World Mental Health Day: Follow these 5 ways to stay mentally healthy

There is also a need to pay attention to mental health. Every year on October 10, World Mental Health Day is celebrated worldwide. Its objective is to spread awareness among people about mental health, so that people all over the world take not only physical health but also mental health issue seriously and become alert and alert towards it. If a person has any type of mental problem, instead of ignoring it, talk about it and mental healthcare should be given as much importance as physical health. The theme of World Mental Health Day this year is ‘Suicide Prevention’.

According to WHO statistics, 1 person commits suicide every 40 seconds worldwide. Accordingly, around 8 lakh people die every year due to suicide. Suicide is a condition which is very serious and tragic but it can be prevented because suicide is not a mental illness in itself but there are many reasons behind it. Mental illness, depression, anxiety are many reasons that force a person to commit suicide. Therefore, the World Health Organization is focused on how to prevent suicide on the occasion of World Mental Health Day.

Increasing mental problems among youth
It has been proved in numerous research and studies done so far that mental illnesses are increasing rapidly among the youth, especially among the youth under 35 years. Mental illnesses can be prevented but only when it is taken care of. Most people are fully aware of their body, take full care of physical health but ignore the mind.

Causes of mental illnesses
If mental health is also given full attention, then mental illnesses can be prevented to a great extent. Stress related to work, stress of relationship, stress related to money, stress related to emotion, anxiety etc. are many factors that make a person mentally ill. Psychiatrist Dr. Krishnamurthy says that stress and stress can be reduced through meditation.
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6 ways to maintain mental health
Eat a balanced diet that contains fiber, protein, healthy fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Healthy food is helpful in removing many problems like depression.

  • Make physical activity and exercise a part of the daily routine. This is the best and easiest way to keep yourself physically and mentally fit.
  • It is very important for healthy body and mind to have a good and restful sleep for at least 6-7 hours a night.
  • If everything in life is not happening according to your mind and plan, then also keep your thinking positive.
    Get your checkup done by a Mental Health Professional once every year. It is not necessary to always reach the doctor only after falling ill.