Neha Dhupia And Angad Bedi is blessed with a baby “Girl” , Neha gave birth after 6 months of marriage..

Daughter was born on Sunday at the house of actress Neha Dhupia and her husband Angad Bedi. Neha gave birth to a baby girl on Sunday morning in a Mumbai hospital. Both mother and daughter are healthy Husband Angad Bedi had confirmed Neha’s pregnancy in August. Three months later, the baby is born.

Neha had earlier posted several photos on social media, in which she was seen with a baby bump. With this he wrote, “And this new beginning. We three.”



In fact, Neha and Angad surprised everyone by having a sudden marriage in May this year. A few days later, Neha gave her information about pregnancy. Recently, Angad Bedi told ‘no filter Neha’ show that Neha had already been pregnant before marriage.


**Disclosed in video**

Neha has recently shared a video on Instagram where her show is interviewing her husband Angad. In this interview, Angad is seen to have many roles of his life in very bold style. Like Angad is saying that ‘Neha was already pregnant before marriage. He also said that when Angad and Neha had told this to their parents, they had “very much scolded”.

Not only this, it was also revealed in the video that before the marriage, Angad used to stay in the Shelter of his girlfriend Neha, but when the talk of pregnancy came to light, Neha had thrown Angad’s stuff out of the house. The funny thing is that Kapil is listening to this in a very funny mood. Watch this video …



Let’s say that Neha had been away from the media since her pregnancy. It is because of their amazing fashionation and after their pregnancy, they are fully active. Some time ago Neha had also said in an interview that she does not feel like taking maternity leave, so she is working full time while enjoying her pregnancy. Now he has given birth to the daughter.

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