Simple Wifi Profits Review – An Honest Review From a Real User

Hey Folks, thanks for stopping by to check out my review of Simple WiFi Profits.

For those that don’t know me, it’s important to know that I NEVER review a product unless I actually try it first (unlike those Worthless Affiliates that do fake reviews, call it a scam, and recommend their #1 Recommended Product).

That was certainly the case here, so let’s get to the reason you’re here:

What IS Simple WiFi Profits All About?

​I’ll be honest, I was a bit skeptical of this program just because of the name, LOL, but that’s before I learned anything about it or ‘stepped inside’ the members area.

The product name may be a bit cheesy, but I was quite impressed with what’s inside.

Short Summary:

Simple WiFi Profits is a step-by-step, online training program that takes ​you by the hand to create a unique affiliate-marketing-driven business.

Chris & Andrew teach and support ​you on how to drive Facebook traffic to high-quality weight loss related offers. They do this in a unique, value-driven (& legal) way that has never been done before, and almost no one in this industry is doing successfully.

Chris & Andrew provide step-by-step training, the exact products they’re selling, the ads to use, the targeting, and more.

Also Included:

  • 24/7/365 support
  • A call twice a month
  • A group coaching call
  • ​And a mentorship group. 

They also provide done-for-you campaigns, they help your tribe outsource this business, they give commission bumps and additional high ticket strategies. They eliminate the need for a huge budget up-front by helping fund the first few ads for fast action takers.

This (honestly) was sold before for over $20,000 as a back end product (upsell), and students of this system are earning over $40,000 on a daily basis using this system.

I’ve been told from Chris DIRECTLY that this will be on the market for a short time at this price before ​they begin selling it for over $5,000 – $10,000+ via a call funnel. ​

Simple Wifi Profits Review
Simple Wifi Profits Review

The Members Area of Simple Wifi Profits

​The members area consists of ​10 Chapters, including 7 main training modules or chapters, and some bonuses and additional training resources. 

Here’s What’s Taught in the training of Simple Wifi Profits:

Each of the 7 Training Chapters is broken down into MULTIPLE sections. ​

(​These are NOT the actual module names, I’m just giving quick overviews of each one!)

Chapter 1: ​Affiliate Marketing 101

Chapter 1 gives a great explanation as to what affiliate marketing is, and how it compares to other business models.  It shares the pros & cons of a few of the more popular ​affiliate marketing networks & programs and is ultimately a GREAT resource for newbies who are starting affiliate marketing for the first time.

Even if you’re a complete newbie and haven’t made your first $1.00 online, their training has you covered and ​this chapter probably has one of the BEST intros to Affiliate Marketing for newbies I’ve ever seen.  (And I’ve been doing this for over 10 years now)​.

​On top of this, the training is being constantly revised and perfected to give you the best experience & quickest results possible!

All of the above beings said, just like anything else that is new and unfamiliar, there is a learning curve involved. There’s a certain level of action necessary and a special kind of determination to strive for something better than your current circumstance.

There is a LOT more covered than what I’m mentioning above, I don’t want to spoil the whole thing for you though! 😎

Chapter 2: ​Funnels 101

Chapter 2​ reveals one of the biggest ​secrets that most big affiliate marketers use: The Simple 3-Step Funnel!  

This is the funnel (or strategy) that’s going to make you your first dollar online as an affiliate marketer.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Russell Brunson of ​ClickFunnels​ and his “​One Funnel Away” challenge – well this is ​the same idea, and you’ll be given the opportunity to use ClickFunnels with the funnels & webpages you set up with what you learn here!

Anyway, before you dive too deep into chapter 2, you’re reminded of a few very important things:

  1. ​Model Andrew & Chris’s Success
  2. Do NOT Reinvent the wheel, Just Make It Better
  3. Repeat 🙂

​As SIMPLE as that sounds, you’d be surprised just how many people ‘freak out’ and think they have to do everything from scratch, maybe that’s you right now?  If it is, and that’s okay, I’m here to tell you to relax – everything’s gonna be alright. 🤗

Anyway, besides the 3-Step Funnel, you’ll also learn a ton of psychology & sales/persuasion techniques.  

They also have sections on:

  • The ​Anatomy of a ​Good VSL (Video Sales Letter)
  • ​What Makes A Good Facebook Ad
  • What Makes A Good Lander (Landing Page)
  • And More…

Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Landing Page

This is the module where you set up your landing page via either ClickFunnels or Hostgator, and you’ll then receive your first swipe files (content) where you simply plug in the “Done for you” landing pages, add your ClickBank affiliate link to the landing page, and more stuff covered in this chapter!

