Madsense Revamped Review – An Honest Review

Product: Madsense Revamped

Vendor: Tom Yevsikov | Gaurab

Launch Date: 2019-Dec-14

Launch Time: 10:00 EST

Front-End Price: $37

Official Website – Click Here

Madsense Revamped Review

In previous versions, they talked heavily about Facebook ads, how to create them, scale them, build a huge business with them, generate leads, do affiliate marketing, etc. But Facebook has become very very competitive in recent times, ad costs have gone higher, reach has gone down tremendously, ad fatigue has become a thing. While people were still making profits, they realized they weren’t as high as they used to be before. After months of research, trial, and testing, the team behind Madsense Revamped has gone and re-built it from the ground up once again.


What Changed In Madsense Revamped?

In Previous versions of Madsense, they relied on FB ads which were highly unstable and Adsense setup & tricks that were more loopholes than evergreen tricks. Since then they learned many lessons and now create all campaigns and all the profit sites AROUND long-lasting, whitehat and evergreen income. In previous versions, they used a mixture of free traffic and FB ads to make Adsense profits but FB keeps changing and gets more expensive that they had to cut it off and find other, cheaper and more reliable ways to drive loads of traffic. Long story short, Madsense Revamped is completely revamped and way cheaper to start now.

More Beginner Friendly/Cheaper

They made it so much simpler to start, after having worked with thousands of students,  learned exactly what tackles people and what shortcuts you should be taking. This is based on sweat and blood, but it’s incredibly refined now so that you can simply jump on, follow the instructions, and start profiting today/tomorrow. In previous versions, you could start with $5, BUT AS FB ads became more expensive and kept having updates, the upfront price went up, and it became harder and harder to get results with. Now with new traffic sources and a complete change to Native Advertising, you literally just need $5 to make money back.

Some Of The Results From Madsense Revamped:

Madsense Revamped Review
Madsense Revamped Review

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Here Is What You Get In Madsense Revamped:

Step 1:

Quick Setup By Template

The entire initial setup is very basic yet important. But in addition to setting up your site and accounts, there is ONE crucial point of setup that will absolutely EXPLODE your profits. It’s actually what sets you and other people who may try the SAME strategy apart and give you a HUGE advantage. So after you finish setup, they give you a DONE FOR YOU secret file you just install and you’re good to go. Unskippable module.

Step 2:

Shortcut To HQ Content

This module is straight to the point, simple and somewhat requires a quick learning curve. Here’s what I mean is – for Adsense you need content and a site, at least for this method is very crucial. But creating content manually again and again..or hiring someone to do it for you? HELL NO. You get a shortcut that allows you to get started FAST and legally using OTHER people’s content WITHOUT rewriting or spinning. Rewriting becomes an option only AFTER you’re already making money. On top of that, you get to see exactly how they set up the site live and how you can have in minutes a website that is READY for traffic and Adsense.

Step 3:

Adsense Setup

In this module you will learn about Adsense, setting it up, doing all the codes and stuff. And that’s exactly what almost the entire module is. IMPORTANT BASIC STUFF. No other option around it, you have to familiarize yourself with Adsense. However, when it comes to putting codes (they give you the codes) and applying for Adsense. There is a specific fast approval process they use, and that’s exactly what you’ll get DONE FOR YOU.


Step 4:

Simple Traffic

This is where the MEAT is, the most desirable module and the most comprehensive one. By the time you’re done with this module, you should already be making some money. They show you things like how to create your first campaigns, what Is the mindset to go to this campaign with. Testing and fast profits.Images, psychology etc..EVERYTHING.This module can not be more simple yet cannot be more comprehensive at the same time. For that traffic source, you will be using Native Advertising with a $5 daily budget that will become way, way more in profits. You’ll see, It’s a lot of fun.

Step 5:

“Stairway Scaling” – NO RISK AT ALL. When it comes to scaling with Native Ads, there are several different ways to do that. And it all depends on your Adsense profits, the way the campaigns perform etc..But whatever the outcome of your test campaigns is, there is ONE thing you focus hard on.“Stairway Scaling” You will scale RISK-FREE. They show you how to scale, get profit and continue scaling from there ONLY. How to pick the winners and predict mega winner and scale them. This will be the point where you will be making SERIOUS money. I’m talking life-changing Income.

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