Trump to impose an equal import duty will have effect on India..

American President Donald Trump, while expressing his resolve to correct the harmful business policies, has demanded more rights from the Congress members so that he can afford the Reciprocal (equitable) fees. If this happens then countries such as India can have an impact on bilateral trade.


In his annual address, he told the Congress that due to Washington’s aggressive business negotiations with China, the alleged theft of US jobs and property will stop. We have conveyed to China that the years to destroy our industries and to steal intellectual property will end. America’s jobs and property theft will no longer be. According to Trump, import duty was imposed on China’s $ 250 billion worth of goods recently. This makes us earn billions of dollars every month. Nothing got so far.


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He said that his most important priority is to replace the harmful business policies. He requested the Congress members to pass the US Resolute Trade Act so that if a country imposes unfair tariff on American goods, then we can charge equally to him. If this law is effective, then the countries whose goods are charged at low rates in the US. The passage of this law will allow the trump to impose a non-fee ban.

Trump has been alleging that many countries are taking unfair advantage of the low duty policy in the US. Trump had criticized the increase in fees on American motorcycles like Hurley Davidson last year, and threatened to raise the fee in equal measure by calling it inappropriate. After this the fee was reduced to 50 percent.

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