#Me To Akbar the former minister said for the first time – the relations were made with the consent

In America, Indian journalist Pallavi Gogoi has accused MJ Akbar for sexual assault. Pallavi told that during a cover story in Jaipur, Akbar committed a crime in the hotel. Pallavi has written this article in the Washington Post. At the same time, Akbar said on these accusations that it was about 1994, when we had a relationship with mutual consent. This relationship lasted for several months. Akbar’s wife Mallika also defended her husband and accused Pallavi’s allegations as wrong.


Akbar said, “This relationship made the reason for discord in my family life. Later, the tragic end of this relationship happened.” Mallika said, “Tushita Patel and Pallavi Gogoi often used to come to our house to eat and drink with us, but sexual harassment never showed any fear of the victim on their face. I do not know what to say about Pallavi’s lie The reason is. ”

Akbar was accused of sexual exploitation by 16 women. The allegations were made after a tweet of Priya Ramani on October 8. On October 17, Akbar resigned as the Minister of State for External Affairs.





At the age of 22 got an opportunity to work in Asian Age
Pallavi is currently the Chief Business Editor in the National Public Radio (NPR) of the US. He wrote that when I got an opportunity to work in Asian Age newspaper, I was only 22 years old at the time. We were out of college and did not have basic knowledge of journalism. Akbar was a famous editor at that time and his two books had come. I was very impressed with his style and wanted to write like him. At the age of 23, I was made an in-charge editorial page. For this, I had to call the political giants Jaswant Singh, Arun Shourie and Nalini Singh.


Page showed up, kissed
According to Pallavi, the talk is about 1994. I went to Akbar’s chamber to show the editorial page. The door of the chamber was usually closed. I expected that he would give a good headline. He appreciated my efforts and suddenly kissed me. I was speechless. I immediately left the office. I was shy My friend Tushita still remembers my face. He asked me so I immediately told him all. At that time, Thushita was the only person whom I told this.


Second event took place in Mumbai
Pallavi writes – A few months after the incident, I had to go to Mumbai for a Magazine launch. There Akbar called me to see the layout in his room in Taj Hotel. Here they kissed me again. This time I pushed them. I ran away, they even scratched my cheek. In the evening I told my friend to be slip because of the scratches. On returning to Delhi, Akbar threatened me that if I stop them the next time I will take him out of the job. Although I did not leave the newspaper.


Rape in jaipur
Pallavi wrote – I used to reach the office at eight o’clock in the morning before someone else came. My aim was to settle the editorial page by 11 o’clock and go on reporting. After the Mumbai incident, I was sent to a remote village. There was a coup hanged by some people because they belonged to different castes. My assignment is over in Jaipur. Then Akbar said that he will discus the story in Jaipur itself. They called me in the hotel room. I made them fight till They tear my clothes and rape. I did not even complain about the police.

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