WhatsApp has Recently launched new features like Stickers Packs, Private Reply, Vacation Mode noticed in testing and etc

WhatsApp has had a fairly busy year, and that we don’t seem to be simply talking concerning the pretendnews menace. excluding taking many measures to curb the unfold of pretend news on its platform, WhatsApp has introduced a bunch of options on its platform recently — cluster video and voice career, stickers support, and even payments choice this year. we have a tendency to take a spin down memory lane to recap on all the new options WhatsApp has introduced within the past 3 months. This includes the new stickers rollout, Picture-in-Picture mode and Swipe to Reply for mechanical man users, new notification extensions and also the new Silent Mode furthermore.


***Private Reply for android beta users***

WhatsApp recently introduced a replacement feature referred to as non-public Reply with its beta version two.18.355, and it basically permits users to in private send messages to a participant during a cluster while not lease others within the same cluster grasp. To use the WhatsApp non-public Reply feature, hold the message of the sender to that you have got to reply to in private. more faucet on the three-dotted menu on the highest right corner of the app. Here, you’ll get the non-public Reply choice. Once you decide on the choice, the chosen message can open in private within the chat window of the sender within the style of a reply thread. To use this feature, transfer the newest version of the mechanical man beta app, whenturning into a district of the official Google Play beta programme.


***WhatsApp Stickers***

Late last month, the moment messaging platform started rolling out stickers support for all mechanical manand iPhone users. excluding mistreatment the default stickers that WhatsApp offers, users may alsotransfer distinguished sticker packs directly from Google Play. Stickers ar isolated into 3 classes – Clock, Star, and Heart. The clock section within the stickers tab takes you to your most up-to-date stickers, the star icon takes you to your favorite stickers, and also the heart icon can take you to classes like love, happy, sad, and dramatic. to find out a lot of concerning the stickers feature, however it works, and the way to send a sticker, scan our elaborated clarification here.


Playing of consecutive voice messages on iOS, iPhone XS goop support
With version two.18.100 for iOS users, WhatsApp brought the power to automatically play consecutive voice messages during a sequence, therefore users do not have to press play for every instance. The update, freein October, conjointly brought support for the larger vi.5-inch show of the iPhone XS max. This enabled WhatsApp to require advantage of the big show and take up the whole screen house permitting users to scan a lot of messages and look at a lot of media.


***Silent Mode for android users***

WhatsApp for android recently conjointly introduced a replacement “Silent Mode” that hides the notification dots for muted chats. this implies if you mute a talk on WhatsApp, you will not see what percentage new messages you have received in that chat directly from the WhatsApp icon on your android smartphone. Previously, notifications from muted chats conjointly counted towards the count of uninformed messages. it’s aforementioned that the new feature is already enabled by default. However, it is not on the marketwithin the style of associate choice within the Settings menu therefore there isn’t any thanks to disable the feature manually if you wish to travel back to the recent behaviour.


***Vacation Mode noticed in testing***

WhatsApp is additionally reportedly acting on “Vacation Mode” that creates archived chats that are muted, to stay archived once a replacement message arrives in those chats. At present, WhatsApp mechanicallyunarchives associate archived chat once a replacement message is received therein chat. This behaviour can apparently be manageable via the Notifications settings on WhatsApp for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. This feature was noticed by beta hunter Whatsapp BetaInfo.


***Linked Accounts noticed in testing***

WhatsApp is additionally reportedly acting on a connected Accounts feature which will let users link their account with external services. whereas the choice seems to be chiefly targeted for WhatsApp Business users, it may conjointly reach the quality WhatsApp version. it’s aforementioned that the connectedAccounts choice are on the market beneath the Profile settings on WhatsApp and can at the start support Instagram as associate external service. you’ll got to insert your credentials once by sound the Instagram listing from the connected Accounts choice. this can link your WhatsApp account to your Instagram profile. This feature was conjointly noticed by adviser Whatsapp BetaInfo.


***Delete for everybody tweaks***

WhatsApp has recently conjointly updated the foundations for its ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature to create the expertise higher than before. WhatsApp has updated the “Recipient limit” to limit deletion of a message if the recipient did not receive its revoke request inside 13 hours, eight minutes, and 16 seconds thanks to any reason, although the phone was inactive. this implies if you are attempting to delete a message that you just sent to your contact by mistreatment the Delete for everybody feature on WhatsApp, it’ll solely be deleted if the recipient receives the revoke request inside 13 hours, eight minutes, and sixteen seconds. Notably, you’ll be able to delete a WhatsApp message for everybody inside the previous limit of over one hour, tho’ the recipient has to receive the revoke request by gap the chat containing the message inside the recently designed limit. This new amendment was reportedly a server-side update.


***Picture-in-Picture video feature for android users***

After introducing it to iOS users earlier this year, WhatsApp finally extended picture-in-picture video feature for android users in October. It arrived for mechanical man users with beta version 2.18.301, permittingthem to look at Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube videos during a tiny window inside the messaging app itself. It basically means that users won’t got to head to Instagram or YouTube or Facebook apps to look ata video sent by a contact. With PiP support, mechanical man users are able to faucet on a YouTube link and open up the YouTube video within the app itself. it’ll permit the user to look at the video and still navigate around WhatsApp, in several chats, at the same time.


***Swipe to Reply feature for android users***

Just like the PiP mode, the ‘Swipe to Reply’ feature conjointly arrived for iPhone users abundant previous it did for android users. WhatsApp for mechanical man users got the feature last month, and it’s designed to allow you to quickly reply to your messages on the instant messaging app. WhatsApp users will currentlyuse the easy swipe gesture to quickly reply to a message. All you wish to try and do is to swipe someonemessage to the proper to reply to it message on WhatsApp. The message are quoted simply higher than the text box to assist you simply named it aboard your reply. Previously, you wish to faucet and hold on the actual message and so press the reply choice from the highest bar to retort to a message. The new gesture support makes the expertise quicker because it helps you quickly reply to a message from associate on the market thread. Also, it’s helpful particularly if you’re replying to a message during a WhatsApp cluster.


