GroovePages Review(2020): Is it FREE? Better than ClickFunnels?

GroovePages Review: If you’re a seller of something, you should’ve realized the importance of marketing by now. Letting your target group know and desirous about your product depends upon the tactics you follow. And in the age of digitalization, what can be the easiest way to advertise your products than a website?

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Websites and their pages are the foremost steps of attracting your distant customers. The way you craft and funnel them throughout your website is crucial. And for this, you should be choosing something easy, reliable, and attractive.

We suggest you, GroovePages 2.0. It’s one of the products from Groove Digital, which makes a bunch of tools for digital marketers.  GroovePages, in particular, is very handy for crafting interactive web pages for your business. Here’s how it’s helpful.

Apart from having a simple drag-and-drop editor, GroovePages offers you a wide range of templates to choose from, which can be set as landing pages. You can add call action buttons, pop-ups, timers, customized forms, and even hide pages that are still in development. All these will be coming for a price that seems reasonable if you explore more.

While you can use GroovePages Lite for free, it doesn’t come with all exciting features as we quoted in the general version. GroovePages is having something that’s what a marketing tool should have. Grayscale Wireframes, which are grey shading the parts of a webpage to highlight a certain part of the same webpage. This can be crafted easily to tune your visitor’s attention instantly.

The creators behind this, Mike Filsaime and Joe Jablonski are experts in creating such robust marketing tools. They have crafted many Groove Digital products, webinar platform WebinarJam, Video Genesis, etc.

Talking more, GroovePages is a popular choice among online marketers due to its flexibility to customize internal features. You can modify the code of features as you like to mend them as you desired. If not that, you can even build a complete feature of the webpage of your choice from scratch.

There are other free website builders in the market too, such as WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etc. But all these are meant mostly for regular blogging rather than marketing purposes. And any marketing options provided by them are expensive than GroovePages. Along with tools, the plans of GroovePages provide you a free domain, hosting, and unlimited bandwidth throughout your tenure

Hey there and welcome to this GroovePages review! In this review, we’ll be going over a very impressive online marketing tool, specifically the funnel, website and landing page builder called GroovePages, created by the awesome guys over at GrooveDigital.

GroovePages has promised to shake up the marketplace with its groundbreaking technology, and in this review, we’ll be going over some of the features of the tool, and pretty much all the information that I have access to.

Let’s dive into the GroovePages Review, shall we?

GroovePage Review

Table Of Content

  • Table Of Content
  • What Is GroovePages? 
  • Who Is Behind GroovePages?
    • Mike Filsaime
    • John Cornetta
    • Mattijs Naus
    • Matt Serralta
  • GroovePages Features. What’s Inside.
  • GroovePages Website Editor
    • ToolBar Section
      • Blocks
      • Elements
      • Pages
      • Popups
    • Settings Section
      • Groove Icon
      • Dropdown page viewer
  • GroovePages Pricing. How Much Does It Cost?
  • Which Plan Is Better?
  • Is There A GroovePages Trial?
  • GroovePages Pros And Cons
    • Pros
    • Cons 
  • GroovePages FAQ’s
  • The Future Of GrooveDigital.
  • Conclusion.

What Is GroovePages? 

GroovePages is a software as a service (SAAS), which is the next generation in online page and funnel builders. It’s designed to leap-frog over other builders like Wix, ClickFunnels, lead pages, and the likes, and is expected to be a big part of the market of website builders, in the following 2 years.


With a superior product.

GroovePages is one of the different software services that are part of the GrooveFunnels app suite of online marketing tools created by Mike Filsaime, and is, in his words:

“Like pretty much nothing there’s out there in this world right now.”

And I think he’s right…

With 1 million dollars poured in for development, and with the product looking as awesome as it does with the functions as groundbreaking as it has…it’s hard to argue.

GroovePages is not only a cutting-edge landing page builder…but it’s also a money-making and high-converting funnel builder, as well as a complete website builder too!

So essentially…it’s the only page builder that can exists right now, that can create landing pages, marketing funnels and complete websites. 

