CISF caught Man trying to sneak in batteries, chemical in Delhi Metro

Three days in front of Republic Day, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) on Wednesday got a 44-year-elderly person who was attempting to sneak into the Delhi Metro with a parcel loaded with batteries covered up in wheat flour mixture and a powdered substance, activating frenzy among the security office’s bomb squad.

The man, on being investigated by the Intelligence Bureau and Delhi police, advised the police he was endeavoring to check if explosives can be conveyed inside the metro.

Aide controller general of CISF, Hemendra Singh, said eight bundles were recuperated. “Seven bundles contained AA batteries with wheat flour mixture and the last parcel had ammonium chloride. It was hidden in the hood of his coat,” Singh said.


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A cop said ammonium chloride and potassium nitrate, when blended with different synthetic substances, are known to be utilized for making explosives.

In any case, Singh said the man disclosed to them ammonium chloride is utilized for cleaning gold and that he is engaged with gold pirating. “Be that as it may, the manner in which he was concealing these things raises doubt. He said he had been taking asylum in various parts of Delhi amid his visits to the capital,” the AIG said.

Police are confirming his connections, foundation and his cases. Till late Wednesday night, he was being grilled by a few law requirement organizations.

Fundamental examination uncovered the man had widely made a trip to Egypt, Qatar, UAE and Nepal. Monetary forms of a couple of nations were recouped from him, police said.

As per CISF officers, the man, later distinguished as Shihabudheen from Malappuram in Kerala, touched base at the Subhash Nagar metro station on the Delhi Metro’s blue line around 4 pm.

“He was conveying a bundle with him. Our man who was keeping an eye on the X-beam scanner detected a couple of batteries in the parcel and the man was halted for definite searching. On checking physically, we discovered batteries enclosed by mixture. There was some powdered substance taken care of. We promptly cautioned our bomb squad and the section was cordoned for quite a while,” said an officer who isn’t approved to address the media.

After the bomb identification group cleared the bundle, the CISF men took it to the control room alongside Shihabudheen and Delhi Police was brought in.

“The man disclosed to us he was leading a recee. He said he needed to know whether a hazardous can be sneaked into the Delhi metro. We filtered CCTV film and he was seen voyaging alone,” the officer said.


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The CISF is as of now keeping up a high alarm in Delhi Metro and the Delhi airplane terminal after a couple of dread dangers passed on by the knowledge authority in front of the Republic Day.

Representative magistrate of police (railroads) Dinesh Gupta said they were scrutinizing the man to check his experience. He said joint cross examination proceeded till late Wednesday night.