Kartra vs ClickFunnels vs GroovePages, Which is the Best? Know Here

Hey what’s up guys, I thought we’d kick off with a bang. I’ve got a perfect one for you today because I’m going to be doing an aside-by-side review of ClickFunnels vs. Kartra vs. GroovePages which is a new one.

I started recently, showing people because they’ve got a lifetime offer and I’ve now got all three.

I originally I’ve had ClickFunnels for about three years. I’ve had Kartra for about a year and a half, and I got GroovePages a couple of days ago.

I’ve started digging around their GroovePages is brand new so that’s why you know the reviews gonna be based on the fact that I’ve just got it.

But having said that I will show you inside the dashboard which I wasn’t able to do a couple of days ago and you know unlike a lot of reviews I’m gonna be telling you because I use it.

I’m inside Kartra virtually all day every day so I know everything there is to know about Kartra.

I’ve used ClickFunnels extensively for three years, so I know everything there is to know about ClickFunnels so what I’m going to do is I’m gonna leave no stone unturned here.

I will put links to these products if you want to go and get them and but I’m gonna put them all in this post but I’m not going to lean towards anyone in this.

I’m just gonna like obviously give you an everything I know about them so you can make an informed decision because that’s the most important thing is that you kind of go into it with the facts of getting quite a lot of emails from people saying like should I cancel Kartra should I get GroovePages.

So I’m gonna cover all of that because that makes sense now right.

Kartra: My #1 Recommendation


So basically, first of all, I’m going to start with Kartra. Okay now I’ve got a lot of reviews on Kartra lately but and actually it’s a load of my videos that talk through Kartra of great expects at great expense.

So what I’m going to do is I’m just going to show you the Kartra plans and I want to talk you through what you can do. I don’t know if you know they give you a 14-day free trial and then if you could go to exit they actually give you 30 days which is really cool but they do it on the monthly plan.


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I don’t think they do it on the annual plan, but if you do the annual plan you can save you can actually say $50 a month.

But this is the pricing now obviously if you did an annual plan forth is start you get all of the conscious features but just for $79 a month if you’re getting started in business this is a very very good option.

And the only thing is obviously you’re going to have some limitations here okay 50 pages you can host up to sell 20 products, ah they’ve put it up to 100 pages again that’s called because they removed, they took it down to 50 pages and that must have affected sales, they’ve put that back up to 100 pages that are really cool.

I’m really pleased about that and you can actually build 8 membership sites.

Start Your Kartra Free Trial

I’ll show you inside my account in a minute you can actually have 4 levels so I actually have one of my membership sites has got four levels and I have 4 different membership sites all built in the same membership site.

And you can in effect have four completely different membership sites, if we wanted in those levels you can do it in such a way that you would have different you could have them all different you would have the only thing you’d have to do is have the logo at the top of the sign because you are only actually important you only actually have one logo for all of them.

But that’s you know that’s really good but I mean obviously the Silver plan here if you go for annual you’ve literally got like you can have virtually everything’s unlimited you can have 12,500 leads and then you’ve got a little bit of you like that bandwidth.

Obviously is limited a bit but they don’t make you go up to next plan what they’ll do is they’ll actually go up to Gold so that’s the pricing you can have a look at.

I mean I’ve obviously got quite a few videos on that but what I really want to do is I want to dig into what’s good about Kartra and what’s not so good.

Now I don’t have too much negative stuff to say about Kartra. Can’t just been around for a year and a half and they and it’s built by developers for users so like if you come in here and you spend two or three days figuring it out it’s going to be easy for you to use.

You’re not going to have to kind of faff around too much as it’s you know these pages here you can actually dedicate things into sites which are basically your funnels sites or funnels.

Whatever you want to call it but they call it sites and then here you can put them into categories as well which again not they didn’t use to have this sites thing so we used to put a lot of funnels inside of here but you can do either/or a bit of both.

And then you can obviously like if I choose one of mine you’ll see this is one that I don’t think I’m running this anymore but this one I used to run and this is basically your funnel.

