The 2018 Leonid Meteor Shower will take place on November 18 This Weekend! ….

Come early Sunday morning (Nov. 18), the celebrated Leonid meteor shower can reach its peak, with lesser numbers expected on the preceding and following mornings.

According to Margaret Campbell-Brown and Peter Brown within the 2018 Observer’s reference of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Earth can have the thickest a part of the Leonid swarm at 7 p.m. Eastern Time (2300 GMT) on November. 17. however the simplest time to appear are going to be throughout the after-midnight hours of Sunday morning, once the supply the meteors seem to stream from, referred to asthe refulgent, comes on top of the horizon for observers in North America. The meteors seem to fly removed from a degree placed inside the reap hook of Leo (hence the name “Leonids”).


Actually, the attainable time to watch the Leonids is as on the point of dawn as possible. this can be once viewers are going to be able to avoid glare from a waxing gibbous moon (which sets before two a.m. native time) and therefore the refulgent can climb develop within the southeastern sky.


Under ideal dark-sky conditions, one observer will expect to check regarding ten to 15 of those ultraswift meteors every hour. They ram into our higher atmosphere at forty five miles (72 kilometers) per second — quicker than the other atmospheric phenomenon. As such, as several as half leave visible trails, and eachonce during a exceedingly|in a very} nice whereas you would possibly be treated to an unusually bright meteor (called a “fireball”) or a meteor that mutely explodes in a very strobe-like flash on its path (called a “bolide”). Such meteors become therefore bright they will forged distinct shadows.


**Observing tips**

Since Nov mornings tend to be quite chilly, verging on downright cold, the simplest suggestion is to take care and bundle up. the simplest piece of equipment for meteor look may be a long easy chair during which you’ll be able to lie back and appearance up while not golf stroke any stress on your neck. researchinto the sky, keep your eyes on the move and do not stare at anybody place. Pretty presently you will see a streak within the sky; mentally trace the streak backward. once another streak comes by, trace that backward conjointly and see if it came from a similar region of the sky because the 1st.

By the time a 3rd streak seems, you must be able to verify that the emanation purpose is so at intervals the reap hook, a backward question-mark pattern of stars that marks the top and mane of Leo, the Lion.


**The past**

What most of the people keep in mind about the Leonids are the spectacular meteor displays that they staged throughout the 1998 through 2002 time-frame. In some cases, meteors fell at rates of up to 3,000 per hour! The explanation for these large displays was Earth’s interaction with dense streamers of dirt trailing like a shot behind comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle, that sheds dust-covered comet dust into area when it passes the sun at roughly 33-year intervals. The comet reached the way finish of its orbit, referred to as apoapsis, in 2014, therefore the Leonids are weak in recent years.

**The future**

Unfortunately, on its approach back in toward the sun, the comet can pass on the point of Jupiter, whose potent field can perceptibly perturb the orbit of the comet and its incidental to dense trails of dirt. So, colossal “storms” of meteors aren’t doubtless to occur on following Leonid cycle. Still, there’s an opportunity of some vital activity. Russian meteor expert Mikhail Maslov has foreseen that on November. 19, 2034, dirt trails shed by the comet in 1699 and 1866 can part overlap upon their interaction with Earth, presumably manufacturing meteor rates within the several tons of per hour. Not a meteor “storm,” however still doubtless a really spectacular show.