Google uses the Mobile-First Indexing technique to Search the Results …

Google has aforesaid that its algorithms currently use mobile-first indexing for over half the pages shown in search results globally.

Google introduced mobile-first indexing regarding 2 years ago because it found that an increasing variety of individuals were looking out on Google employing a smartphone.

This marked a very important shift in its indexing as Google’s ranking systems earlier generally checked out the desktop version of a page’s content to judge its connectedness to the user.


But with the majority victimization mobile devices to go looking Google, the company declared that its algorithms can eventually primarily use the mobile version of a web site’s content to rank pages from that site, to grasp structured data, and to point out snippets from those pages in its results.

“In general, we have a tendency to move sites to mobile-first indexing once our tests assure United States that they are prepared,” John Mueller of Google Switzerland wrote in a journal post on Wednesday.


“When we have a tendency to move sites over, we apprize the location owner through a message in Search Console,” Mueller added .

Google aforesaid it had been trying forward to being able to index more and more of the web victimization mobile-first indexing so as to assist additional users to search the web using a smartphone.

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