Creating an entire website with this thing, is absurdly easy (for as complex as building a website from scratch can be). You create the pages, you drag and drop them to appear on your navigation, you can hide them, you can create a funnel with the pages…and so on.

Here, this is a GroovePages demo video of exactly what is possible with the software. It’s a short sped up video of Mike going over some of the different features and options. 👇

GroovePages Review

A really cool feature that GroovePages has, is that the code is mostly loaded on the browser (around 80%), and that not much goes on in the backend.

This means that there is more functionality available to you as a user, if say, you’re internet got disconnected, which I think is pretty cool.

GroovePages also uses a progressive Javascript framework, called VUE.JS.

The thing to note here is that other website builders, and page builders…use a framework called Bootstrap, which is not bad, but it’s over 9 years old and it’s very limiting. Using the newer frameworks, GroovePages is not limited in the same way the rest of them are. 

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And…The software also hosts your sites on the best hosting that money can buy…Amazon servers.

Which means overall faster page loading speeds…which also means that you’ll be losing fewer customers. Plus, Google highly rewards sites that are optimized for their users, pushing you up the rankings of their platform (or at the very least not pushing you down!) if you actually have a speedy website.

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As you can see from the demo, the dashboard is tailor-made to allow for complete drag and drop website design, as well as the addition of premium designer blocks that you can add (which are constantly being updated and added) and many more features, like countdown timers and pop-ups, and so on and so forth.

Inside the GroovePages editor

Who Is Behind GroovePages?

Mike Filsaime

The CEO of GrooveDigital. Mike has been a pioneer when it comes to software and has generated over $125 million dollars creating game-changing online tools that are made specifically to simplify many of the issues that come with having a business online. He’s also been part of some of the more well known software platforms like WebinarJam and Kartra.

John Cornetta

The co-founder of GrooveDigital, and one of the OG’s when it comes to eCommerce and print on demand, John has been in the online marketing space for many many years, and his expertise in the subject made it possible for the Groove tools to compete and be better than some of the other alternatives in the market, such as Shopify.

John has over 20 years of online business experience and has been involved in the development of over 50 companies, he teaches eCommerce himself, and is an integral part of the GrooveDigital team.

Mattijs Naus

Mattijs is the CTO of GroovePages, and has extensive knowledge in building and coding software products for online marketers, entrepreneurs, startups and online business owners.

Matt Serralta

The co-founder and COO of GrooveDigital, Matt Serralta brings years of e-Commerce experience in both marketing and development to the table. He has been behind some of the bigger launches of the past years, in anything online marketing, digital marketing, and software tool related, and has over ten years of experience in executive-level management and sales.

GroovePages Review
Team Groove

GroovePages Features. What’s Inside.

To access your GroovePages account, you’ll have to login to your GrooveFunnels account first. Once inside, you’ll then be able to access the GroovePages tool, on the left side of the dashboard.

Once you click on the “GroovePages” button, you’ll be able to see all of the GroovePages websites you’re building.

It’ll look something like this:

On the left side of the screen, you’ll have access to all of the other GrooveFunnels tools, if you’re a paid member, otherwise you’ll probably not see more than the GroovePages section.

The dashboard will display all of your websites, like we were mentioning (you’ll be able to have 3 free ones on your free version, otherwise you can have unlimited amounts.

If you hover your mouse over the website window, at the bottom right, there is a little button that will pop up an even smaller window, which will give you the option to edit, clone, or delete, the website you’re selecting.

You can also hover over the image of the website, which will allow you to go straight to the website editor.

GroovePages Website Editor

This is where all the magic happens, and where most of the tools are located. We’ll be going over every single one of the tools one by one, so that you know what each of them do.

I’ll be breaking these down into different sections. These are not the official names or anything, it’ll just be what I’ll be calling them, for the purpous of this GroovePages review.

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ToolBar Section


This is the bread and butter of the website builder, and here you’lll probably be spending most of your time. The blocks is where all the pre-built templates are going to be located in, so that you can easily drop them onto you onto your different pages.