This is the first chapter of actionable tasks, and it’s okay to get excited because this is the part where you’re going to be setting up your own website!

I’m NOT going to go crazy into the details of this module, as there’s a lot to cover, just know you’ll be starting to create your first online business’s assets here!

Chapter 4: Building Your Empire

In Chapter 4, they’re going to show you the road to treasure and teach you one of the HIGHEST INCOME SKILLS IN THE WORLD (yes, really) – FaceBook ads!

Paid Traffic is an amazing way predictably scale and increase your income without adding additional chaotic elements such as your employees and over-heads.  If you know how to utilize Facebook ads correctly, you can spend $1.00 and make $2.00 back, or spend $1.00 and make $3.00 ad, and etc.

If you’re able to spend $1.00 and get back $2.00 and properly SCALE that, you can turn $100 into $200 back, or $300 back or $400 back, etc.  

On one of my campaigns in the Survival Niche (last month, April 2020), I was spending $500 a day and earning $1,000 back ($500/day profit) after just 5 days using the same methods they teach here.

Anyway, I’m NOT going to do a full overview of the chapter here, if you want to see that – please watch my video further below where I take you on a 30-Minute tour through (most of) the member’s area.

Chapter 5: Making Stuff Happen!

So by now, you should already have your Facebook Business Manager, Clickbank Account, and your Pre-Sell Page (Landing Page) Set-Up

That being said, Chapter 5 is where it all begins! Right away, you get into surprise bonus training on creating the PERFECT FaceBook Ad – and guess what – if you can create ONE perfect ad, you can create another one just as easily.  

Once you understand the elements of doing this, it really is just like waking up in the morning, or brushing your teeth – it truly does become routine.

Anyway, without giving away all of the secret sauce – that’s what this chapter is about; creating and launching your first Facebook Ad!

It’s time to get excited 🤓

Chapter 6: Scaling to the Moon!!

In my summary of chapter 4, I mentioned If you know how to utilize Facebook ads correctly, you can spend $1.00 and make $2.00 back, or spend $1.00 and make $3.00 add, and etc.  

If you’re able to spend $1.00 and get back $2.00 and properly SCALE that, you can turn $100 into $200 back, or $300 back or $400 back, etc.  

On one of my campaigns in the Survival Niche (April 2020), I was spending $500 a day and earning $1,000 back ($500/day profit) after just 5 days using the same methods they teach here.

That being said – SCALING is what this chapter is all about, and it goes into the best methods for scaling your ads QUICKLY, including doubling down, cloning ads, the lookalike method, zero-targeting (one of my favorites), re-targeting ads & more!

Chapter 7: Super Affiliate Hacks!

Chapter 7 is more of a bonus section, to be honest with you, and has some of the “Tricks of the trade” that you’ll no-doubt incorporate into your business as soon as you learn them! 🙂

I won’t go into details on this one at all, though you can learn a bit about it from my 30 minute video review below – just know it’s cool stuff for saving money, improving conversions, and even traveling the world for free (yes, really). 🤓

​And More…

​On top of this, there’s also a (fairly) active FaceBook group for members only, AND a monthly LIVE coaching call with Andrew, Chris & other students!

If you can’t make the call live, don’t worry – it’s recorded and added to the member’s area fairly quickly.

​My Simple WiFi Profits Review & Final Verdict

Honestly, The Simple WiFi Profits course is widely-accepted by successful affiliates (myself included) and top product creators as one of the MOST comprehensive & valuable courses in the affiliate & e-com world.  

I’ll be honest, I thought the name sounded ‘scammy’ to me when I first heard it, and I didn’t think I would like the course.  

I’ll admit, I was wrong to judge because of their age and the flashiness of the video, but the training is legit and it’s actually quite genius because all you DO need is an internet connection (WiFi), and a computer or laptop to make this business model work for you!

The value is given, the tips, tricks, the secrets & strategies revealed in the course are truly almost priceless, as you’ll see when you start to dig into the course. 😎

While I’m already using the same methods they teach for driving traffic via Facebook ads, I did pick up a few amazing things that I wasn’t using already, that I’ve already implemented into my own business with good results.

Honestly, I’ve seen courses being sold for more than Simple WiFi Profits that didn’t cover as much. ​ Andrew & Chris are young, but they’ve done a PHENOMENAL job at putting this course together, and I truly believe you’ll love it once you get started!

Simple Wifi Profits Review
Simple Wifi Profits Review

Any Questions? PLEASE let me know in the comments below! 😁


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