In the USA Admission scam, more than 200 Indian students may be detained, 600 reported….

**US Undercover Agents had created Fake University to arrest 8 suspects of Indian origin
**It is alleged that these suspects violated immigration rules and gave admission to Indian students.
**Immigration Department raids in different cities and detained Indian students



US Home Department detained more than 200 Indian students after a sting operation. 8 recruits have also been caught. Apart from this, a warrant has been issued against 600 other students. All of these are accused of violating immigration rules. According to reports, the Home Department had created a Fake University to catch people living without valid documents. Earlier, the students were identified and then they were detained. The US can soon deport these students.

The matter of being detained for the students came first from the American Telugu Association (ATA). It is the organization of people of Telugu origin in North America. The ATA told in a Facebook post that the matter came before them through relatives and relatives of detained students.


Operation Paper Chase To Catch Fraud

US Custom Agents named the operation fraud catching immigration fraud as paper cheeses. Since the year 2017, the Home Department’s undercover officers were kept, who were involved in identifying the accused. In addition to the students, eight Educational Consulting Agents of Indian Origin have also been kept in the Customs Department.

The university started in undercover operation

In the post of ATA on Facebook it has been said that in the beginning of 2015, this university was started under undercover operation. Its purpose was to catch people related to immigration fraud. ATA says that after appealing for help from the students, the organization has put their teams in different cities to work.

The legal team of the ATA is in talks with the Indian students’ organization. Some members of the ATA also met Indian Ambassador Harsh Vardhan Shingla in the US in this matter and gave full information on this matter.

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