Profit Sniper X Review: An Honest Review with Inside View of the Product

Profit Sniper X Review: Hey what’s up guys this is Kamy from Metropolitanhub blog and this is my profit sniper X review.

Now what is it this is a brand new product released by Glynn Kosky and what it does.

Obviously it includes done-for-you funnels so everything you need to sell anything online.

So it doesn’t really matter if you want to make money as an affiliate marketer if you want to sell your own products.

You need a funnel but the problem with funnels is that most funnels are not optimized to actually squeeze out every single last sale from it.

So let’s say you have a hundred visitors to that enter your funnel you’re probably gonna get maybe 5 10 sometimes 15 sales if you will really get lucky.

Right now, in Profit Sniper X, these funnels are designed to squeeze out every single last sale. Because these are optimized by a seven-figure marker that has actually worked with companies and improves on their funnels.

Product NameProfit Sniper X
CreatorGlynn Kosky & Tony
NicheMarketing Software/ Funnel Builder
Profit Sniper X Review

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We are talking about multiple seven-figure companies, okay!

So, instead of maybe 5 to 10 sales, you’re going to be making 25, 40 and More sales which are a huge difference essentially you can double the number of profits with the same amount of traffic.

And by the way, multiple free traffic sources are included with this and you’re getting done free funnels as well.

Okay so I’m going to show you everything there is to know about this product you can make tons of money.

Let’s jump into this Profit Sniper X review

Profit Sniper X will be a one-time price that is less than $20 and just to compare how much other companies are charging ClickFunnels will charge you at least $97/month.

They also have a 297/month or $1500/month option.

Also, it is better than Kartra.

And you go to Fiverr and Pay someone to create just one funnel you would have to spend anywhere from 70 euro which is like $80. I found this one gig which is 23 euro that is she’s charging $30 and another one 79 euro which is again charging around $85, you would have to spend much and much more for just one Funnel.

Profit Sniper X is a funnel creator, that’s a one-time price. Comparing to what you’re getting with profit sniper X, which is multiple already done for you funnels and a ton of additional things.

Profit sniper X world’s first viral traffic and cash funnel App. FREE viral traffic and done-for-you cash funnels that generate unlimited leads, sales, and commissions on them.

This automated, done for your system is making over ten thousand dollars per week from free traffic.

This is actually Tony, so Tony is launching this with Glen and he is the expert okay so obviously if you are into making money online you can probably create a Funnels for yourself you know a squeeze page and a thank-you page and a bonus page etc.

Profit Sniper X Review

But again these pages, this funnel will be actually making sales.

Okay so if you want to have something completely optimized and actually make more money with the same amount of traffic, Tony is the guy okay so, he actually works with companies and companies pay him to optimize their funnels.

And as you could see he is just make them own and maximizing the profits for these companies okay and he is the guy behind the funnels that you’re gonna get with Profit Sniper X

These funnels work for any niche actually, getting a bunch of different done free funnels and a bunch of different niches.

Again, Profit Sniper X, that’s the name of this new software.

This is my Profit Sniper X review

If you check the Sales page, there are tons of proof. You can make thousands of dollars with these funnels.

Obviously, they are just telling you what is included, I’m going to show you all that in a second.

There are testimonials on the sales page that shows that this actually works.

And most important, You’re going to get a 180-days money back guarantee so absolutely there is no risk. You will be getting many bonuses (mentioned on their sales page)

Profit Sniper X Review

So, you are having six months to try it out and then if you don’t like it you can just get your money back. So, no risk absolutely no risk

Now let me show you the inside of the member’s area.

Profit Sniper X Review

Okay so first of all, this is the dashboard you have the welcome video right here. First, let me just show you all the training okay because a part of the software you’re getting training on how to use it and also on how to make money with it.

So, you can see we have setup campaigns a must-watch that’s the video number one, how to connect your Auto responder. Obviously you can connect your own responder, but you don’t actually have to do it because you can actually store leads from within the software and then if you will decide to add an auto responder later then you can do that as well.

Profit Sniper X Review

Then we have, how to create promo pages’ gifts because this software actually works with gifts and that’s a huge boost to conversions, how to add products to the download page, how to add additional affiliate products.