ClickFunnels: Is it Better than Kartra? Should We Try?

Okay so it like inside the ClickFunnels they do it like this but inside a Kartra and just do it like this now.

One of the features that were there was a few complaints about a couple of months ago was that the landing pages were getting a bit slower on Kartra.

Now I imagine that they needed to up this off their bandwidth because they were growing at a rapid rate and that’s I mean that’s not what they said this is just my take on it.

But what they did recently has they actually had it up. They actually upgraded there landings pages and it’s got a lot faster so the landing pages are loading a lot better now.

But what I tend to do because I’ve still got ClickFunnels and cuz I’ve still got funnels in this over four years ago that are still running that’s like I tend to run a lot of my stuff automated.

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So I have a lot of funnels that are run on an automated basis so this one here, for instance, this is my webinar this one here.

I’ve obviously built this as pages converting it’s already been proven and then sometimes they start and ClickFunnels and go over to Kartra but there’s absolutely like you know if you’re wrecked if you would like to ask me would I recommend you do that, NO I would just say have Kartra and if you’re starting out Kartra probably one of the best options for a monthly plan now obviously.

That’s Kartra, I’m going to talk about GroovePages in a minute because they have a lifetime deal it’s has gone away from the fifth of January.

Okay, that I mean obviously they have no idea whether they’ll extend it or do anything extra but the way they’re saying is that this is it so in that it’s going up they’re saying it’s going up to $199 a month.

So I said we’ll talk about that in a moment but I want to go through ClickFunnels.

Alright, I have been using ClickFunnels in the past four years and I’m now an affiliate of ClickFunnels. I wasn’t really an affiliate with them until about three or four months ago and I start promoting the One Funnel Away Challenge.

I should tell you this, this is one of the most exciting, most helpful and also helps you learn lots of things.

You get to understand, how business works, and how to use ClickFunnels at the greatest. You should check it out.

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I’m a big fan I mean I’m a big fan of the community personally I mean I’m in my mid-40s. I don’t think they communities based at my age group I know there are people my age and above but I think it’s it goes for the younger crowd.

I mean I really respect Russell Brunson I really respect what they do I like me not you know I keep saying I’m gonna get a final pack in life but I’ve got a phobia about high fives.

It’s kind of that sort of environment and I went to a conference recently and there was a bit of hi-fi going on, it actually gets you going.

It’s quite exciting but it’s not really me if I’m honest it’s not my thing so funnel hacking live is great and the community is great.

I mean you probably know all about that but this is my honest opinion. I think some of the funnels look really sexy they’re really good they’re fast they work.

It’s kind of idiot-proof for a beginner to build like really high converting high looking funnels. They’ve got loads of funnels inside of here on the base plan that’s pretty much all you get.

Also, other things Russell offers, is the Free Book, “Traffic Secrets”

It is Free of Cost. It is one of the most helpful book for us, marketers.

We create websites, landing pages, etc. but the most important thing we are not able to do is generate traffic to this websites. And that’s where the book is so helpful.

It helps from a beginner to the most experience. The tips and tricks, the knowledge shared in this book is really emence.

Do Check Out the Traffic Secrets, it is Free of Cost.

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They have now put some training in here as well some funnel flicks training but it just gives funnels. You don’t get an autoresponder, you don’t get affiliate system, you don’t get like most of the features that you get inside of Kartra.

You don’t get the booking system they’re gonna help desk, you don’t get the affiliate system, you can build membership sites but again there’s a problem with that now.

I might be wrong now if they’ve updated this because I don’t have any membership since I saw its insider at ClickFunnels so this is the one bit I’m not hundreds percent sure about whether they’ve updated.

But it used to be when you create a membership site you would get this secret URL where people would be forwarded to and then they could sign up and log in once they paid for your course.

And then signed in now when I first put my course up basically somebody got hold of that secret URL and I got like loads of people signing up for my premium course and not paying a penny.