This section, is for everything that is not related to the structure of the site, per see, but I’ll be where you’ll find add one.

These elements include, buttons, widgets, HTML codes, video embeds, accordion style dropdown menus, integrations to your autoresponders, images 



Settings Section

This section is all that is located on the top of the screen, and controls publishing, undos, redos, and a bit more. Let’s look at what all of these different tools can do.

Groove Icon

On the top left part of the websiteand on pretty much any otehr GrooveApps or tools of the platform, you’ll have little icon button which will take you back to the GrooveFunnels dashboard.

Dropdown page viewer

Next, you’ll find, and will be able to click on, a drop-down menu that’ll take you through all the different pages on your website, so that you can modify them individually. 

GroovePages Review

In addition to this, and during the 2 weeks after the launch (until the 22nd of December), you’ll be getting future access to the premium tools GrooveMail and WebinarGroove.

These are software services that are also part of the ecosystem of GrooveApps, and will be sold separately for $99/month each, when they release later on in 2020.

GrooveMail is an autoresponder that will be the leading email autoresponder on the internet and WebinarGroove is a live and automated webinar platform, that is more powerful and more affordable than anything else on the market.

To create an account with GroovePages, just click on the button below.

Get Lifetime Access (SECRET BACK DOOR) 👉

GroovePages Pricing. How Much Does It Cost?

So how much does GroovePages cost? What is the price for this tool?

Well, there are a few options available to you, each of them is slightly slightly different when it comes to pricing.

  • You can either get GroovePages as a subscription and as a part of the GrooveFunnels platform (see all the pricing and features here). This will cost you a minimum of $99/month, and up to $299/month (GrooveFunnels Platinum).
  • You can buy GroovePages stand alone, for a one-time price, through this secret back-door link. This will cost you $497 and you’ll never have to pay monthly for GroovePages, ever again. This will give you access to GroovePages Pro (unlimited domains, wireframe blocks, premium blocks, etc).
  • You can get a FREE GroovePages lite account, by creating a free GrooveFunnels account (which you can get here). This will give you access to 3 free websites, GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate
  • You can buy the COMPLETE GrooveFunnels platform, at a one-time price, and never pay for anything ever again but get all of the tools.

    This is a very limited offer, which will wave your monthly fees, and will give you GroovePages PRO, but also GrooveMail, blog, member, webinar, and all of the other tools. You can learn more about it, here

Which Plan Is Better?

Of course, you can get GroovePages for free, by creating a free account…but the functionalities will be limited. However, if you want to test out the website builder, then this is the best option. You’ll get to get a look and feel for the builder 

During the launch of the Beta version, until around April 2020, you’ll have access to a GroovePages lifetime deal, which includes the GroovePages Funnel Builder and GrooveSell, for a one-time payment of $497.

When the Beta program closes, the guys over at GrooveDigital, will both raise their prices as well as take out features, after which they’ll have different pricing options available, as it is customary on this style of product.

One thing holds true however, and that is that after the beta launch is over, the pricing will not be cheaper than a one time price, since they’re selling the software on a monthly subscription service. 

As of this moment, the one time offer and beta tester insider program, is still available, but it won’t be for long!

Don’t believe me?

Check out the image below, straight from the GroovePages checkout page.

GroovePages WILL BE launching to the Public, sometime in April of 2020, for $199 each month (or $888 per year for the annual plan). So if you think that you’ll in any way benefit from GroovePages at all, the one time price is actually worth thousands and thousands of dollars. 

GrooveFunnels Review
Upcoming price for GroovePages, for the general public after launch in April of 2020

Is There A GroovePages Trial?

Unfortunately, there is no GroovePages free trial currently available.

There was a GroovePages demo available for the December 2019 launch, but has since then closed to the public.

This is not to say however, that they won’t be adding the option in the future… but we’ll have to wait and see what happens after the official launch to the public, in mid 2020. Even after the launch, they might modify pricing or open up a trial…it really depends.

I am however making sure that this article is up to date, and as of right now, the most beneficial deal available, is getting “grandfathering” into GroovePages as a Beta tester for as long as the beta tester program is open.