Profit Sniper X Review

We have the conversion-boosting tools both bonus builders. We also have traffic strategies, we also have Free traffic strategies and then we have additional training on how to make huge commissions, how to start your online business and how to get free buyer traffic.

So all the training included with this now. Click Here to Know More

Before I show you how to create a new campaign, let me show you Done for you funnel.

Done For You Funnels

So you’re getting all of these done for you funnels and different niches, so we have Cinderella solution, flat belly fix, yoga burn, 12-minute affiliate, Affiliate Bots, Clickbank University, Video Marketing Blaster, Viddoye, Sqribble, The EX Factor, Manifestation magic, Teds Woodworking.

Profit Sniper X Review

These are essentially Done-for-You funnels for Clickbank products. We have the opt-in page as well.

Here is the Cinderella solution, simple but again this is something that absolutely works because these guys know how to create funnels, that don’t leak traffic and visitors.

Okay so great-looking, simple-looking but, this is actually what converts. So does the opt-in page, you’re also getting the promo page as well. So this is how it looks like in this case it’s just a video and all you have to do is just add your affiliate link right here and then we have the download page.

There are 12 Done-For-You funnels that can use to generate your money making system.

Let’s check out the Easy Social Media Traffic:

So after clicking on it you can instantly share it on all of these different social media platforms etc. so we have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Viber, Telegram WhatsApp, Buffer, Xinc, Line, and some of this I don’t even know.

Profit Sniper X Review

But you can start sending traffic to these panels immediately from the app and then you can click on view stats and this will show you all the stats such as the name, number of visits traffic, opt-in traffic.

GIF Creator

This is how to control your campaigns. You can also create GIFs. I’m just click on create a given as you can see all you have to do is just upload a video, enter a video URL and edit the name and then select the play button and this will create an amazing-looking GIFs which will be a conversion booster.

Profit Sniper X Review

So, instead of using just simple images, this is something interactive. This is something that is moving so people will be more engaged with it and that boosts sales as well. That’s the GIF creator that is included.

Obviously we have the auto responder, so you can connect your autoresponder.

We have Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, Active campaign, ConvertKit, HubSpot and so on.

Then we have affiliate products.

Actually from within the software, you can access all of these products. So we have all of these that are already added so we have all of these different Click bank products. You can start using immediately and we have all the links and everything else.

Then we have free traffic, now this is actually worth probably tons of money because these guys will actually show you how to get free traffic and also you’re gonna get an additional piece of software that generates traffic.

Some of these funnel builders including ClickFunnels, essentially allow you to build these funnels but then you still have to figure out how to get the traffic yourself.

You get the free traffic module within a Profit Sniper X. You’re gonna get Affiliate Traffic Lab which is a piece of software that will generate traffic for you.

And You’re also getting Viral News Jacker + Tube Traffic Machine.

Click Here To Know More

You’re also getting Traffic Training and then you are also getting a Traffic Guide. These guys won’t leave you hanging, they will actually make sure that you get all the traffic that you can send to all of these funnels.

Profit Sniper X Review

Let me Show you how to create a campaign, let me show you how it works.

Profit Sniper X: How to Create Campaign

We have to click on create that will create a new campaign. All we have to do is just add a title, we can add custom tokens or shortcode, if we want to.

And then we have three steps.

Step 1: Click Here to Start or Edit Your Funnel

2: Click Settings Tab to Configure Your Funnel

Step 3: Click Save All Edits Button at the bottom of this Page.

We have to start editing the funnel which means that you can load an opt-in page templates or you can start from scratch then we click a setting step to configure your funnel and then we add all edits and add buttons to the bottom of the page.

That’s essentially three simple steps you can create these amazing Funnels.

Check Out More on Official Website

Obviously you have all of these different Done-For-Your free funnels that I already showed you that are included.

And that is what’s included inside the Profit Sniper X.

Super simple funnel builder but the thing is these guys already tested all these pages. It will not leak traffic, it is actually optimized by professionals so again it really makes a difference.