And then I’m like one of my Facebook groups got completely bombarded with people and I was like I didn’t really realize for a few days and I don’t know it’s that all of whose people had access to my premium content.

So then I switched over to Kartra and I’ve not had that problem at all so yeah so this is I would say if that’s still a problem that should have been fixed by now.

Because that is you know that’s how people are ripping off other people’s like protected content while this is people’s hard work.

So that was a slight problem you mean that you had to I mean there is a workaround I think you could just do it manually so every time someone’s a fee, of course, you grant them access you don’t give them that secret URL.

But obviously in this day and age Kartra takes care of that if you have a monthly payment plan or anything will your memberships and they cancel the membership gets cancelled its all integrated.

So that’s what I love about Kartra in terms of that so yes but yeah ClickFunnels is great you can build great funnels inside if you like I’ll show you this page here it’s pretty cool didn’t take me too long to make it’s high converting.

And you know I mean it’s pretty simple but it does the job right.

It’s pretty good people look people love it because it converts this page actually converts at over fifty percent which is pretty cool and it’s pretty fast as well.

So it loads pretty quickly so yeah I mean that I’m not going to change that and in fact I think it’s pretty much everything else I could take over to most of it.

I have these are just like old pages that I’ve created in the past but because this page is working really well for me I keep ClickFunnels just for that.

I think and every now and then I might you know somebody might give me a funnel or something happens so I keep it but you do not need ClickFunnels and Kartra right like.

Obviously I’m gonna say if you’re starting out just get one because the cost will build up fairly quickly now.

Yeah, the other thing is as well that it’s built you know it’s built by marketers in my opinion because Russell Brunson says the market is a lot of the features that they were adding last year at funnel hacking live.

They built they put this back bar and if I show you know this was available this one here so if you make a change it should make a change you’ll see this back button but this wasn’t here.

And that I mean really in this day and age there’s no reason why that shouldn’t have been that should have been available and you know like and something you know if you start to sort of messing around with it a little bit it can be a bit buggy and you know even if you use it basically for it’s for then you probably won’t have any problems.

You know Russell Brunson did a video a few Russell Brunson brought away if you’re not sure who he is he’s the co-creator of ClickFunnels but I think most people know who he is but basically yeah he did this video saying you know if you mess around with it will break.

But yeah there are things that don’t work quite so seamlessly with it you can integrate it was that peer but I’ve been having some problems like trying to get people into my Kartra account with one I’ve had.

I’ve actually done it with one’s ever webinar so this is an auto webinar so I’ve got that going to every webinar which actually does integrate with Kartrawhich is really cool because it’s the same company.

But if I actually try and collect the lead here and try and get it inside a cart trial it’s quite difficult so I actually have to have an average responder active campaign again which I don’t use really.

I use Kartra because I prefer that their autoresponder but I have to have it to use with ClickFunnels so I’ll put a link as well you can get that for nine bucks a month so if you’re gonna get ClickFunnels.

I recommend an auto responder straightaway don’t delay on that get that sorted knowing bucks a month you can get active campaign there are GetResponse and Aweber and all the rest of it you can connect.

I’ve transferred everything over to Kartra because it’s all inside of here and it works seamlessly so there you go so that is ClickFunnels.

GroovePages: Is it really FREE?

And the answer is, Yes! It is Free.

For How long, that I don’t know, but it is given Free.

Mike Filsaime says in such difficult times, they have planned to give their product for Free, not just free right, it is Free for Life, if you join right now.

He says they are giving back to the society, and helping numerous business by giving their services for Free.

You can check out More – Click Here

I’ve had a few confused people because I have started promoting GroovePages now the reason I mean obviously my job for you guys Is to make sure that I’m giving you like open reviews and assessment so that you can make an informed decision.

GroovePages are built by might feel the same okay now might feel the same was originally built the first run of Kartra can’t track is one year in the development stage of it being launched to where it’s at now.

