Data from 617 million users of several websites including Dubsmash

Another case of online data hacking or theft of data has surfaced. 617 million of the 16 popular websites have been hacked. It has been made available for sale in the Dream Market website on the Tor network. This data can be bought by giving $ 20,000 to hackers bitcoin. It includes information about the user’s account name, email address and password.


Data from these websites leaked:

The information leaked to the users was first highlighted by The Register by a vendor. is. Whether this leak is correct or not provided the website with sample record for this information.

According to the Register, leaked data includes 162 million Dubsmash accounts, 151 million MyFitnessPal accounts, 92 million MyHeritage, 41 million ShareThis, 28 million HauteLook, 25 million Animoto, 22 million EyeEm, 20 million 8fit, 18 million Whitepages, 16 Million Fotolog, 15 million 500px, 11 million Armor Games, 8 million BookMate, 6 million CoffeeMeetsBagel, 1 million Artsy and 7,00,000 accounts of DataCamp.

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This leaked data includes users of dating websites, e-commerce websites and gaming studios. The Register reported that this hacker had listed this database for the cell. It also said that this data was leaked in 2018.

The Register contacted the MyHeritage website and tried to know whether the data sample that was published on the website was genuine or not. MyHeritage has reported that this data is valid.

500px and EyeEm have also convinced that data has been stolen from their servers. Both platforms are giving information to their users that the data has been hacked. Also, all users have been advised to reset their password.

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