Overnight Millionaire Review – An Honest Review From Real User

In this review, I am going to look at Overnight Millionaire by Wesley Virgin. I admit the name Overnight Millionaire does sound like a scam, but there is more to it than it seems.

Maybe you would like to solve your money problems, and would like to get rich quick (who wouldn’t?)

You might be wondering: Should I get this course? Overnight Millionaire? Will it make me millions as the name claims? That is just too good to be true.

The answer is yes and no. Of course it is unlikely to become a millionaire overnight, but there are mindsets and hacks that can help build wealth. There will always be those are just lucky, and inherit a fortune, but let’s not forget that some people do succeed in creating their own fortunes.

I will try to give you an objective, and in-depth review of Overnight Millionaire, so that you can decide for your self.

Overnight Millionaire

What is Overnight Millionaire?

When observing certain celebrities, stars, and entrepreneurs, you may get the idea that they got wealthy overnight. It certainly seems that way. One day they are nobodies, you never heard of them, and the next day, they are cruising around in a Lambo. How did they get rich so fast?

More often than not, it was thanks to a mindset they had. Now, other factors influence your success too, but mindset is on important element people often overlook.

The Overnight Millionaire system is designed to teach you some of these mindsets that can help you think in a way that will increase your chance of building wealth.

It is a product on Clickbank, which teaches you how to develop a millionaire mindset. And that’s it. You are not going to get any other hacks.

There are no secret methods of making millions that you find in the course. There are not revolutionary ways to creating wealth.

So why the hype then?

Overnight Millionaire

A lot has to do with how the programs creator Wesley Virgin is promoting this product.

Who is Wesley Virgin, And Is He For Real?

The program was created by Wesley “Billion Dollar” Virgin, a successful internet marketer and entrepreneur. You can see him in his ads where he is showing off his fancy sports cars and his abs, talking about changing your mindset.

He actually has an interesting backstory. He used to work in a computer field, but then got fired. It was then that he decided that he wanted to start his own business.

This leads him to become a fitness coach, something he was always interested in. Wesley created a fitness course on ClickBank, and the rest is history.

Wesley Virgin claims that he will teach you the method he used to make millions and that it is possible for everyone. A lot of it is based on the idea of self- programming mind-hacks like “think you are rich” and you will be rich.

Wesley Virgin made it big with his own fitness product called Fat Diminisher that he sold on ClickBank.

ClickBank is a website where you can buy digital products, as well as promote other people’s products as an affiliate.

Wesley Virgin’s products were promoted and that is how he made his first million too.

Overnight Millionaire Review
Overnight Millionaire Review

Basically, he realized the power of online marketing, and how affiliate marketing that be an amazing source of income if done right.

Wesley Virgin then started to promote other products, and build his Overnight Millionaire course, which teaches people how to make money online.

How does Overnight Millionaire Actually Work?

The core of Wesley Virgin’s program is hacking your mind so that you change the way you think about money.

Everything starts with your mindset, and Wesley sets out to create the right mindset with the help of hypnosis and brainwave manipulations.

You have to get out of your comfort zone if you want to see a change in your life.

If you want to create wealth, you have to start thinking in new ways.

And the Overnight Millionaire System is designed to change your beliefs about how money is made.

Even more so if you want to make it in the online marketing niche. Getting into online marketing with a traditional 9-5 mindset won’t take you far. This was my mistake too.

I thought that I can only be paid for the amount of time I invest.

However, that is not true, as we see in the case of Wesley Virgin. He made a million dollars with his info product Fat Diminisher.

Of course, luck also played a role in Wesley’s success. His product was marketed by experts, which helped him a lot to make sales.

Now, I can already hear you say “But you said it is all about the mindset! What is this about luck and experts?”

I hear you, in the online marketing business it can be difficult to succeed, and you will need some luck too. The Overnight Millionaire does refer in a way to Wesley Virgin himself.

But this doesn’t mean that you should give up this easily.

I will say though that if you are a beginner, creating your own product is not the best idea. You should definitely look into affiliate marketing also.

In affiliate marketing, you promote someone else’s product or service, and if you make a sale you get a commission.

In the process of promoting products, you can learn a lot about marketing and sales. And later on, when you gain more experience you can create your own product too.

Wesley Virgin
Welsey Virgin

What is Included in the System?

You will get a number of amazing things in the program. These are:

  • 5-set Overnight Mindset Audio Series
  • Fast Start Mind-Hacks Execution Cheat Guide
  • Mindset Hacks Guided Transcendental Meditation Experience
  • Untold Secret Behind Journal Writing to Manifest

On top of this, you will get a bonus package with the following:

  • Supernatural Wealth Frequencies
  • Body Stimulating Formula
  • A Millionaire’s Morning Rituals

Overnight Millionaire Pricing?

Wesley Virgin’s program starts at a price of $27, and it includes a few up-sells if you decide to purchase it.

This price is quite reasonable, considering the value that is in the program.

Overnight Millionaire – Pros and Cons

You can check the pros and cons of this program here:


  • Price – it is affordable
  • Has a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • A ton of value for the price
  • You can learn a lot from Wesley Virgin


  • There are a lot of up-sells that are annoying
  • A little over-hyped

Final Verdict – Will Wesley Virgin’s Overnight Millionaire Make You a Millionaire?

Wesley Virgin is not teaching anything revolutionary but there is a lot of value in his work. He guides you step-by-step on how to develop the right mindset.

This mindset is essential if you want to make money online. One does not become a millionaire by doing things the old way. Overnight Millionaire is a tool that can help you start on the path of making big money online. Don’t be fooled by the name, but give it a try.

This course won’t give you an exact blueprint on how to create a million-dollar business, but you will get a lot of useful mindset tools to help you.

I really hope this Overnight Millionaire Review has helped clear things up for you.

Furthermore, I hope this Overnight Millionaire Review has given you some insight into what you’ll be doing when you join.

Also, I hope that I have answered any questions that you may have had when you landed on my site and started reading this review.

However, as I said earlier, if you still have questions about how this system works, now would be the time to ask them.

As an affiliate marketer who been earning money online since 2014, I found massive value in these motivational training series.

Therefore, I would highly recommend this as a solid way to get motivated & change your way of thinking.

If you want to succeed in anything in life it’s going to require the right mindset.

I honestly believe if you follow the training & listen to the motivational things Wesley has to say you can really benefit from this program.

Overnight Millionaire Review

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