Viper Cache Review: An Honest Review, will improve your sites Speed?

Viper Cache Review: Slow loading pages KILL conversions, increases your bounce rates and costs you more in ad spend. This is especially true on pages built in WordPress as EVERY page is built on request so the more traffic your site gets the slower the page load

Conventionally this problem is fixed with Cache Plugins which creates a “ready to go page” or cached page. But not all cache plugins are the same… this is very interesting with the new Google Speed Slap coming in 2020

The key problems with current cache plugins are:

  • They are too complicated with too many techie settings
  • Free Cache plugins are constantly exploited – they are a magnet for hackers
  • They play god with your site so many themes & plugins break
  • They are massively wasteful on server resources through inefficient cache clearing & cache preloading

Say you have a site with 100 pages & you make just 1 text change to 1 page. Then with regular cache plugins, all 100 cached pages will be deleted and your site has to rebuild every cached page, hogging your server processor & memory… and this problem only gets worse with bigger sites.

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It would make more sense just to delete the cache & reload it on the page you changed right? Current cache plugins don’t work that way… until now that is. Not to mention the price… if you want to use the “best-paid plugin” on the market it’s going to set you back $199 + more for ongoing support & updates.

That’s why today I bring you a solution. Let’s check the Viper Cache Review below for all the details!

Viper Cache Review

What is Viper Cache?

A cache is a browser ready version of a page that loads a lot faster as it doesn’t have to be compiled on each request so it saves you bandwidth, lowers processor load & lowers your hosting costs. The cache is widely accepted as one of the best ways to get fast loading pages in WordPress.

And Viper Cache is super easy to use a cache that auto-detects the most visited pages & preloads these rather than preloading all pages to save bandwidth. It smart detects site changes to trigger auto-cache clearing – on small page changes only the single page cache will clear leaving all other cache pages intact saving you server resources.

This plugin is the only cache on the market that clears & rebuilds the cache on the page you are working on and the relevant associated pages saving you bandwidth.

Viper Cache was 77% faster than competitors. Viper Cache is based on one of the most reliable cache engines on the planet… we’ve built a more sensible cache that resolves these problems:

  • It doesn’t play god with your themes & plugins yet still achieves highest performance scores
  • It’s stupidly simple to use with fewer settings than ALL other cache products
  • It’s built on a secure framework which massively reduces the potential for hacking
  • It has smart clearing & rebuilding technology so it doesn’t hog your site’s server resources & slow it down
  • It’s built using the fastest cache technology without compromise on-site stability

Viper Cache also lowers your bandwidth by shielding your site from hot-linking, bad bots & known site scrapers – which makes it’s 1st to market. So don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this Viper Cache Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

Viper Cache Review: Speed up your WordPress site

Viper Cache Review Overview

About Creators

Viper Cache Review

Viper Cache was created by IM Wealth Builders and their partner Matt Garrett. When it comes to business efficiency-boosting, almost no vendor beats IM Wealth Builder!

This team only has a handful of products released, but all of them managed to become best-selling after just a few days of launch such as Covert Action BarCovert Copy TrafficCovert Geo Targeter, etc. In fact, these tools have been earning them a position that every software developer longs for: the top of several leaderboards!

Now the following part of my Viper Cache Review will reveal the most typical features of it.

Viper Cache Review: Speed up your WordPress site

Features of Viper Cache

Here are the key features that you will get with this plugin:

Built on Super Reliable Cache Technology

Compatible with 99% of Themes & Plugins

When the creators built this product they didn’t start from scratch. Cache products are complicated & renowned for problems so they had no intention of making their customers into guinea pigs.

They researched many technologies and found the most reliable technology to work with. They then went back to the drawing board to create a brand new cache product that is super easy to use & still provides unrivaled performance.


Compatibility, speed & your site reliability is their #1 priority

Stupidly Simple To Use… Just Enable

We Don’t Play God With Your Theme or Plugins

Whilst all our competitors like to confuse users with big words & techno talk to make the product sound good to the experts. Many of their features offer minimal performance increases often at the expense of time or breaking sites.

Viper cache does not care about trying to squeeze an extra 1% performance if it risks our user experience or if it means we break themes or plugins – we have no intentions of playing god with other peoples products

This product is built for peak performance but not at the expense of user experience.

Smart Cache Clearing & Smart Rebuilding

Detects Minor Changes & Auto Rebuilds Cache On Popular Pages

Viper Cache monitors all site changes including loading new themes, plugins, widgets, graphics, new posts/pages. Upon any major change to your site Viper Cache will auto clear & rebuild your cache.

If the change is minor such as small text change on 1 page, Viper Cache logic will sense this & rebuild the cache on that page & essential pages leaving the cache on other pages intact. Our smart logic bypasses WordPress standard processing delays.

This massively reduces your server load, keeps your site fast & reduces the need for you to upgrade your hosting plan.

Traffic Protection Technology

It Blocks 1000+ Bad Bots & Auto Blocks Hotlinking

If the primary purpose of cache is to speed your site up and reduce bandwidth then any feature that increases the site workload has to be eliminated which is why they made Viper Cache very light.

They’ve also auto blocked hotlinking which is a common way for others to use your bandwidth. And you have the option to block known bad bots & site scrapers – again there is no reason why these pests should be allowed to eat your resources & slow your site down.

This of course also helps to weather DDOS attacks too.

