Shahid Afridi says – Pakistan does not want Kashmir, it can’t handle its own four states.

Former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi has raised a new controversy by giving a statement again on the Kashmir issue. Afridi said in London, “Pakistan should not want Kashmir … four states of Pakistan have not been successful.” Afridi gave this statement while addressing students in the British Parliament in London.

Afridi can be heard in a video posted on social media, “I say Pakistan does not want Kashmir. And do not vote for India too, let Kashmir be a free country, at least humanity will be alive. People will not die Pakistan does not want Kashmir. Pakistan could not manage its own four provinces. The biggest thing is humanity. People are dying there, it gives a lot of trouble. Dying is related to any community, but it is painful. ‘

India has given the answer given to Pakistan in the United Nations General Assembly, said – integral part of Jammu and Kashmir India:

In April this year, Shahid Afridi had written on Twitter that the current situation in Kashmir is worrisome and horrible. He said that oppressive rulers are shooting innocent people to suppress the voice of determination and freedom. I wonder why the UN and other international organizations are there and why they do not try to stop this bloody game. After this Afridi had a lot of opposition.


Pakistan army wants to take revenge for Bangladesh’s formation  Army will not allow its mood to succeed Bipin Rawat :

Following this statement given by Shahid Afridi on the Kashmir issue, Indian cricketers also gave him a cautious reply. Responding to Afridi’s statement, Kohli had said, ‘You always say that which is the interest of the country. My interests are always rooted in the advantages of my country. If someone is to oppose it, I will definitely not support him. By the way, talking about a particular issue can be a private opinion. When I do not have complete information about this, I do not get involved in it. By the way, your priority is always your own country.

Open letter to the terrorists of the martyr’s family – you killed him who loved Kashmir very much, come kill us too:

At the same time, great Kapil Dev had responded strongly to Afridi’s statement, saying, “He is finally who Why are we giving him so much importance? We should not give too much importance to some people. ‘