Wonder Woman 1984’s trailer, WarnerMedia shared a glimpse

The spectre of Steve Trevor still looms large over Wonder Woman, even in the present-day, but that doesn’t mean Chris Pine’s gallant WWI soldier died when we think he did.

As it currently stands, Steve Trevor was tragically killed at the end of Wonder Woman, but brand new footage from its upcoming sequel 1984 has since hinted at a return for Diana Prince’s love.

Ahead of Wonder Woman 1984‘s trailer release this December, WarnerMedia shared a glimpse of Chris Pine reprising his role as Steve during a recent HBO Max presentation – and it doesn’t sound like a cut-and-dry flashback, either.

According to IGN1984 includes a shot of Diana and Steve walking through Washington DC in which she reaches out to caress Steve’s cheek. Although the tender moment reportedly looks real, Gal Gadot’s Amazonian warrior narrates: “I can almost see it, like a beautiful dream.”

Where things get a little more uncertain is in a later scene within the White House, where Steve appears to be more than just a figment of Diana’s imagination.

While engaged in a ferocious battle, Wonder Woman reportedly takes care to protect Steve from gunfire as she whips out her lasso. Apt, really, seeing as a Lasso of Truth is exactly what we need right now.

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Fans will have to wait and see how Steve Trevor appears in Wonder Woman 1984, so in the meantime, We have put forward a few theories that could explain Pine’s return.

Are we looking at fantasy, time travel, or a whole new generation of Trevor? We weigh up the options.

Wonder Woman 1984 has a release date of June 5, 2020.

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