Jammu Bomb Blast : A Hand Grenade thrown on the Bus stand, 30 injured

Jammu: One individual passed on and 30 were harmed when an enormous impact shook Jammu transport station at around 12 early afternoon on Thursday.

30 individuals harmed in the impact were shifted to the Government Medical College (GMC) hospital. IGP Jammu Manish Kumar Sinha said that the police are following leads for further examination concerning the matter.

Early visuals from the impact site likewise indicated harmed vehicles. The zone has been cordoned off, and evaluation is as of now in progress Jammu police said in a briefing.

The transport stand is situated at the core of Jammu city and individuals have been approached to avoid the spot.

Police authorities are on the spot and are assessing the impact site. The shoot goes ahead the background of the agitation in the state against the February 14 Pulwama dread assault. The state has been on a high alarm in the consequence of the Pulwama assault that likewise set off an acceleration among India and Pakistan



Blast at Jammu bus stand LIVE UPDATES: 

-One of the people harmed in the Jammu transport stand blast lost his life which experiencing treatment. 30 individuals have been admitted to Government Medical College (GMC) hospital.

-CCTV film gotten to by Times Now demonstrates individuals pursuing in frenzy minutes the projectile impact that shook Jammu transport stand before today.- according to the most recent updates, 30 individuals have been alluded to the Government Medical College (GMC).

Five individuals are basic after they endured chip wounds.- “A neighborhood examination has been started into the episode.

The administration has officially given total freedom to the powers to make every fundamental walk,” says MoS Defense Subhash Bhamre on projectile blast at Jammu transport stand.- “Any psychological militant occurrence must be denounced.

What is imperative is that what has the Center gained from Pulwama. For what reason is our insight framework coming up short?” asked AIMIM boss Asaduddin Owaisi.-

Jammu: Visuals from a medical clinic where individuals who were harmed in an impact at a transport stand have been conceded for treatment. In the interim the quantity of harmed in the impact at Jammu transport stand has expanded to 28.

Five of the conceded people have endured basic wounds. Further insights about their wellbeing are anticipated.- according to the most recent updates, the quantity of harmed people in the Jammu transport stand impact has expanded to 26.

The projectile was allegedly of ‘Chinese make’.- This is supposedly the third blast in the previous nine months. Police said that while there were ‘conventional contributions’, there were no particular sources of info in regards to the impact.



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– IG Jammu Manish Kumar Sinha said that police are following leads to investigate the matter. The injuries were caused due to splinters, he said.

“The grenade was thrown from outside. It possibly rolled beneath the bus before the blast. 18 people have been injured,” a senior police official said at the briefing.

– Latest visuals from the Jammu bus stand blast site. Five injured have been shifted to a nearby hospital.

“According to eyewitnesses, five people were standing at the site when the explosion took place. “We thought that it was a tyre burst, but soon it was realised that it was a blast,” one of the eyewitnesses told Times Now channel.




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