Floyd Mayweather returns, He will fight against kickboxing star in Japan on DEC 31..

Since defeating Conor McGregor during a ring last year, Floyd Mayweather has unceasingly titillated collaborating during a mixed martial arts fight, frequently suggesting he would attack McGregor during a repeat or set a bout with Khabib Nurmagomedov. tho’ several took Mayweather’s MMA aspirations as a bluff, it’s like he may very well keep a copy his speak … simply not against any UFC competition.


Mayweather proclaimed at a Sunday night conference that he can vie for RIZIN Fighting Federation during a bout against Tenshin Nasukawa, associate degree unbowed kickboxer. RIZIN could be a Japanese promotion, and also the “Super Challenge” fight between the 2 can present itself at RIZIN fourteen on Mon, Dec. thirty one in Saitama, Japan.

It was not specified whether or not Mayweather and Nasukawa can box, kickbox or participate in MMA, though Mayweather discovered at the press conference that those details are figured out inside the approaching weeks.

Nasukawa, known as “perhaps the most effective combat sports prospect [Japan] has ever seen” within the promulgation for the fight, is 27-0. Turning twenty simply a couple of months agone, he’s 0.5 the age of Mayweather, 41, WHO has solely fought once since 2015. Nasukawa has won four fights this year alone.




Mayweather, WHO claims to possess earned $100 million from his McGregor fight, titillated the bout with Nasukawa earlier Sunday by taking associate degree Instagram icon during which he was sporting kickboxing gloves. Mayweather (50-0) has control world titles in 5 totally different weight categories and won the seven fights before his bout with McGregor by call.

While some might see all of this as a one-time message stunt to be force throughout the promotion’s biggest night of the year, it really comes across because the starting of a account between the 2 parties — if Sunday’s conference is any indication.


RIZIN promoter Nobuyuki Sakakibara 1st alluded to the thought that some kind of partnership has fashioned whereas talking to the media on Sunday.

“I suppose my shortest answer thereto is that the undeniable fact that currently we have a tendency to area unit aligned to attain one thing along, which is touch a replacement challenge, taking a success to no matter howling issue that we will produce along,” Sakakibara same (via MMA Fighting).

Mayweather would follow up by giving his best type of confirmation that there area unit additional plans ahead within the future, and this venture into the MMA business — no matter which will find yourself entailing with this primary bout — is simply the start.


“Rizin has done a stimulating job with the fighters,” Mayweather same. “I anticipate to supplying you with guys recreation return Dec. 31, however my relationship with Rizin, it does not stop simply here. I anticipate to taking this worldwide.”

There’s no telling what the interpretation to Mayweather’s rationalization really is, as we’re not even alert to what variation of combat sports he’ll be collaborating in return national holiday Eve. however but you will read Mayweather the person, his business acumen speaks for itself, that doubtless has RIZIN officers optimistic.

We’re simply progressing to got to wait and see however the events of the approaching weeks unfold before we will get a stronger outlook of simply what precisely the self-proclaimed promotional king has deep-fried up.