Now ads will be shown in WhatsApp As status for earning, as well as these fantastic 5 features to come.

Social media company Facebook is preparing to show ads in Whatsapp status to increase its earnings. Whatsapp App Vice President Chris Daniel said that the company is going to show ads in Whatsapp status. This is being done to earn money through advertising.

However, Chris has not yet told that the advertisements will be shown in the status, but according to the tech reports, this feature will be started by next year. Currently no ads are shown on the Whatsapp app.


                          **These 5 great features are going to come**


**Reply privately**
Whatsapp will soon be coming up with the feature of ‘Reply Private Private’, which will allow private chat to be done by any member while chatting to the group. According to Tech Reports, this feature has been seen in Whatsapp beta version 2.18.355.

**Vacation and silent mode**                                                                                                                                                                                       Two new features are coming up in the name of ‘Vacation’ and ‘Silent Mode’ in WhatsAppAs. In wakeen mode, any chat can be ‘archived’ by removing it from the chat list. The advantage of this feature will be that if the archive chat is ‘mute’ then the message will not appear in the chat list even after the message arrives.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The silent mode feature will hide the message ‘badge’ on the Whatsapp app. If a group or chat is kept mute, its badges will not show on the app. If you open the app then you will find the message coming in the mute chat.

**Picture-In-Picture Mode**
There is already a ‘picture-in-picture’ mode in iOS but it can be released in Android soon. With the help of this feature, videos from YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram can be seen on the Whatsapp app.

**Preview media from notification**
According to Tech Reports, Beta version of Whatsapp has seen the feature of ‘preview media from notification’ and it can be released soon. With the help of this feature, the preview of the photo or video on the Whatsapp app will be seen in the notification bar. Only the previews of the messages can be seen in the notification bar.

**Dark Mode, Touch ID, and Face ID**
Apart from this, the ‘Dark Mode’ feature will soon be available in Whatsapp. Dark mode can have two colors, first – dark gray and second – dark green. In this mode, the incoming message will be shown in dark gray and outgoing messages in dark green color. Also the key board will look only in dark color.

Apart from this, you will get the option of ‘Touch ID’ or ‘Face ID’ to secure Whatsapp. With this help, WhatsApp ID can be unlocked through Touch ID or Face ID. However, both of these features are expected to come in the iOS app.