The GroovePages Beta tester program grants you:

Unlimited Hosting,
Unlimited Pages,
Unlimited sites,
Unlimited Images, bandwith and funnels

This will essentially give you access to the premium version of the tool, for a fraction of the price, that others will pay thousands of dollars per year for, after the beta testing is over and it’s launched to the public. 

Get Lifetime Access (SECRET BACK DOOR) 👉

Plus, the guys over at GrooveDigital are actively looking for beta testers to make the software perfect, which is why they’re heavily discounting the price and are willing to make it a one time thing rather than charge monthly for it.

Personally, I love the idea of “grandfathering” at a specific pricing deal, because it’s such a great opportunity. 

I can think back to when some of the top autoresponders were giving lifetime accounts for a flat fee…and this is similar to that.  

GrooveDigital also have at least 2 years of schedule ahead of them, their products will launch and their pricing will increase, so this might give you an idea of how great of an opportunity it is to lock up an account at a grandfathered price. 🙂 

I mean…it’s always a great idea, and GroovePages has everything going for it.

GroovePages Pros And Cons

This wouldn’t be a complete GroovePages review if I didn’t mention the different pros and cons of the software.

Please note that these are my personal opinions on what it is I personally liked and disliked when it comes to the platform, and they might be different from your own since, for example, $497 one time price could seem extremely cheap to me, whereas it might not seem the same way to you.

With that said, let’s check out some of the pros and cons I found with GroovePages.

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✅ The software is both extremely easy to use, and extremely potent. Reminds me a little of the Elementor page builder, that does allow for some block swapping and editing, only GroovePages has a crisp and smooth feel to it.

You can clearly see a preview (“shadow”) of what the page will look like when moving blocks around, which is awesome.

✅ You can edit all your pages from within the same dashboard without hopping around between screens. This feature makes it really stand out to me, and I’m not sure there is any other website builder out there that has this same functionality. 

✅ You’re able to individually modify the page, depending on the device format you’re working in, without changing how that page is seen on other devices. The Elementor plugin, has a similar feature, but you’d have to juggle between desktop and mobile, and it was a pain.

GroovePages allows you to change things separately, a lot more easily.

✅ Not your typical “flash in the pan” software. The guys over at GroovePages are really bringing in their A-game with this set of products. With 2 years of schedule, this is serious stuff. Few are the times when something this big, comes around, so you can expect only the best.

✅ Pricing: It’s way cheaper than Clickfunnels whose premium, with all the requirements, compared to GroovePages, gets around $297/month. On the other hand, GroovePages is only One Time Payment. That really helps. You can check out my full comparison review on Kartra vs ClickFunnels vs GroovePages.

Get Lifetime Access (SECRET BACK DOOR) 👉


🚫 A few bugs here and there, as of right now because they’re in the beta version. And there aren’t that many block templates. Both of these issues will be solved by April 2020, where there will both be no more unpatched bugs and over 150 base templates to work with, which is a huge amount.

🚫 Requires some getting used to. Just like when you’re learning to ride a bike for example, there are tons of things you’ve got to learn and hours you have to put in.

GroovePages is kind of different from some of the other funnel and page builders out there, and it can get a bit overwhelming. Of course, with the help of some of the tutorials that are available, as well as with some time and practice…you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

GroovePages FAQ’s

In this section, I’ll be going over some of the frequently asked questions, when it comes to the software GroovePages. 

Do I Need To Know Any Coding?

Nope. GroovePages has a drag and drop functionality that is very simple to use. 

If you happen to know how to code, however, there is a function that allows you to enter and edit the source code of the pages, at will.

Do I Need To Have My Own Domain?

Not really.

By purchasing GroovePages, you’ll get access to a subdomain of the GroovePages domain, so in theory, you don’t need any of your own.

If you want to have your website domain name look a bit more unique, you’ll want to get your own personal domain.

Get Lifetime Access (SECRET BACK DOOR) 👉
Can I Use My Own Domain?

