Marktio 2.0 Review: An Honest Review with Demo Video

Hi Guys, This is Kamy from and Welcome to my review on Marktio 2.0.

In this review, we’re going to go over what Marktio 2.0. It’s features and the pricing, and everything about the product. With the help of this review, you can decide if Marktio 2.0 is for you now

This is the inside of the Marktio 2.0. This is what you can use this app to do, right here it says to send a bulk message, auto private reply, text, image, video, link post, bot reply, auto comment reply, auto comment, like, page, message manager, persistent menu, and many more things.

This app was developed by Arunn Agarwaal and it launches on June 25th, 2020 at 1 00 a.m eastern standard time.

What is Marktio 2.0?

Marktio 2.0 an all-in-one marketing automation tool that allows the user to market through Facebook or social media using email text and Facebook messenger.

How can Marktio 2.0 benefit you?

If you run a business or if you’re thinking about starting a business you should know that marketing plays a huge role in gaining leads and getting conversions.

With this app, you will be able to create potentially viral messages that build a powerful relationship with your leads and gain feedback from your audience, all through the power of automation

Features of Marktio 2.0

You will use the feature tools within the app messenger bot, e-commerce and messenger, social media posting, auto comment tools, comment bot tools, Facebook posting, email marketing, one-time notification, page inbox manager, SMS marketing.

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Marktio 2.0 Demo

I am going to show you all the features of Marktio 2.0 in this Demo:

The first feature is of Facebook Campaign

This is a demo of creating a Facebook campaign and with this feature, you will be able to create unlimited Facebook automation campaigns. You will have bot reply, auto-reply, auto private reply, auto comment reply, page message manager, persistent menu, and auto like feature.

Here’s why you should choose Marktio 2.0!
Bot reply – 

This is the foremost and most interesting feature of Marktio. You are not a robot that would be able to attend the messages all the time. You are a human being, you have your personal life and more things to do. So why not have a robot to do this for you? Bot reply feature of Marktio helps reply to customers immediately based on the keywords of their messages. Interesting right? This makes your customer feel that you care for them and thus creates more persistence.


This is a secondary feature of Bot Reply divided into two segments.

Auto private reply–

Auto-reply features get your flooded inbox cleared up after sending replies and handling grievances of all the customers privately. This is done by the Bot Reply feature technically. It lets your customer feel like home when they come to you.

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Auto comment reply –

So, you have a good fanbase on your page and your customers like your posts. Do you have a problem maintaining touch with all of them and replying to each comment? We all know how difficult it becomes to do that. Moreover, you might miss out on very important clients due to this problem. Well, the Auto Comment Reply feature brings to you a well-crafted solution for this. With the help of the Bot Reply feature, replies to comments can also be sent automatically based on keywords. Don’t you think more engagement of you with your clients in this way will help your business grow more?

Page message manager– 

Marktio manages the unread messages of your inbox, replies to them all, and also has chatting facilities. A helpful and appealing feature to stay connected with your clients at large and even builds a good public image of your page and business henceforth.

Complete Facebook poster-

Who does not want to post, send, and show to their clients and viewers pleasing pictures, videos, and covers? After all, that is how you attract an audience on social media platforms. You can post texts, images, links, and videos to your page or pages and guess what the bulk message feature will help you to send these personally to your prospective clients as well. Don’t you think this way, you have a higher level of approach and your concerns will be put on the table for your customers to see?

Persistent Menu–

Marktio comes with menu options at your inbox with customized features and details about your page. This feature is available for your page visitors. It helps them explore more about your page which further helps to attract and retain more and genuine customers. It helps the visitors know more about you and feel free to engage in deals with you without any worries.

Auto like– Marktio comes with auto like the feature that automatically likes your posts on your page as soon as they are uploaded on it. It shows greater activity on social media.

 The second feature in this demo is of creating an e-commerce and messenger campaign. With this feature, you will be able to create unlimited e-commerce automation campaigns.

For support in multiple stores product management categories and attribute management, a coupon system, mode of delivery order management, order receipt, and messenger.

Easy and flexible integration with messenger bot.
Multiple-stores – 

You must be having multiple products to market. Different ones for different customers right? It might be the case that your clients missed out on your page about the advertisement for the product. Of course, it is not easy to manage that. Marktio helps you by reaching out to the prospects only as per the product type in the inbox, though it’s exclusive features.

 Product Management:-

You can manage the leads and advertisements for your products as per your chosen customers. You just have to categorize and group the customers according to the products. Finally, just a click and your work get done. Easy right? Indeed, easier than how you used to send those messages to all of them, one by one?

 Category and attribute management:-

The same thing, you have different products for different people. Like, suppose you are a business to sell all sorts of equipment to prospective users. The photographers and videographers need camera equipment but the printing industries need different sets of instruments. Both have different subcategories and different attributes. Therefore, to approach that photographer and that factory owner or whatever different sets of consumers you want to approach, you can have Marktio to your work done easily and quickly.

Coupon System:-

If you are a great marketer, you must be knowing the effects of the coupon system. How it attracts consumers, how many consumers, and if it is suitable for the kind of products you market. Well, you must be wanting to use them on your Facebook business, sending them in your messenger to the prospects? Marktio, again helps you in this activity because you further categorize customers into subcategories to advertise about your promotional campaigns.

Mode of Delivery:- 

After the sale being closed, delivery and after-sale services become a matter of concern for all the businesses. Markito helps via it’s a feature of messenger bot to display all the options of payments, like the COD

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(Cash On Delivery), NEFT transfer, UPI, Debit card payments, etc. as soon as the customer has decided to purchase the product.

