Google Doodle pay tribute to Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu get know who is she..

Google Doodle pays tribute to ELISA Leonida Zamfirescu, a pioneering Romanian engineer WHO would have turned 131 thereon day.

Zamfirescu, born on ten November, 1887, created history collectively of the world’s 1st female engineers.

In her 86 years of life, Zamfirescu engraved herself a spot in a very male-dominated field, led geology labs, and studied Romanian natural resources.

***Early life and education***

Zamfirescu was born in Galați, Romania on November 10, 1887. Her father, Atanase Leonida, was a career officer whereas her mother, Matilda Gill, was the girl of a French-born engineer. Her brother was the engineer Dimitrie Leonida.

Due to prejudices against girls within the sciences, Zamfirescu was rejected by the college of Bridges and Roads in Bucharest.In 1909 she was accepted at the Royal Academy of Technology Berlin, Charlottenburg. She graduated in 1912, with a degree in engineering.It has been claimed that Zamfirescu was the world’s initialfeminine engineer, however country engineer Alice Perry graduated six years before Zamfirescu in 1906.



Returning to Roumania, Zamfirescu worked as AN assistant at the geologic Institute of Roumania. throughout war I, she joined the Red Cross. Around this point, she met and married chemist Constantin Zamfirescu, brother of writer Duiliu Zamfirescu.

After the war, Zamfirescu came to the geologic Institute. She crystal rectifier many earth science laboratories and took part in numerous field studies, as well as some that known new resources of coal, shale, gas, chromium, mineral and copper. Zamfirescu conjointly schooled physics and chemistry.

***Later life and death***

Zamfirescu retired in 1963 at the age of  75. She died at the age of 86 on November 25, 1973.


***Honors and awards***

Zamfirescu was the first woman member of A.G.I.R. (General Association of Romanian Engineers).

A street in  Sector 1 of Bucharest bears her name.