Kartra is one of the leading software. There is no like anybody who’s you ask anyone who’s using Kartra you there’s actually a Facebook group go and join it pretty much nobody’s got a bad word to say about it.

I do believe that GroovePages in 2020, you’re gonna kill it because it might feel the same bill drum roll. Kartra webinar jamming has a webinar which is their products.

He was basically sold his stake in webinar Jam another webinar in 2006 and he licenses the API to Kartra so he I don’t think he I don’t think he owns it.

But he licenses their the base code or the software or something like that I can’t remember exactly what it was he says in his video what it is but he licenses part of this to them.

So like and also he’s already got a million dollars in upfront investment and he created this product GroovePages which I’ve also got which is basically this one here and this is the biggest rivals that’s come out to Shopify.

It’s nowhere near where Shopify is at but it’s basically giving shop before I run for its money now. I’ve got this I just got it but I haven’t even used it I’ve never touch edit so I can’t give you a review of this yet.

This is groove pages which is one of these other software’s so what’s to know about Groove Pages is you get it for $ 497-lifetime access.

You can see it here, for life okay you get unlimited domains, you got unlimited hosting, you get unlimited yeah animate domains unlimited, so host unlimited funnels, unlimited websites, unlimited everything.

The GroovePages has to offer okay now you can’t really compare GroovePages to Kartra.

You can in a way like if we go inside the dashboard it fine we’re I’ve opened it somewhere on here right so.

I’m just inside Groove Pages now and this is quite exciting because what I’m going to show you here I mean like I say you get four nine seven four lifetime access. Get it Free Now.

And I didn’t have it when I started promoting it a few days ago and people have been asking me about it so I just decided to bite the bullet and get it so I can show you guys exactly what’s inside of there now it’s still in beta.

They asked promising this is gonna be the biggest landing page software on thein the world as of 2020 and might feel the same he’s got very high credibility he’s already launched groove car which is this one here which is basically giving a shot before a run for its money.

I’ve already got a million an upfront investment Locke said so that these guys are gonna crush it with this and they’ve written and they’re and the reason that they’re doing this an offer of $497

In my opinion, is because that’s how they’re going to be our launch it because if they come in at 97 bucks a month people are going to be like well.

Overview: Kartra vs ClickFunnels vs GroovePages – Which is the Best

Why should I move and also it’s in beta and so it’s a very clever offer it means that they can sell this now anyone who gets this for life it’s gonna be laughing absolutely laughing let me just show you this ok soon of the biggest things that I mean inside of ClickFunnels.

If I give you an example of ClickFunnels right if you want to go and change a page inside of ClickFunnels and you want to make it mobile responsive okay when you’re messing around with all this stuff you get this thing up here that says mobile and desktop.

Now what you actually have to do is when you’re changing this okay when you come into here it’s going to it’s going to ask you to consider mobile here okay so you want to put it on mobile here so you can see I’ve already done it all because I’ve obviously been doing this but you’ve basically got to change the text on a mobile so the font size on desktop.

This is on a mobile and a lot of people will forget to do this right because a lot of people will be working on their laptops or desktops and they’ll just be working on this and I’m guilty of that though I have done that okay.

What’s what makes Kartra fantastic is that all their pages are built in blocks so you can build a page in five minutes inside.

I can’t draw and also I mean I know somebody said that it looks very similar somebody inside one of our Facebook groups today or yesterday said that it looks really really similar to can’t trump because of the blocks and but, to be honest, yes it will do.

Because obviously field sign does was involved with Kartra but what in my opinion is that this is the way it’s going this is it because most of the traffic, over fifty percent of all Internet traffic is mobile.

And most people are building stuff on desktops so a lot of this a lot of people are losing money because of this so by doing these blocks this block system.

I’m going to build a website for you now and show you this it’s going to save for people a lot of time and effort and also one of the biggest things are hard anyone thinks about which is basically making it mobile responsive.

Which is the exact term like if you look it up they call it mobile responsive which means it’s gonna it’s going to basically come out all the right size and everything on here so that is massive.

