New feature / WhatsApp now bringing fingerprint lock feature for Android device, New update soon

Instant messaging app WhatsApp announced the fingerprint lock feature for Android users on Thursday. With this, WhatsApp introduced the feature of biometric authentication in the final Android app. Please tell that iPhone users were using Touch ID (fingerprint recognition) and Face ID (facial recognition) since February. Now Android device users will also be able to unlock the app through fingerprint.

Users can also select how long the screen is locked.

1. Like the TouchID feature found in the iPhone, Android users will now be able to unlock WhatsApp through fingerprint authentication.

2.Users will also get the facility to ensure that the screen is automatically locked after how much time. In this, the user will get three options like ‘Instant’, ‘One minute’ and ’30 minutes’.

3.Along with this, users will also be able to select whether the name of the sender and the content of WhatsApp message are visible on the notification.

4.In the screenshot above it can be clearly seen how this feature will look. To activate fingerprint lock on WhatsApp, you have to select Settings> Account> Privacy> Fingerprint Lock.

5.The company says that the fingerprint lock feature will be rolled out soon for Android device users around the world.

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