Order Management:-

Again, so many customers, so many orders, for so many products. Difficult to handle right? We have got you covered through Markito yet again! E-commerce of Markito, categorizes and organizes, keeps you updated and helps you sort all the customers and their orders, from placing them till delivery, all the messages are sent to the clients and they stay updated through this.

Order Receipt in Messenger:-

Once the order is placed to deliver, all the required receipts and documents with confirmations, automatically get sent to the customers and Markito’s messenger updates them about the status of their products, till the delivery is being made. Messages are automatically sent to all the handles of the customer like e-mail, phone message, etc. so there stay more backups and evidence.

Easy and Flexible Integration with Messenger Bot:-

So, in your absence, there will always be the messenger bot, which is the most iconic feature of Markito. It will help you process all the above-mentioned tasks through the settings of some basic keywords. It solves all your problems of handling the page, the inbox for customers. You can sit back and relax about this work and focus on the other branches of your business.

Feature number three this is demo is of creating a broadcast messenger text and email campaign.

With this feature, you’ll be able to create unlimited broadcast messenger text and email campaigns.

For bulk message sending,

Even in offline businesses, say a shopping mall or supermarket, you will need to make promotions through Email and SMS online, on the network. That is where Markito will help you. That is where Markito will assist you.

As already mentioned, Markito is just like a virtual assistant you’ll have.

It will help you through it’s

  • Bot settings- that is like, immediate and automatic responses due to some settings of mere keywords
  • Bulk message facility- sending information to chunks of customers at one go as per your choice.
  • Trustworthy- Markito is a mere software, unlike human beings, it is least vulnerable to making mistakes and cheating on business issues from you. So, you always have this sense of relaxation when you have it.
  • Zero monthly fees- Markito doesn’t charge you any monthly charges so you do not need to add that expense to your list of monthly bills.

So many facilities in one single DASHBOARD. Many features to get you to ease in a single go, just at the drop of your hat! So why not have it?

Feature Four in the demo is of creating a social media post-campaign.

With this feature, you’ll be able to create unlimited social media post campaigns.

For social media posting, one-click both post to eight social media text link image and video posting

and campaign scheduling

Social Media Posting –

We all know how important a presentation is. Be it physical or virtual. Nowadays, social media posting has become a very important way of presentation. It should be appealing to the eyes of your customers, hit their mind when they see it, pursue them to buy from you, pay attention to you and keep them on the page for a long time, to make them see your content, to make them trust your content and to make them a regular viewer. Likewise, it must reach a maximum of your customers. Markito comes with such features, that it covers maximum possibilities of reaching out to the prospects.

One-click bulk post to eight social media –

Markito enables you to post your content on eight of your social media handles at one click. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Blogger, Reddit, and WordPress. All of them at once. You just have to keep your accounts linked and the feature enabled. No need of posting the same thing with all the tags and hashtags, again and again on different sites. Your work is done at the drop of a hat, in one click.

Text, link, image and video posting –

Markito allows you to have absolute flexibility of sharing your content at all platforms, in all ways. Be it in text, in the form of images or shot videos. You can share all of it with the help of Markito. You just have to create. Markito helps to spread and we all know that spreading and reaching the right prospects, are the two principles for growing on social media and achieving success.

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campaign scheduling –

Do you have the majority of your viewers from abroad? From an altogether different time zone and you want them to see your content at a particular time or say in the early morning? Do you often forget things?

Is it so that you often are unable to post your work on social media because you were busy in an important meeting? Do you wish at that time that if only somebody could do it for you?

But, to higher a person just to share content at a particular time is so lame right? What if there was some technique to make it happen? No more ‘what ifs’ because we have such a feature for you.

Campaign scheduling in Markito helps you to post your content, on your desired social media handles, at your desired time on your behalf. You just have to set the time like you set alarm for waking up every night.

Feature number five in the demo is of creating a Facebook message, SMS, and email campaigns.

With this feature, you’ll be able to create unlimited Facebook messages, SMS, and email drip campaigns.

Drip Message, SMS, and E-mail – Do you often mess up or have a fear that you might mess up in sending emails and SMS messages in proper sequence, proper timings, and to the right customers? Also, don’t you think that your customers can miss out on your important messages scrolling through their inbox or chat? Markito has got you covered there. Drip SMS and E-mail feature of Markito helps you to send those messages as you want. In proper sequences, for follow-ups and discounts, separately. It sorts of gives a proper and clear understanding to your clients and keeps your inbox and chats more organized than ever.

Isn’t that relaxing to have the assistance of such an amazingly designed software for your page? You are an entrepreneur, a blogger, a creator but with Markito, you can be a cooler version of all of that.


EVERYTHING that just mentioned above at the CRAZY, discounted, the ONE-TIME price you see below (yup, ZERO monthly fees)

You have two price options.

You can access the sales page from the link – Click Here to Visit the Official Website

Now the first package option you have is Marktio 2.0 ultra – which is $67

Here are its features and here what comes with it

And the second package option is Marktio 2.0 ultra pro

You can pick up this package for $97 only.

Final Verdict:

It is one of the most hassle-free automation systems that will help you grow your business quickly. This automates everything, you do not have to handle your Social Media accounts, no need to manage Connection with Your leads, as this system will do it for you.

Also most of the automation systems out their Charge huge monthly fee. If you don’t believe me, open a new tab, and search for it. You will see huge monthly fees.

Also if you search Fiverr or Upwork to get someone to handle your accounts, you’ll be shocked to see the number of people charging their fees.

That is why this is one of the best Products in the Market, that is at One-Time Fees that too this low.

I would, 100% recommend this product. Get it now and start growing your business quickly.

Thanks for reading my review. I hope I have cleared your doubts. Click the link below to get the Marktio 2.0 now.

Marktio 2.0 Review

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