UpStorz Review: An Honest Review with Demo Video and Bonuses

UpStorz Product Review:

Upstorz is a brand new software that I came across about a few days ago and recommended by one of my friends, Alvin. The moment I saw the features it has to offer I felt like I need to review it ASAP. 

Upstorz ecom application does have all features that one need for running a successful ecom business from the comfort of their home.  

UpStorz Review

There are millions of Amazon associates, independent affiliates driving traffic to their referral pages to earn a small percentage of affiliate commission.  

Are you one in the group that making just a 3%-5% commission for every sale online? If so, it’s time to rethink your plan from now on. 

Yes, if you have been promoting affiliate offers online, that’s awesome! But if you had felt at some point that something is not right or not happy with the progress of your monthly revenue then it’s time to change your strategy.

To maximize your revenue, you want to start something on your own from scratch. 

Luckily, Upstorz can ease the process with just a few clicks from adding products, images, payment integration, and much more… 

This tool can be an alternative method to Amazon affiliate program for sure.  

I’ve been reviewing many products ever since I started this blog. Most of the products that I reviewed are not good to recommend because they’re just fake and won’t work anymore.  

But this time, my take will be something different…

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Upstorz Summary: 

Upstorz is a web-based application that will help you build an Amazon-like website with just a few clicks [product demo video linked down below].  

It has loads of features that one can utilize to make a profitable ecom business without any experience whatsoever. 

In this Upstorz review, you’ll learn everything including the pros and cons of it. 

Would you want to start your very own ecom business without the need of buying additional software, learn to code, spending hundreds of dollars for hosting, etc? 

Are you serious about your future plan…!  

If your plan was to start a business online, this app can do wonder for you. Even though there are some minus points to it…but don’t go anywhere… I’ll get into that in a bit.  

Before all that, please get in now. 

Upstorz Product Overview

VendorKarl The Shark
Price: $29
Official WebsiteClick here
RecommendedYes, Highly Recommended

What is Upstorz Application?

Upstorz is a cloud-based application that allows you to build an Amazon-like website. With the help of this software, you can run your own ecom store without ever need of learning any coding or any technical stuff. 

You can build a customized ecom website and sell products worldwide and locally from scratch – on the web and via mobile app. 

Unlike other software, Upstorz makes your life easier, where you just need to click on a few buttons here and there. This is it!

I’ll run down…all benefits and cons down below… 

In a nutshell, Upstorz offers you a full-suite software that you can use to create a professional website like any eCommerce website around.  

Though it is impossible to put all the features under one roof. 

But here are some features that I wanted to list out upfront…. 

Those are…

⇒ App Notifications & Size Chart

⇒ Theme Modifications & Zipcode Checker

> Built-In SEO & Policy Pages

⇒ Automatic Menu Generation

⇒ Sync Contacts To Your Phone Book

> Mobile-Friendly Website & Social Media Traffic Generator

⇒ Recommended Products & Integrated App Store

⇒ Traffic & Testimonials

> Email/SMS Templates, Integration

⇒ In-Built Live Chat Support, Ready Made Theme, and much more.

To learn further in detail about Upstorz, watch the demo video which will reveal everything it has to offer…

UpStorz Demo Video

What’s The Cost For Of This App?

UpStorz Pro – FE $29-$39:

Fully loaded eCommerce store with many features that are premium on other platforms. Apart from the usual stuff like catalog management, order management, etc. You get…

→ A very functional mobile app to operate your business from your pocket. 

> A mobile responsive design

→ Drag and drop customizable home page with 1000s of combinations, theme colors, and backgrounds. 

→ Enquiry Chatbot 

> Product variant management

→ Watermarking product images 

→ Social sharing as images or product link to your subscribers

> Create product and collection videos with product images and pricing

→ Live chat to engage your customers. 

→ Easy bulk product uploading and editing and a lot more. 

Bonuses on the FE Sales Page

  • 4-Day Webinar Series $99
  • Facebook Ads Wrap $200
  • Videos of Zero2Scale LIVE $997
  • FREE non-public 30-day trial of SegMate $17 Value

UpStorz PRO+ Unlimited – OTO1 $97 Annually or $19 monthly

→ Unlimited Products 

→ Unlimited Collections

> Advanced Reports

→ Advanced Analytics integration 

→ Unlimited Products 

> Private Site for B2B users

→ Automatic SEO tags based on the product information 

→ Facebook Messenger 

> Unlimited Sub Users

Click Here to Know More

→ Ratings and Review 

→ Faceted Search

> Many more shipping options

→ Automatic upgrade and addition of new plugins and features as they are developed. 

