Group Bomb Review: Honest Review – Does It Really Works? Know Here

Does Group Bomb Really Work?

Hi Guys, Welcome to My Review on Group Bomb – Product by James Renouf and Drew Trainor

Once it comes to Facebook, most companies or organizations rely exclusively on using Facebook Pages. In reality, it is much harder to increase organic interaction on Facebook Pages compared to other online marketing sites – making it one of the top reasons why businesses get frustrated and leave Facebook.

While you can run paid ads for your posts, it’s still not ideal to always rely on paid advertising. Occasionally people you’ve reached via ads might still not be interested in your deals, even though they’re engaged on a one-time basis; that’s to say, you might only be getting a temporary increase in engagement.

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Have you ever considered using the Facebook group? It is a much cooler more and innovative way to reach your followers in a different way than on your Facebook page.

I am sure not many people are familiar with using the Facebook group, then how about using Group Bomb to get the best use of Facebook groups to feature in a very short but efficient time?

What Is It?

Group Bomb is a crazy new clever method where you can start creating an incredibly lucrative Facebook community starting with just 2 cents like.

It uses a premium underground tactics to build a competitive Facebook community in any niche you want, and to turn group members into massive, real human traffic to make a fortune effortlessly.

Back in the day, Facebook pages were hot. Nowadays not so much. The engagement is not like it used to be and marketers aren’t crushing it like in the past However, many Facebook groups are making money like crazy. Drew wanted to come up with a shortcut. He didn’t want to try and take his time to build a bunch of rapport with people and grind it out trying to build a group over time.

What if there was a way to get people that we had no prior relationship with to join groups that they are interested in. Once in the group, you monetize the hell out of it. The process that Drew came up with is known as the “Group Bomb” strategy. The Group Bomb method gets you “likes” to a fan page in any niche for super cheap. You then take those people that liked the fan page and get them into a Facebook group in a major slick way

What does Will Group Bomb bring?

The developers have deliberately used a special technique called the “Offer Portfolio Method”

Their tricks here are to merge the three major niches they selected (marketing partner, weight loss, and eCommerce).

I can clearly see that they are not using any technical skills, so it is safe for you to imitate their technique even though you are a complete newbie.

Having hundreds of thousands of members in a group is far more likely than having them like a page since it will be much easier for you to reach them.

Besides getting new ideas from other community members who share the same passion. You will also get to know important things, such as activities, events, “significant” facts, and more. When you really want to know your audience well, you need to be in contact with the same news or ample knowledge of what your target audience is receiving.

It is a spot where like-minded people speak about subjects they all enjoy.

And that is the stage you need to jump in and make money.

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Group Bomb Review – Who Should Buy This?

Altogether, everyone will benefit from the Group Bomb, but if you’re one of them, you’ll understand better:

+     Video marketer

+     Business owners/runners

+     Small or local business

+     Product creators

+     Freelancers

+     Video agencies

+     Bloggers

+     Offline marketers

+     Social media marketers

+     Online coaches

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Group Bomb Review – Price And Evaluation

FE: Group Bomb ($12)

Okay, the best news is that this amazing tool — it is currently being sold at a very low price – $12. To be frank, relative to what you can get. When you buy such an innovative device like this, $12 is definitely a lucrative investment.

To maximize your benefits, you can learn some more upgrade versions as below:

+ Upgrade 1 ($29)

2 Upgrade ($29)

Upgrade 3 ($29).

Group Bomb Review

Group Bomb Review – Using Experience

Group Bomb is always worth the effort and a really nice partner that helps me get closer to the targets who are interested in whatever I deliver. I know firsthand how hard it can be to create a successful IM company. And it’s important to have strategies to resolve the inevitable barriers that will emerge.

It helps to build healthy conversations as all members of the community are able to post about their shared interest or passion in a space to “share” rather than be fed one-way information. Within a community, all material is encouraged to be as linked as much as possible to a common interest.

One of the main reasons I’ve been struggling with a regular Facebook page has been that there are several posts and so competitive pressure going on; and Facebook‘s algorithm is said to work in a way that shows the most engaging posts.

In other words, everybody has to earn their place in people’s newsfeed. However, using this tool for business or joining groups relevant to what my business has to share offers me a better chance of being heard by the right audience.

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Pros & Cons


♥    You can start with zero experience and start getting massive traffic tonight.

♥    Superior Quality

+    Created by talented and renowned software creators

♥    Reasonable price

♥    30-day money back policy guaranteed


X    No flaws have been exposed

Group Bomb Review

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