Welcome to my OctoSuite overview web page, you’ll locate all the information you need here to maximize the capacity of the software. OctoSuite is a social media manager software created with the aid of Luke Maguire to discover viral content material on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Youtube and publish them as your personal.


This is a proven advertising and marketing method to power fine site visitors on your website or touchdown web page, as these viral content are shared drastically and create a lot of user engagement.

While OctoSuite is a superb software program, we have also visible multiple upsells (one-time gives) that follow the preliminary purchase. Naturally, a few clients don’t love it and there are even rumors on IM forums that OctoSuite is a scam.


OctoSuite is clearly now not a scam, however it’s also actual that you don’t want all the upsells to be triumphant with the software. In this OctoSuite overview, we have a look at every of the upsells in element and decide which can be simply essential to make OctoSuite powerful.

Octosuite logoName: OctoSuite
Website: OctoSuite.Com
Owner: Luke Maguire
Price: OctoSuite Ocean ($forty seven one-time)
Price: + upsells



Table of Contents:

Who Should Use OctoSuite
How to Use OctoSuite Effectively
Bonuses for Launch Week Version
Understanding the Upsells in 
Syndicate Bundle Review

VIP Training Review
Link Cloaker & Image Editor Review
PLR Rights Review
Final Verdict


OctoSuite takes the guesswork out of social media advertising

If you own a fan page or a business page on social media giants inclusive of Facebook, you’ll be able to understand the problem of accumulating lovers and driving quality site visitors to your sales pages.

While you will be capable of get people to love your web page through paid commercials (a.K.A sponsored content) on Facebook, they will value you quite a few cash in the end.


That is whilst we turn our attention to viral content, that is the sort of content material you have a tendency to see your Facebook friends share all over the area and seem for your newsfeed over and over once more.

We need our content material to get the identical engagement, in order to then encourage users to click to our fan pages and ultimately, our income pages.


But how will we create viral content? It can be a very hit-and-omit enjoy even for pro social media entrepreneurs. So why don’t we take the guesswork out of the equation?

We don’t want to reinvent the wheel on every occasion in terms of posting viral content. We need to locate what has already gone viral and trending on social media network, and re-target them to our meant audience and purchaser base.


This is the whole premise at the back of the OctoSuite software program — to locate viral content on social media networks inclusive of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Reddit and post/schedule them as your own to power organic traffic for your own pages.

You may additionally have already noticed that I did no longer mention Instagram in the list above. That’s right, Luke Maguire has some other software program referred to as Instamate devoted for Instagram on my own.


If you want to locate and publish viral content on Instagram, test our Instamate evaluation.

Now, back to OctoSuite.

Who Should Use OctoSuite?

Octosuite review

The tagline says it all


To put it truly, if you have taken into consideration the use of social media structures to drive traffic and sales in your products or affiliate products, OctoSuite can be an amazing device to add on your arsenal.

While it’s a bit a ways-fetched to mention that it’s the ONLY Facebook device that automate the tedious duties of social media advertising and marketing, it is surely one of the excellent tools accessible that I’ve personally used.


When shopping gear like this, the maximum crucial consideration comes right down to rate-to-performance ratio — and OctoSuite gives you one of the excellent performances at the lowest viable fee.

Some different popular gear like Sprout Social expenses extra than $a hundred/month on a routine foundation for comparable functionalities, even as you can get the core software of OctoSuite for as low as $47 one-time with bargain link.


I personally use OctoSuite to find trending content material for my niches and power visitors to my Amazon niche websites. I additionally accumulate email address from these traffic to construct a list for destiny re-concentrated on. It all relies upon on the way you want to utilize the traffic that OctoSuite drives to your pages.

So far, OctoSuite has paid for itself several instances over and that is why I’m writing an objective assessment that will help you determine how to use it high-quality.


How to Use OctoSuite Effectively?

The following workflow is what how I use for my area of interest web sites, but it have to paintings for pretty an awful lot all of us so long as you are seeking out viral content on social media systems and leveraging on them.


1. Finding Viral Content For Your Niche

Reverse engineer from your most powerful competitors

If you want to be a millionaire, you need to discover a millionaire and discover exactly what made him a millionaire. It’s usually less complicated to locate an already a success instance and find out what’s working for them.

So this is where we’re going to begin with.

Find out what’s working for your competitor


Enter the key-word for your niche in OctoSuite Facebook Page Finder and discover the pinnacle 5 pages with the maximum fanatics and likes.

For example, if you are promoting tennis accessories, use “tennis” as your keyword and search for the pinnacle acting fan pages. You can also drill all the way down to narrower key phrases together with “tennis racquets” to look what’s the pinnacle pages.

Once you discover those pages, kind their posts within OctoSuite according to “most viral” or “maximum likes” to view their top appearing posts.


Do the equal for other social media networks such Twitter, Reddit and Youtube (you may do market studies for these kinds of structures inside OctoSuite software).

Keep in mind that you may only view trending content material in Twitter in line with region. So if you are promoting Amazon US products the usage of Twitter, limit your Twitter vicinity to United States and look at what’s trending in your niche.

2. Find and Join Multiple Relevant Groups

Relevant Facebook groups are the great place to find target audience

Now which you have located relevant and viral content from step 1, it’s time to discover surprisingly attractive target market that will reply to this kind of content.

Of direction, you can’t expect to blast those viral content to any organization and expect exact engagement. Your excellent guess is to discover and join relevant Facebook organizations, and fortuitously OctoSuite has that included.


Join at least 5 to 10 popular niche corporations

Go to Facebook Group Finder inside your OctoSuite software program and kind in your keyword. This can be broad key phrases like “health” or “tennis”, or they can be extra centered key phrases like “dumbbells” or “tennis racquets”.

Find a couple of relevant agencies and be a part of them

For example, you may’t publish tennis-associated viral content material to irrelevant agencies like coffee-fans and assume site visitors to pour in. You need to be as centered as viable, but nevertheless have a respectable amount of target audience in those companies.

I normally simplest be part of businesses with at the least 1,000 members, and there is no restrict to what number of groups you may join.


Now you’re equipped to post the viral content material you have got found to those companies, however be careful not to spam them and get blacklisted. You need to post obviously, just like how to actual fan would share exciting content material once in a while.

This is where the next capability of OctoSuite comes into play — the capability to mass time table and put up to more than one groups.


3. Schedule and Mass Post to Relevant Groups

Schedule your posts to unfastened up your time

Ideally, by now you must have a gaggle of viral posts that have labored in your competitors (30 to 50 posts) and have become a member of more than one applicable Facebook businesses.

You want to publish those content periodically and clearly, or you’ll be said as being spammy and blacklisted from these businesses.

I want to post as soon as every 2 days, however you could find a frequency that you are comfy with.


Automate posting to a couple of fan pages for following few months

With 30 viral posts and a posting frequency of a publish each 2 days, I can normally automate content material posting for the following 2 months and recognition on other responsibilities even as OctoSuite drives site visitors to my page progressively.

Choose the c program languageperiod between every post you’re making


Using the majority scheduler within OctoSuite, select the time c program languageperiod in that you want every successive submit to be published (in hours) onto these fan businesses which you have joined.

Again, I commonly agenda my posts each forty eight hours to seem herbal and save you reviews from different customers. You certainly don’t want to supply greater than 3 posts in a single day.


Remember to include a link on your own Facebook commercial enterprise web page, internet site or sales touchdown page so users can go to your web page directly.



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