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Holika dahan 2019: Phalgun month is Holashta from 8th to Purnima. This is the whole time festival of Holi. During this time, doing all the auspicious work, marriage etc. are forbidden.

The festival of Holika Dahan is considered the most important. Holika combustion in Bhadra mouth can not be at any cost. Bhadra Pradosh Bhavini full moon day is the most auspicious time. Holika does not combustion in Bhadra. Holika must be burnt on the end of Bhadra.


Auspicious time for Holika Dahan
On 20th March, the bhadra will be from 10:45 to 08:59
So after 9 pm, the Holika should be combusted


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Firstly, the birth of Holi is duly and sacred worship. The story of the devotee Prahalad is. In addition, pure havan material is also added. There are also some woods of camphor and sandalwood. Everyone again pleases Holika Mata by singing collective devotional songs. On this day, one should not take any one or the other evil to the end of combustion. Then there is a mass falgun song. Abeer and Gulle felt embraced with each other.


Do the work of Holika Dhawan in the night
The text of Sri Vishnu Sahastranam must be recited in the night of Holika Dahan. The people who are troubled by this night crisis, read Sunderkand. Many Tantric accomplishments can also be obtained in the night of Holika Dahan, Bengali rituals can also be done. Chant the seeds of Saturn from the Saturn of Saturn or Saturn’s Mahadasha, and worship the Hanuman ji accordingly.

Donate food to your weight today. Distribute clothing and food to poor people. By distributing toys and Abir Gulal in the children of poor people, there is no shortage of money and there is eternal virtue.

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