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Hi, guys welcome to the Contentburger review article, in this article I will share my honest thoughts and my personal experience on this product and how it can be helpful for you.

Contentburger is a content marketing and social media marketing & management platform for content publishers, journalists, startup, and agency owners.

It helps you in creating amazing content and share on this platform to boost your traffic, leads, and sales of your business.

In a single word, I can say it’s simply a content curator tool for all marketers and business owners.

So if you are an online business owner or a marketer then I am highly suggested you grab this ContentBurger software. (85% early bird discount live now)

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Hey, Marketers!

How are you? I hope you are doing well in your life.

Today’s article is all about ContentBurger review and how it can be helpful for you in terms of growing your online business.

This is an online Content curator tool that helps you in 2x your content marketing and social media marketing effect for your business.

It’s finding out best and trending topics, news around your industry and create content around them and publish on his platform that helps you in increasing your landing page traffic, leads and sales.

Nowadays content marketing plays an important role in increasing brand awareness and reaches of any business on the internet.

So if you want to grow any kind of business then you should leverage content creation and social media marketing.

Here ContentBurger helps your complete social media and content marketing strategy.

So let’s explore more on this topic in this contentBurger review article.

Overview of ContentBurger:-

Here in this part, I will show you the complete overview of the ContentBurger tool.

Let’s check it.

Supplier: Ifiok Nkem.

Product: ContentBurger.

Launch Date: 2020-Mar-21.

Launch Time: 11:00 EDT.

Front-End Price: $47.

Sales Page:- Use Ideasinsider Coupon.

Niche: Digital Software

Category: Content marketing.

Official Website:- CLICK HERE

What is ContentBurger Tool:-

Contentburger is a tool that generally deals with the discovery, planning, analysis, deep automation suite of the powerful contents.

This also includes the tools which will help you in the discovery of the contents, compose of the contents, creation of the content strategy, etc.

If you are a content marketer, an agency owner, startup owner or an online marketer then I can assure you that this tool will help you in the growth of your business.


Now it is time to know what kind of features and facilities are provided with the ContentBurger tool which will help you in the creation of the powerful contents and it’s management.

IT IS USEFUL FOR THE – content marketing is also known as the undivided part of digital marketing because without content marketing there will be no digital marketing.

So, if you are a content marketer then you must know that the creation, publication, and management of the powerful contents is very important and essential.

In a nutshell, the main motive of this tool is the creation of the content, publication of the contents, help in the growth of the reach of the contents and many more.

ContentBurger Review
ContentBurger Review

ContentBurger Features

So, the first and the foremost feature of the ContentBurger is the

  • Content discovery- it is known as one of the greatest features which are provided by the ContentBurger, which is the discovery of the content, it is able to find you the best content, articles, gifs, images, videos so that you can create your content and publish them.

And the main this is that it will find you the content related to your niche or your field.

  • Content composer- it is one of the greatest features which is generally uncommon among the other content creation tools.

The main motive of this feature is to embed content from your favorite resources and them using those sources to find you the best articles, images, gifs, videos, etc so that you can create and publish your content.

In short words, the composer has 2 main motives or functions which are the first one of the search of the related items and then it allows you to create your own content with the help of the founded items.

  • Planner and calendar- well this is also known as one of the best feature or facility which is provided by the ContentBurger, well the main purpose of this feature is to help you in the creation of a listed and well-planned schedule so that you can do your work without any kind of interruption.

It will also help you in streamlining your content workflow by collaborating with your team members.

Well due to this feature the spreadsheet with the disconnected and unstable workflows is eliminated.

In wholes some it increases your workflows growth and productivity by running your content marketing programs from a single calendar or schedule which is created in the same interface that connects all the broken pieces together.

  • 1 click article to the podcast- now, in my opinion, it is the greatest feature that is provided by the ContentBurger well this feature generally helps you in saving you a lot of time.

This incredible tool converts your text typed article into an awesome voice over or the podcast and it also posts your podcast in all the major podcast sharing platforms like audible, Spotify, etc.

Due to this feature not only your traffic visits increase but also your engagement with the audiences also increases.

With the help of the greatest artificial intelligence, it can do voice over to any kind of texted article in 30 different languages with the most human sounds.

If you want a demo then you can listen or read the latest news on their discovery page.

  • 1 CLICK ARTICLE TO THE E-BOOK- well this is an excellent feature that is provided by the ContentBurger tool.

This feature is very similar to the upper feature, as the difference is by the help of this feature you can convert your content into an amazing e-book.

And, you can do this thing by only one click.

The developers of this tool created a blog creator and editor which is able to turn the texts into the e-books which are very relevant in nature.

Due to this feature of the ContentBurger, you can engage with your audiences by providing them e-books.


  • IMAGES QUOTES AND MEME CREATOR- well this is also an amazing feature which is provided by the ContentBurger, the main motive or the primary function of this tool is to create images, quotes, and memes for you.

As you know with the lapse of time, sharing memes, images and quotes are growing.

So that, ContentBurger has done this work easy for you as with this tool you can create tons of images, quotes, memes, etc within minutes.

This thing has become possible due to its inbuilt native image designer which is stuffed with millions of different templates and the first a dedicated meme and quote creator.

This image editor provides you the easy to use facilities, you can also apply different filters and effects, you can also make adjustments to your image, you can resize your image if you want.

Thus. In a nutshell, you can do many things with the help of the ContentBurger’s image editor which is also known as the meme and quote creator or editor.

  • Everything is drag and drop and easy to use- well this is the most important part of this whole article. So each and every work you will do in the ContentBurger is completely based on the drag and drop format as you can easily create your content you can easily edit your image, quote or meme, you can easily publish your contents, etc.

All you have to do is to drag and drop this is that simple.

You will need no kind of coding skill or technological knowledge to work with the ContentBurger.

So, guys as you have known we are now at the end of this article ‘’ ContentBurger review’’

And It is time for the conclusion part of this article.


So, guys, we are now at the end of this article.

In the above ContentBurger review, I talked about what is actually this tool is and what are its functions and how it can help you in the creation of the amazing powerful contents.

I also told you how it is capable of creating different images, quotes, and memes and I also gave you a little bit information about the one-click e-book and one-click podcast.

And the most important part of the article was the features as I talked about all the features of this amazing content marketing platform ContentBurger.

As you known content is the king when it comes to winning in the world of digital marketing, so that gets this tool and starts creating your own content which will be powerful enough to attract more and more traffics and earn you more and more profits.

And I can assure you that you will never be disappointed.

Get the ContentBurger tool now at the early bird discount price.

ContentBurger Review
ContentBurger Review

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