SpaceX will launch the US Military spy satellite on this Sunday..

The next launch try are going to be on Sunday at 8:51 a.m. EST/ 13:51 UT, according to space X officials.

The launch, SpaceX’s fourth try in a very week once technical and weather delays, would are the rocket firm’s 1st national security area mission for the u. s.. Musk’s rocket company has spent years attempting to interrupt into the profitable marketplace for military area launches long-dominated by Lockheed and Boeing Co (BA.N).


SpaceX sued the U.S. Air Force in 2014 in protest over the military’s award of a multibillion-dollar, non-compete contract for thirty six rocket launches to United Launch Alliance, a partnership of Boeing and Lockheed. It born the cause in 2015 once the Air Force in agreement to open up competition.


The next year, SpaceX won an $83 million Air Force contract to launch the GPS III satellite, which is able to have a period of time of fifteen years.

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The launch would be the primary of 32 satellites in production by Lockheed below contracts price a combined $12.6 billion for the Air Force GPS III program, Lockheed representative Chip Eschenfelder aforementioned.


Air Force representative William Russell said: “Once totally operational, this latest generation of GPS satellites can bring new capabilities to users, together with thrice bigger accuracy and up to eight times the anti-jamming capabilities.”

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The launch was originally scheduled for 2014 however has been hobbled by production delays, the Air Force aforementioned.

It would have marked areaX’s 1st supposed National Security Space mission, as outlined by the U.S. military, SpaceX aforementioned.

The next GPS III satellite is because of launch in mid-2019, Eschenfelder aforementioned, whereas sequent satellites endure testing within the company’s Colorado process facility.

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