And when you build your websites in blocks or all your funnels and blocks you don’t have to think about it because the every single block has been considered for this so showing you this in action.

I’m gonna put in I’m just going to put in a header here okay that wasn’t really a header let’s put another one here okay so that could be a header let’s go for a sort of hero block here

Let’s put that in okay so these are obviously the ones that Groove Pages have already created so we’re just gonna put in I’m gonna put in something like this it’s putting a CTA here and then we’re gonna put in a testimonial section maybe.

I’ll put that in above that actually and then we’ll put in a footer so we’ve got some footage down here they’ve got some pretty cool stuff already done so we’re just gonna drop the photo into the bomb so hold on now.

I’ve got to learn how to move these because I’m still a thing we can just yeah there we go brilliant okay cool so as you can see that is now we’ve built a landing page right we’ve literally in less than30 seconds so how cool is that right.

And what we can do here is we can go out and we can select it for kind of large laptop-tablet so desktop laptop tablet and mobile I’m imagining that’s a laptop yeah so look at how cool that is let me just show you down each one so obviously desktop.

Kartra Is Better

Let’s is what we created it on this so this is kind of laptop although this is more this looks more like a tablet to me.

I don’t know laptops that have screens that size but obviously it’s considered four different options so depending on what size someone’s laptop or computer is looking at that look at how cool that is and then you go to tablet ok and then we go to mobile so this is what its gonna look like on mobile completely seamless.

How amazing this is all you have to do with this is change images change your branding or whatever and change the text and that is it and obviously link to whatever you need to link to that’s all you have to do on this page and you have got.

And you know if you want to pay someone you want to charge someone 500 bucks and build them an amazing website you could probably do the whole thing in less than half an hour it’s incredible and then and then here you have your pages.

So you can basically build your funnels here on the left hand side so you can basically like in here you can say oh I want another blank canvas and build your next page and then another blank canvas and you put build your next page

And then when you have when you go back to your blocks let me just go back to this homepage actually let’s put in an actual navigation menu.

Let me just show you this is something that I noticed when I was messing around with it so if we put in a header if we can find a header navigation bars here we go so we put in a header what it will happen is say you’ll put in a website.

It’s going to pre-populate the pages as you know it’s that put on page two and page three so it’s gonna have them they’re all gonna be linked and everything so you’re not gonna has to worry so when you build these.

And you to put the header in it’s done you just have to change your logo so that’s why I love grooved pages so yeah this is kind of a long post today guys and that what I would really like is if you guys can comment down below anything that I haven’t covered.

Anything that I might have got wrong especially about ClickFunnels because there are some features that I haven’t used for a while anything that you’d like me to cover any questions you’ve got about any of these and I’ll answer you there.

I’ll also I’m also like I might create some more training for you so I can talk through but yeah so you know my sort of summary here is that if you’re good if you’ve got Kartra keep it okay if you want if you can afford to get grooved pages for $497.

Because you’re going to be able to use this later on this is going to be a still this is gonna be a really cool tool for you to have later on okay if you can’t afford can’t just sorry it Groove Pages my advice is overall free.

You know me with my win always goes to Kartra okay so get Kartra you’ll love it it’s fantastic if you’re going to you know if you want to go to funnel hacking life and become part of a crazy community with not well a good community but you know I mean like the hi-5 community and where it’s really focusing on kind of high energy marketing and you want some sexy funnels and stuff like that then obviously ClickFunnels is great.

It’s really good obviously when it comes to the kind of really doing some deep ninja stuff on it you know that’s when you might want to upgrade to Kartra and I say upgrade it’s the same price so you’ll basically be able to just switch.

So, in conclusion, I think Kartra is the Best Platform right now. As I said, the products and the services offered by Kartra are the Best. I have been using it for so long and did not have trouble using it. I would recommend you to go for Kartra. – Click Here to Get Free Trial

That’s kind of my review of all free so I’ll see you guys in the next post

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