Formula One 2019 Live : Check Out the Bahrain Grand Prix here


Formula One 2019 Live: Bahrain Grand Prix

In the second Formula One race of the 2019 season, Ferrari have a one-two on the grid but it’s Charles Leclerc who is on pole. Defending world champion Lewis Hamilton is in third. Follow all the updates here!


10/57 Gasly pushing Magnussen and Norris in a great midfield battle. Sainz and Verstappen are under investigation for the incident at corner 4. Maybe a time penalty? Raikkonen pits, so does Gasly. Change to medium tires I believe.

9/57 Sainz says he can’t believe Verstappen’s move. Not a happy man. He’s right at the back of the grid, but has just delivered the fastest lap. Fair play. Big gap now between the front five and then the rest of the pack. Also, Ricciardo is up to sixth!




Formula One 2019

7/57 What a move! Leclerc overtakes Vettel! The German tries to get back into the lead but no chance. Impressive from the Monaco man!

5/57 Leclerc just 0.455 behind Vettel and says on the radio that he is faster than Vettel. What will Ferrari do here?

4/57 Sainz putting pressure on Verstappen in 5th. Leclerc +1.2 from Vettel but he has just recorded the fastest lap (1:36.383). Sainz gets past Verstappen on the straight, but the Dutchman nips back but Sainz is sparking! Verstappen clipped him and that means he needs to pit. He drops back…

2/57 Great excitement so far here! Leclerc fights back and takes back second spot. Hamilton battles back, takes Bottas. Verstappen now battling Bottas. Hulkenberg up into 11th from 17th! Blimey. Stroll and Grosjean already in the pit.

Go! Go! Go! Dream start for Vettel! He takes top spot as Leclerc falls back, struggling. Bottas slips in behind Vettel having overtaken Hamilton. Verstappen tries to get involved, but has to drop back. There were some big sparks from Grosjean I think. Yellow flag.




17:11  – Perez is told on the radio that corner 6 is the one to look out for. Lots of errors expected there. The cars are round the track, warming up their tires.

17:02  It’s nearly time… Will Leclerc win here? Vettel is the king of this course. He has four wins and three poles. Will he add to it today?

16:52  This is a big season for Vettel. Make no mistake. More on why 2019 is so decisive for Vettel here.



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16:51  Turns 1 and 4 are the ones to watch out for today. It’s dry but quite a bit of wind. Braking into the corners today will also be huge. Vettel showed in qualifying that if done correctly, it can make all the difference needed. Small margins.




16:42 – Let’s have a look at that grid! Charles Leclerc starts up top, with teammate Sebastian Vettel just behind him. The two Mercedes in the Formula One 2019 are just behind them and then it’s Max Verstappen. Always worth keeping an eye on the middle row and the battles between the Renaults and the Haas. There’s no love loss there! We are 27 minutes away from lights out.

16:34 – Welcome to the Bahrain GP! After the first race of the season, one that saw Valterri Bottas claim the first win of the new year, the hope is that this race will provide a few more sparks than this. Despite all the changes made to the cars to make them faster and to add more drama, none of it appeared. Perhaps that will be different this time around!




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