Yes. GroovePages allows you to publish pages and funnels on your pages. You can publish to custom domain names. To do this, you must configure the CNAME records, to point them towards the GroovePages DNS.

Do Pages Built With GroovePages Load Fast?

Yep. Super fast.

As opposed to sites that are created on, say ClickFunnels, which render your sites each time the page loads, with GroovePages, your site already gets published on the web, in HTML format. This means you don’t need to worry about uptime or slow load times, which drastically improves SEO, for example.

Apart from this, GroovePages is using Amazon servers to host your sites, which is probably about the best hosting money can buy (and you get a free SSL too) which puts a lot of the competition to shame.

Does GroovePages Include SSL?

Yes. Your pages get a free SSL certificate through Cloudflare.

Is GroovePages SEO Friendly?

Yep. No other page builder has a lighter, more perfect code. You get the usual meta tags, alt images, H1 through H5 tags…all of this is loved by Google.

Does GroovePages Have High-Converting, Money-Making Templates?

Yes. It’ll have pre-made gorgeous designs for the highest conversions. Plus, they also have drag-n-drop blocks like headers, footers and pricing blocks.

Does GroovePages have Drag-and-Drop functionality?


Is There Any GroovePages OTO’s Or Upgrades Available?

Yes. Upon purchase, you’ll have the chance to upgrade, for 1 additional payment of $497 (billed in 30 days) for the app GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate.


for 2 additional payments of $497, you get GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, GrooveKart, mail, live and every single future update in both 2020 and 2021 (which we’ll mention shortly), without having to pay ever again for monthly fees.

Is There Any GroovePages Discount?

Not at this moment in time. The closest thing to a discount, is indeed the one-time price, available here

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Yep. If you’re unhappy with the software, you can request a refund for up to 30 days. No questions asked.

The Future Of GrooveDigital.

GrooveApps has a few years of schedules and interesting announcements ahead, as we had mentioned before. For starters, they’ll be launching WebinarGroove in late summer of 2020, and GrooveMail in the spring

Check out the newer more “unannounced” features they have in store for 2020 and 2021: 

✅ GrooveMail – May 31st
✅ WebinarGroove Live – August 2020
✅ WebinarGroove Automated – August 2020
✅ GrooveVideo – Late 2020
✅ GrooveMember – 2021
✅ GrooveDesk – 2021
✅ GrooveBlog – 2021
✅ GrooveCalendar – 2021
✅ GrooveSurvey – 2021

These features mentioned above, will all be premium add-ons, which for you as a “grandfathered Beta tester” (as long as the beta tester program is still open) won’t have to pay additional, to have access.

Unfortunately, there is not much information on the premium add-ons out there, but without a doubt…it does show a great deal of commitment from the team.

Because of this, you know they’ll 100% be devoted to the software and platform, and it won’t just be another “me too” page builder, but a complete suite of quality tools and add-ons. 


So that was it everyone, hope you enjoyed the GroovePages review

It’s very exciting to see such a powerful tool, with such an ambitious goal behind it being launched into the marketplace.

GroovePages is an investment.  Buying GroovePages at the beta price of $497 is an investment for those who wanted to have access to a powerful online marketing platform like ClickFunnels or Kartra but didn’t want to want to pay monthly subscription fees.

If you compare it to ClickFunnels, for example, you’d be paying $1,164 every year, only for the funnel builder and you wouldn’t get as many features as you can get with GroovePages. 

“It’s the chance to grab a game changing software, before it becomes a subscription. It’s like getting ClickFunnels…before it was ClickFunnels.”

Since the platform is super fresh, I’ll be adding and updating onto this review, whenever I can, so be sure to check out the videos in the meantime.

Also, do note that team GrooveDigital are also currently adding both new features to the funnel/website builder GroovePages, as well as articles, training videos and tutorials on the go, and will be doing multiple webinars per week to go over the questions that may arise.

If you want to start using GroovePages right now, just click on the button below, to claim a GroovePages lifetime deal account, before the beta tester program is gone for good!

It has 30 Day money back guarantee. So no need to Worry. Click the link below.

GroovePages Review
GroovePages Review

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