If you’re getting a hundred visitors, if you’re making five sales-ten sales or if you’re making twenty or twenty-five or forty sales, that is the difference. So these are super optimized and again you’re getting all the training all the Done-For-You funnels, the GIF creator, Autoresponder integration, and all of that for a silly low one-time price.

Comparing to you know ClickFunnels or any other funnel builder that will charge you monthly, it’s an amazing price.

Let’s check out the actual pricing and all of the upsells ok so as you can see Profit Sniper X will be actually $17. That is a crazy low price. Being said this is the early bird price which means that you have to show up early to get it.

The price will be going up after the initial launch period and the price will rise every hour, so make sure to shop when it’s live now.

It also has some one-time offers, six one-time offers after you will decide to pick up the main version now. Everything I showed you, is included in the main version.

Profit Sniper X OTOs

ProfitSniperX OTO 1- UNLIMITED: $67 – $47 – Click To Know More 

Allows you to create unlimited funnels, create unlimited landing pages, more landing page templates, graphics & banner ad creator. You’ll be able to take action and see results with the main version only but if you want to take massive action and see massive success, you can definitely consider picking this upgrade up.

ProfitSniperX OTO 2 – Done-For-You $97 – $67 – Click To Know More 

Additional Done-For-You campaigns – all you have to do is add your autoresponder info and affiliate links to it. You’re also getting a big set of Proven to convert Done-For-You marketing materials. These funnels have been tested and proven to work. You can start sending visitors to them without hesitation. The best part about this upgrade is that you don’t need to put the effort to create and test the funnel for conversions, it’s just as simple as to choose, set-up, and go!

ProfitSniperX OTO 3 – Unlimited Traffic $97 – $67 – Click To Know More 

In this upgrade, you’re getting a powerful Traffic Generator. This exclusive upgrade will assure that you will get plenty of high-quality traffic to your offer, pages, and affiliate landing pages without running any FB Ad Campaigns, Email Marketing, Google Traffic, or any other type of investment in exchange for traffic. This one powerful upgrade will eliminate all your need to invest in traffic buying.

ProfitSniperX OTO 4 – 30K Per Month $67 – $47 – Click To Know More 

In this upgrade, the product vendors are offering powerful, crucial tools that you use to increase your conversion to the next level with the help conversion boosting tools such as hello bars, pop-up, banners, etc. Combination of Conversion Boosting tools and high- converting marketing funnels given inside freebies commission is going to make you fully ready to reap conversion and commissions hand-in-hand.

ProfitSniperX OTO 5 – Super Affiliate $67 – $37 – Click To Know More 

This is one of the important upgrades as well. Offering bonuses to your visitors can increase the chances of a visitor to buy a product through your link and will directly affect your overall conversion. With this upgrade, you can create bonus pages in just a few clicks and create your credibility among your customers.

ProfitSniperX OTO 6 – License Rights $197 – $97 – Click To Know More 

You get the rights to sell Profit Product Creator as your own product and keep 100% of the profits for yourself. Also, you will get DFY email swipes to promote it as your own product and everything is fully Done-For-You. You also get a series of traffic videos to help you sell it, especially if you haven’t run traffic before. Most importantly – you also get access to Glynn via FB and Skype for any future help.

Profit Sniper X Bonuses:

To sum up this Profit Sniper X Review:

  • Multiple Income Streams & Affiliate Commissions 24/7
  • 100% Done-For-You Campaigns & Money Pages Included
  • Setup ONCE With Zero Maintenance Required – EVER!
  • 100% Beginner Friendly – ZERO Experience Needed!
  • Free Traffic Apps & Training Included
  • Grow Massive Buyer Lists Faster Than EVER Before!
  • Agency Rights Included

Profit Sniper X Review Conclusion:

It is one of the Best Product in the Market right now, that too at such a low price. I 100% recommend you Buy it and start earning money right. It is having 180 Days Money Back Guarantee, which is 2 months to try out the Product. So, there is 0, ZERO Risk to Try it Out. Not only they are giving Done-For-Your Funnels but also they are providing Traffic, that will help you get more sale. The price is rising minute by minute, so Don’t Waste Your Time Thinking About It and Make the Decision, Its on $17.

Profit Sniper X Review

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