***Inline Messaging Style notifications noticed in testing***

WhatsApp is additionally testing support for MessagingStyle inline pictures for the notification panel. WhatsApp accustomed show inline pictures in notifications earlier furthermore, however it’s to currentlysupport the new MessagingStyle notification format for expandable and foldaway inline pictures within thefuture. This feature, noticed in beta, works solely on a tool running android nine Pie, and it’ll permit the WhatsApp image notification to expand and collapse to indicate the picture’s preview. the remainder of text messages can show up as they accustomed higher than and below the image preview. this does not work for GIFs and videos, and that they still show up during a tiny icon notifying the user that they’ve received it, however those will not be foldaway or expandable for preview. once a picture is shared during a WhatsApp cluster, the exposure still expands for preview, however once folded it shifts to the proper, with the clustericon sitting next to it.


***WhatsApp arrives for Jio Phone users***

WhatsApp conjointly dilated its portfolio by rolling out through the JioStore for Jio Phone users. The app support for Jio Phone users arrived in September, and it claims to own end-to-end coding furthermore. The app conjointly lets users record and send voice messages. Users may also hold conversations in teams. However, it does not permit users to directly build voice and video calls. The app conjointly does not permitusers to create payments – one in every of the key options that recently came on android and iPhone devices.

***New Search choice for standing Tab for iPhone users***

In September, WhatsApp introduced a replacement search choice for the standing tab. With the new standing search feature, WhatsApp for iPhone users will search specific contacts and their standing updates directly within the standing tab. If your standing timeline features a heap of contacts United Nations agency post updates, you’ll currently be able to realize specific standing updates with the new fast access feature.


***Notification Extension for iPhone users***

WhatsApp for iPhone version two.18.90 conjointly introduced a notification extension feature that lets users read pictures and GIFs right from the notification panel. once receiving pictures or GIFs, you’ll have to be compelled to use 3D touch or swipe left on the notification and faucet “View” to preview the media from inside the notification. Notably, this feature is merely on the market on iPhone models with iOS ten or higher.


***Suspicious Link Indicator for Phone users***

The same update conjointly more a Suspicious Link feature for iPhone users. This feature basically tags a ‘Suspicious Link’ whenever a contact sends one to you. This update is predicted to warn unknowing users of a suspicious link before they open it. WhatsApp also will reportedly alert the user once more by trying to find uncommon characters if they struggle to open the link.


Whatsapp backup changes***

In late August, WhatsApp updated its listing page to announce that backups can not count towards the Google Drive storage quota beginning Nov 12. This helps android users to use the on the market Google Drive house to store necessary files and information apart from the regular WhatsApp information. whereas there is not any restriction on the Google Drive front, to copy your WhatsApp information, you continue to got to fulfil the minimum necessities that embody a Google account activated on your phone in conjunction with Google Play services. The phone conjointly has to have enough free house to make the Google Drive backup. it’s value declaring here that media and messages you copy on Google Drive are notprotected by WhatsApp’s end-to-end coding, tho’ they’re protected by Google’s coding.


***Revamped reportage Layout for Android users***

WhatsApp conjointly revamped the layout of Report feature that’s on the market for each individual and cluster chats. As a part of this revamp, a replacement alert box currently seems that prompts the user to dam the individual contact or exit a specific cluster – excluding deleting messages within the language. With the update, you’ll currently be able to retain the chat history for these reportable teams and chats, thatwasn’t antecedently attainable. To access the new Report feature, come in the cluster or individual chat that you just would like to report. within the case of people, Click on the 3 dots menu and choose readcontact. Scroll down and click on on Report. In teams on WhatsApp, click on the three-dotted menu on the highest right, click on read cluster information, and choose Report. This new feature was noticed in mechanical man beta in August.


***Forward Message Limit modified for Indian users***

In a bid to curb the unfold of pretend news, WhatsApp conjointly introduced a forward message limit particularly for Indian users. It introduced a forward chat limit to 5 chats for over two hundred million users in India. Globally, the corporate permits users to forward messages for up to twenty chats (either people or groups). At the time of the announcement, WhatsApp aforementioned that with new changes, that it’ll stillappraise, “will facilitate keep WhatsApp the means it had been designed to be: a personal electronic communication app”.


***WhatsApp Business new options***

The social app recently conjointly proclaimed 2 new developments for its WhatsApp for Business app. Firstly, the Facebook-owned company is gap up the WhatsApp Business API for a lot of businesses, with associateaim to succeed in potential customers at scale. corporations will use this API to send tailor-madenotifications with relevant, non-promotional content like shipping confirmations, appointment reminders, event tickets and a lot of. These messages are indictable at a set rate; and also the charges would be between [*fr1] a penny to nine cents (about thirty four subunit to Rs. 6.18) per message, reckoning oncountry. The API may also be accustomed reply to customers at no cost – but, businesses can have to be compelled to pay to reply to messages when twenty four hours of receiving the last client response. Secondly, Facebook ads conjointly got a replacement click to WhatsApp cutoff to attach advertisers with users – but, this feature can at the start not be on the market in India.


***WhatsApp cluster video, voice career***

Lastly however significantly, WhatsApp cluster video and voice career conjointly went official for mechanical man and iPhone users. The feature was in testing for over a month and will because the name suggests – however the quantity of individuals supported during a cluster calls is restricted to merely four. This new cluster career feature are a few things that permitting users to return along and conduct VoIP calls, creating it particularly convenient considering the platform is therefore wide employed in India.