Viper Cache Review: Speed up your WordPress site

Compatible With All Major Page Builders

+ Multisite, Ecom & Cloudflare Compatible


Designed For Max Speed, Bandwidth Reduction & Ease of Use

Viper Cache Review: Speed up your WordPress site

How does Viper Cache work?

Once you install and activate this plugin onto your WordPress site, it will provide you all these options:

  • Enable Viper Cache: This option enables your cache, blocks known bad bots. fake search engines & scrapers. (Don’t forget to click Save Changes)
  • HTTPS Caching: Enable this on HTTPS sites but only if your site doesn’t store sensitive data in the pages. (default disabled)
  • Defer JavaScript’s: This loads all javascript’s after your page loads increasing speed. Enable if you’re not running any page critical scripts. (default enabled)
  • Disable Emojis: This feature stops WordPress default emojis & emoji scripts from loading. (default: enabled)
  • CSS & JS Cache: Most cache products don t cache IS & CSS files as WordPress alters the URL with version info – this fixes that problem. (default: enabled)
  • Minimize CSS: This reduces the number of CSS files by combining them with increasing load speed. (default enabled)
  • Minimize JS: This reduces the number of JavaScript files by combining them with increasing load speed. (default: enabled)
  • Fix Image Sizes: This feature scans your media images & inserts width & height attributes allowing for faster image rendering. (default disabled)
  • Prevent Image Hotlinking: This feature will prevent images on your website being a link to other websites. (default disabled)
  • Block Bad Bots: This feature will prevent known bad bots from crawling and scraping your site. (default: disabled)

Cache clearing will happen automatically when you change any page/post or when you install new plugins so there’s no need to manually clear cache like on other products. Where Images or content on your page are created by external sites or outside WordPress either update the page or reset the cache using the button below.

Our smart cache preloading feature will preload the cache with your home page + 5 of your most popular pages – this is a unique bandwidth saving feature as on large sites cache preloading will tie up your processor, slow down your site & eat bandwidth.

Let’s check this demo video below to see it in action!

Honest Viper Cache Review: Is it worth buying?

The #1 biggest problem all WordPress users face is site speed… and of course, the #1 fix is cache. The reason why the cache works so well is… It builds a “ready to go” version of all the pages on your site.

This massively reduces your site’s workload & of course massively increases your page speed – which means higher site rankings, more traffic & more sales for you. But not all cache plugins are the same… in fact, they are probably slowing down your site.

If your WordPress site is slow & you’re not using a cache plugin you are almost certainly wasting traffic. In WordPress, every page requested has to be compiled by your site… that takes longer than regular HTML pages especially when your site gets busy.

At 3+ seconds load speed you lose 50%+ of traffic & at 20+ seconds you lose 95%+ of traffic according to Kissmetrics… so that’s a serious problem especially if the site makes you money if you are paying for ads. So, ignoring site speed today is literally like throwing money down the drain… especially as 52% of all traffic is mobile

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Viper Cache Review: Speed up your WordPress site

Caching is the #1 way to speed up any WordPress site however all current cache plugins have problems which affect user experience & site performance:

Problem #1 – Current Cache Plugins Are Complicated… you need a university degree to find your way around cache settings nowadays – get just one setting wrong & your site breaks.

Problem #2 – Free Cache Plugins Are Frequently Hacked… there have been 33 registered vulnerabilities in popular cache plugins in the last 3 years alone. Users are left with a choice of either gambling with their site security by using free cache products or using inferior underperforming paid plugins.

Problem #3 – Current Cache Plugins Hog Your Processor / Memory… through inefficient cache clearing & cache preloading… say you have a site with 100 pages & you make 1 text change to 1 page… then with current cache plugins, all 100 cached pages will be deleted and your site now has to rebuild every cached page hogging your server processor & memory. This problem gets worse the bigger your site.

Problem #4 – Clashes With Many Common Themes & Plugins… over-engineered cache plugins have a nasty habit of playing god with many themes & plugins giving you errors & white screens of death

The Best Paid Plugin is Not As Fast As Expected!

The best-paid product on the market was outperformed by its free alternatives. Independent tests carried out by designbombs.com in October 2017 showed that Rocket Cache the #1 paid cache plugin was outperformed by 2 free plugins.

That’s where Viper Cache comes into play. It’s based on one of the most reliable cache engines on the planet. Let’s take a minute to recap the huge benefits come up with:

  • It doesn’t play god with your themes or plugins so there are fewer conflicts
  • It’s stupidly simple to use with much fewer settings than any other product
  • It’s built on a secure framework which massively reduces the potential for hacking
  • It has smart cache clearing & rebuilding technology so it doesn’t hog your site’s server resources or slow your site down like other products
  • It’s built using the fastest cache features without compromise on-site stability

Viper Cache also lowers your bandwidth by shielding your site from hot-linking, bad bots & know site scrapers – which makes it unique on the market. Let’s take a look at the comparison table below!

Viper Cache Comparing

It’s on special offer right now, you can save 69% over full price… well worth checking out!


For a limited time, you can grab Viper Cache with an early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best-suited options for you before this special offer is gone!

  • Frontend: $27-$37 Dimesale
  • OTO #1: WP Toolkit Blog Link Magic DFY Links ($17)
  • #2 OTO: WPToolkit Ultimate Ads Plugin ($67)
  • OTO #3: WP Toolkit GPL ($19)

Viper Cache Review Conclusion

Thank you so much for reading my Viper Cache Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

Viper Cache Review

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