Upstorz Pro+ Lite DS $67 Everything In Pro+ But

→ Limited products (500) 

→ Limited Collections (300) 

FB Messenger and FB Pixel not available.

→ 3 sub-users available.

→ New features will not be available  

Upstorz Mobilize Mobile App For Store Customers OTO2 $129

→ Mobilize Mobile app Store on iOS and Android for your store

→Push Notifications

→ Automatically synchronized color scheme. 

→ Same modules as home page. 

Upstorz Reseller And Business In a Box – Launch Formula OTO 3

  • 25 Licenses $197
  • 50 Licenses $297
  • 100 Licenses $347

What Are the Pros to Upstorz Product?

Medium runner: 

Like I said above, the Upstorz application is suitable for even intermediate players who know a bit about website and BASIC things. If you do have a bit of knowledge on even WordPress, you’re 100% welcome [ For complete beginners, there’s a learning curve]. 

Get your feet wet: 

Yes, Upstorz comes at a very low price. You can choose a basic version to see how things are working. If you had a plan in investing money on buying software like Upstorz then this is for you. 

Ultimate in design: 

Based on my experience with this software, I reckon that Upstorz is one for the best ever app I tested.

The interface is very clean, neat, and very responsive – at least in my case. And also the templates and the websites look very ultra-professional on all devices – Desktop, Mobile & Tablet. I love it!

Quick in response: 

After I tested the beta version, I felt like great and never stuck anywhere not knowing where to go.

Each and every tab lined in the appropriate section. This is something amazing, and I would say, very well put, designed, and optimized. 

Easy integration: 

What I liked most about Upstorz is that the integration part was smooth and easy. Even dummies can do from integrating a third party autoresponder to payment cart. It’s a 123 easy process.

Features and facility: 

Upstorz undoubtedly a great software because it has more features than any other software I came across. Additionally, the product price is very reasonable, too.

What Are The Cons To Upstorz Product?


This software may not be suitable for 100% newbies. You may need to acquire some basic website-related knowledge so that you can work easily adding features without bugging customer support. 

Not For Free: 

Yes, Upstorz is not free software. In order to access the interface, you may need investment at least the basic package to get going.  

Additional cost: 

The Upstorz app is solely created to help you ease the whole process of building a stunning ecom website. Yet, you may need to purchase a domain and hosting. Without that, you cannot run a business, without both ingredients.

Who’s It For This Product?

Let me tell you this upfront! This product is for everyone who is looking for an ecom business. Don’t run away when someone tells you that you need to spend a lot of money on creating a site.  

Yes, if you approach a web designer then for sure, you might have to spend at least $4000-$5000 for designing alone, excluding maintenance cost.

With Upstorz, you have everything in hand – provided pre-loaded with tons of features, templates, and customer support as well. 

So, if you have been thinking to start a business online or want to promote offers picking offers from Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Aliexpress, Sears, or anything similar then this platform can be your best friend.

I had seen many of my friends and some affiliate marketers promoting a single offer like “Vintage Multilayer Bracelet Set” on a single page using a page builder.  

Why promote one offer when you have a system that can enable you to promote 100s of offers on the go!

Click Here to Visit Official Website

He’s selling Bracelet set for $2.30 cents. It’s a peanut! Isn’t it!

But with Upstorz, you can sell multiple sets with a higher price to earn maximum profits.

Create a website and load with offers from third-party websites. This is it. Now, it’s time to drive traffic to it from Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram, etc.

You can also grab their new bonus package when you buy it now. At present, they’re doing promo offers, so check out the official site ASAP. 

Upstorz Product Bonuses

UpStorz Review
UpStorz Review

Concluding My Thoughts! 

Upstorz is a must and should product for those who want to start a business online. Again, this software is not a miracle pill that can do wonder in everything.

It’s a complete all one suite for your business that ease the process of your ecom business. 

This application is not like some software that tells you that you sit back and the app will do everything. There are many mediocre products out there which I always don’t recommend in the first place.

I used to say always that there’s a big difference between “easing and making”. That’s why I don’t recommend an app that tells or claims that it can help you to make $10,000 overnight. 

This app is 100% for business-minded people. The software is real and practical in every sense.

Besides, It will also cut down your cost hugely because you don’t need to purchase any third party software like Clickfunnels for creating pages for each and every product. 

In that way, you could save a lot of money and time.

I really liked the product in every aspect from creating a site to adding a product with a click of a button. If your mind has filled with desire in owning a business then Upstorz is for you for sure.

You can visit the Upstorz official site to learn more and also get additional bonuses just for trying.

I love your input guys! Let me know what you found very interesting in the Upstorz application? Thanks.

UpStorz Review

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