Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti 2019: The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s ‘guerrilla war’, know some Great things related to this Great Ruler..

India has been a country of heroes and heroes from ancient times. This country has created many mighty and brave warriors, who, from time to time, with their efficient tactics redeemed the enemies of enemies for protection, on spring, ban and pride. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was such a brave warrior Those who had laid the foundations of the Maratha empire in India, were as brave as Shivaji Maharaj, equally skilled strategists.


When the number of his army was low in front of the army of the Mughal emperors, he did not even bother to do the ‘guerrilla war’ keeping in mind the ideals of Shukracharya and Kautilya. With this strategy, there was no other way than to escape or surrender to the enemy army. What is the ‘guerrilla war’? And, when and when did this tradition of war begin? And how did Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj operate?


What is guerrilla war

The principle of guerrilla warfare is to attack the enemy suddenly by ambushing them, finish them and run away. Often these were in the troops, and they did not carry much luggage and so on. The main purpose of guerrilla warfare was to break the morale of the enemy army and collect money for its army.

Their house would often be in the rug of the place where no human could be imagined. In this affair, he had to stay hungry for many nights, but this did not affect his resolve power.


When did the guerrilla war Started

‘Guerrilla war’ is also called ‘guerrilla war’. The ‘guerrilla war’, like normal wars, was also prevalent. It is said that the first ‘guerrilla war’ was almost 360 years ago, in China, Emperor Huang fought against his enemy C Yao, in which Ciao had to face defeat. After this, the description of ‘guerrilla war’ is also found in England.

According to sources, the “guerrilla war” in India was started in the late 17th century. Shantaji Ghorpade and Dhanaji Jadhav, a Sardar, had lost all the Mughal emperors due to their ‘guerrilla war’. Guerrilla invasion with small squares would occur at that time when enemy soldiers did not live up to its expectations. In this war, often the enemy soldiers had no choice other than to save lives.





Shivaji and his ‘guerrilla war’

Born in Shivneri fort of Junnar (Pune) on February 19, 1630, Shivaji Maharaj inherited the brave legacy. Exceptionally talented mother Jijabai kept her name Shivaji in the name of her adorable god Lord Shiva. Due to most of the father Shahaji Bhosale being Karnataka, most of Shivaji’s life was spent with mother Jijabai.

In the midst of Jijamata, he got education of every art and politics of war since his childhood. Smoothness, cleverness and bravery he inherited from the father. Shivaji was a great and very powerful warrior. In the battlefield, he was not in a king forced to take iron, but when he needed a ‘guerrilla war’ with few soldiers, he also caused a devastation in the heavy army of the Mughals. It was a part of their war strategy. By which the Mughal emperors and soldiers were terrorists.


Shaista Khan was destroyed by Shivaji Maharaj

History tells that the Mughal emperors had the highest fear of being Shivaji. Therefore, his eyes always kept on Shivaji. Once to curb the growing power of Shivaji, Aurangzeb sent his Mama Shaista Khan along with some 150,000 Mughal soldiers behind them. Shaista Khan looted and occupied the fort of Chauhan and reached Maval while capturing and he also looted there. At that time Shivaji was hidden in his maval with his 350 mavalas. On one night, Shivaji attacked Shaista Khan in a guerrilla style with this small ensemble.


In this war, Shaista Khan succeeded in running away, although the Mawlans had cut his fingers, along with Shaista Khan’s son, forty defenders and countless soldiers were also killed by the Mavalis. With the help of a small contingent of its army, Shivaji repeatedly used guerilla warfare to save six enemy raiders. Once in 1666 Aurangzeb was called by Shivaji Maharaj by fraud and imprisoned in Agra.


They laid a tight guard around 500 soldiers around them. Indeed, Aurangzeb had organized a conspiracy to kill Shivaji right here. But once again with the help of his clever tactics, Shivaji succeeded in recovering from Aurangzeb’s imprisonment. It is said that here too, he had managed to get away from Aurangzeb’s imprisonment with the help of a guerrilla war with a handful of soldiers.


Shivaji Maharaj

Shivaji Maharaj, a symbol of bravery and humanity, had specifically warned his soldiers not to harm ordinary citizens in any of their wars, whether it is Hindu or Muslim. Some people considered Shivaji as anti-Muslim, while the truth is that there were many Muslim slaves and well-wishers in their army, who were very loyal to them.