Prospect Dynamic Review: An Honest Review with Demo Video

What is Prospect Dynamic?

Welcome at this Prospect Dynamic Review. Now, this program has been developed specifically.

So you can personalize the pages that you’re sending people to capture their attention and we do that in this is our template Page Design which can get installed as WordPress plugin.

What we can do is add any template, any page, any design. And we can change those names based on what we type in the URL. So this is a bit of an example that we’ve got here, you can change any web page, I’ve got a first name insertion and a company name, insertion.

And we can now go and have a look at what this looks like. So this is what we’re going to see as the page design. But this first name, and company name, we can change that dynamically to make it show whatever we wan to show it.

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How Prospect Dynamic Works –

Let’s say for example, that My name is Jake, I’m sending out to somebody whose name is Mike who works at let’s say, XYZ Global Solutions.

And what we’re going to do is send this on an email and we want to capture the attention of Mike at XYZ Global Solutions. Let’s see how we can do that. So as soon as we’ve got that, boom, Mike, XYZ Global Solutions., I didn’t put a space in there.

Let me put a space easily again in the URL, so we can change the URL. And there we go, Mike at XYZ Global Solutions. Now, if Mike clicks on your link and sees his name and his company name, do you think that that would be an impressive thing to be able to capture his attention straight away?

It’s amazing.

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Is Prospect Dynamic is Compatible with Email Marketing Softwares?

Yes, this works with any autoresponder system that works with any HTML template.

I mentioned this works with any autoresponder system. So what this allows you to do is send out mass emails using any autoresponder get response Aweber or Active Campaign or any of those and you can dynamically change the pages that people are landing on.

It’s got the little percentage signs in front. So I can say percentage first name. And what I’m going to show is how we can change this inside of the email so that when they click on it, it comes directly to them.

So what we’ve got is this percentage first name, which is active campaigns, method of inserting the name, and an email. And what we want to do is put that into an email.

So you can see here I’ve got a link, this is the link, we want someone to click on an email, as we edit that, so long as we’ve got that same thing at the end that percentage first name, that’s what we’re going to be able to change and change on the page.

Let me drop that URL in here that I had a few moments ago, where we had Mary And I will drop that in here. So I want this to dynamically change for everyone in 10,000 people on my on an email sending system.

So let’s come in and set this up. And we’re going to send this out and see that when somebody clicks on it from an email, then nine changes automatically on the page.

And that happens across thousands of people in an email sending system.

Can this system work with Cold Email Programs:-

Because from the Prospect Dynamic system we can also work with cold email programs so autoresponders are based for people that have subscribed opted in great but what if you’re trying to prospect.

What if you’re trying to generate sales, there are programs out there like the woodpecker or Lem list or that work with Cold approaches so you can genuinely send emails out.

And this same system works with exactly those programs as well. So this is within the woodpecker program.

This is a program called woodpecker, which we love. And you can do the same thing, you can change the URL, and literally make sure that you’ve got the right looking tag the same one as they use within the woodpecker system and boom.

Thousands of cold approach emails all landing with a page that dynamically updates with their name with their company with their industry with their location.

And you can do it all within the Prospect Dynamic program.

Also, we have within Lem list so Lem list is another cold email programs and all of these cold email programs work with the Prospect Dynamic system

Why Prospect Dynamic Work Wo Well

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The core basic concept of copywriting is composing words in such a way to entice a visitor into buying something, or take a specific action.

There are different methods of going about it, among them is making the user feel talked to, by using terms like “you”.

Prospect Dynamic takes this to the next level, where you talk to them, describing their name, hence making the advertisement copy more efficient.

It makes it more likely to increase the trust with the visitor, hence, making any of their purchases most likely to take place. It’s obvious that the more identified a visitor feels with a copy, the more likely they are to buy. Particularly if it speaks with them.

The plugin can not just get the name of the visitors, but also the name of the company they work for, further making it more individual.

Offered that the visitor becomes a lead, and opt-ins for email marketing interactions, registering based on the criteria of them feeling spoke to, they’re more likely to open subsequent e-mails if it has their name on it.

The property behind email marketing is to build up trust with an audience and eventually turning them into purchasers. It’s a much faster way to turn a cold lead (someone that doesn’t know you) into a warm lead (somebody that knows you more, trusts you, and is willing to purchase from you).

The term “heating up the lead” is typically used in marketing as a synonym to build trust with an audience.

Prospect Dynamic Demo

Prospect Dynamic Verdict –

Prospect Dynamic is simple to set up, WordPress plugin. The sole function is to provide a benefit, an edge– to catching a webpage visitor’s attention. We do that, by permitting DYNAMIC (altering) info on the page, so that an individual can see their OWN NAME when they get here or their industry, or their company name.

The Dynamic modifications can work with any Autoresponder, ColdEmail system– and even with Facebook ads!– so that somebody clicking from a Facebook advertisement, will see their OWN NAME when they struck the page. Much better Conversions– through customization.

Prospect Dynamic Review

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