Georgia : Tornado Drill happening in Georgia State

GEORGIA (WTOC) – A statewide tornado drill will happen Wednesday, Feb. 6 in Georgia.

At 9 a.m., the Emergency Warning Siren System will go off. The purpose of the statewide drill is to test people’s ability to react quickly during tornadoes or severe weather.

Chatham County says people should treat the drill as if it were an actual emergency.


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The drill is part of Severe Weather Awareness Week in Georgia. Wednesday, the topic of focus is “Tornado Safety.”

The following is this week’s full schedule for SWAW in Georgia:

  • Monday – Family Preparedness (NWR + Wireless Emergency Alerts)
  • Tuesday – Thunderstorm Safety (Hail & Damaging Wind Threats/Impacts)
  • Wednesday – Tornado Safety  **NWR TEST Warning Message – 9 AM**
  • Thursday – Lightning Safety
  • Friday – Flash Flooding/Flood Safety


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