

You can also set a time frame for your question and enable quiz takers to skip any question you want to make the quiz even more exciting!

   [+]   Customize lead form

You can also customize lead form just like you did with question. Also, You can one-click make your lead form GDPR compliant by switching the button only.

You can choose to integrate QuizTarget with any apps you want to sae your leads to!

   [+]   Customize your quiz’s appearance

When you are done customizing questions and lead form, we can move on to customize its appearance by choosing ‘Setttings’

You can totally customize text, button, Q&A, background, transition effect and where to display your quiz on the website.

To make your quiz even more engaging, you can also add music to it.

For your remarketing campaign, you can add in tracking pixels and boost your conversions.

Step 4: Publish

When you are done, click on ‘Publish’

Then, you can either go back to fix anything you don’t like or choose how to promote your quiz.

QuizTarget Demo


I would have to say that QuizTarget is obviously a Goldmine for you to grab the customers’ attention. By using this powerful product, I assure you that you will no longer need to:

   [+]   Give away free content that nobody wants to read!

   [+]   Spend tons of money on webinars that people don’t register for!

   [+]   Offer lead magnets that don’t boost opt-ins

It has been proven over and over again thousands of times before launching so that quizzes are now the most powerful way to build your email list, in any niche! Not just any list, but a highly engaged list that will buy from you like crazy!

This product is extremely easy for you to follow. Simply point and click and then you can instantly deploy your lead generation quiz campaign. The newbie-friendly quiz builder allows you to create super engaging viral lead gen quizzes in just 3 easy steps.

In addition, no matter what type of quizzes you want to create, you can do that! From Video Quizzes to Multimedia Quizzes to Viral Polls to more, there are plenty of options! The Quiz Builder system has been designed to keep the versatile needs of yours.

Therefore, you won’t need to look at any other software to generate leads for your business anymore. This material will do the rest for you!

These are some opinions of marketers who used QuizTarget :


QuizTarget FE:

This pack comes with 2 pricing options for your choice:

   ♣   QuizTarget Basic – $24

   ♣   QuizTarget Commercial – $27

You might definitely consider the cheaper price. Well, definitely you get to choose the option that best resonates with you. However, you can get a commercial license when buying the second one. It means that you can sell this service to your clients and get 100% profits yourself.

Especially, if you complete your order now, you will grab your chance to buy this Commercial version with very discounted prices because there will be an Early-Bird discount until 5 PM EST (price will be $34 for the Commercial Version). After Early Bird time, this Commercial price will be $37.

Then the price will increase again at 11:59 PM EST on day 1.

From Day 2 of launching, you will be able to get this product at the discount price with these coupons below:

   ♣   Day 2 coupon: Coupon code quiztarget5 comes into effect to bring the price back down 5% (Will be shown on the Salespage + On leave intent)

   ♣   Day 3 Coupon: Coupon code quiztarget6 to get 6% off (Will be shown on the Salespage + On leave intent)


Also, if you want to add more features, you can consider buying these upsells once you check out:

OTO 1: QuizTarget Pro – $67

QuizTarget Pro Pack gives you unlimited access to campaign creation and website license packs.

You also get to grab an unlimited no. of leads with this upgrade.

It also includes amazing features like Leadlock Pro, Facebook Pixel Integration, Google Tag Code Integration, My Convert Lab, QuizTarget hosted Quiz URLs, Build Custom Audience Funnels right inside Facebook and Google and more.

>>>More Details<<<

OTO 2: QuizTarget DFY Club – $47/Quarter

DFY Club Members get additional ready to use high-converting Quiz Campaigns and Templates.

You will be able to suggest New types of templates/Campaigns and Our content team will include it in next set of release.

Plus, DFY library will be updated every month with fresh new Designs and new Quiz Campaigns.

This pack gives you 4 Done-For-You Quiz Campaigns and 4 Templates each month.

>>>More Details<<<

OTO 3: QuizTarget Agency License – $97

Inside this offer, you can offer Lead Generation and Quiz Maker services to your clients using QuizTarget Agency License.

You will get 100% Done-For-You Agency Business setup, which includes DFY Website with Paypal checkout, DFY Website Setup, Facebook and Google Ads Suite, Email Swipes and many other items worth $8,747.

Besides, you will also get access to amazing QuizTarget Agency features like Team Member Access, Unlimited Client Logins, Share Quiz Funnels and Campaigns and many other powerful features.

And get the secret Lead Finder Tool and Client Appointment Scheduling App.

>>>More Details<<<

OTO 4: Whitelabel

   ♣   QuizTarget Whitelabel Reseller 200: $297

   ♣   QuizTarget Whitelabel Reseller 500: $497

Great opportunity for users to start a Brand New Software Business. This upsell allows you to sell QuizTarget under their Own Brand Name. You can add your Brand Logo and your own Domain to get your Brand New App Ready.

Includes everything to Promote and Execute their New Software Business. Right from promo material like Ad copies, Ad creatives, Demo Videos to complete Product IT Support and much more.

Plus, a Fully Fledged Dashboard to Manager All Customers.

>>>More Details<<<


Remember that you will be given some amazing bonuses which help you make the best use of QuizTarget!


In short, this QuizTarget is suitable for those who want to boost their online business. If you belong to the list below, you had better take action now as it can give you tons of benefits that you can instantly maximize your profits for the first time.

   ♥   Business coaches

   ♥   Affiliate marketers

     Software sellers

   ♥   Online astrologers

   ♥   Online tutors

    Self-repair manual & guide providers

   ♥   Online games sellers

   ♥   E-com sellers


   ♥   Bloggers



   ♥   100% newbie friendly

   ♥   Top-notch video and lead gen apps creator

     No monthly fee, watermarks or hidden cost

   ♥   Boost optins up to 78%

   ♥   Done for you quiz templates

     Step-by-step training

   ♥   Dedicated support team

   ♥   30 days money back guarantee


   X   Up to now, there is none


If you desperately need a material that could help you to engage more targeted customers to your business, this QuizTarget is definitely what you are looking for.

Please put in mind that this price will increase significantly after the special offer ends. So I highly recommend you purchase it now at the right time to close the best deals.

Once again, thanks for choosing my site to read about QuizTarget.

QuizTarget Review

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