Facebook referred to key EU regulator over fake advertisement & targeting techniques..

Britain’s data Commissioner has referred Facebook to Ireland’s information watchdog, the lead authority for the social network below Europe’s strict information law, over problems concerning the method it targeted and monitored its users.

Britain’s data Commissioner has been investigation however Facebook handled personal information whena practice Cambridge Analytica was defendant of improperly gathering data from around eighty sevenmillion users on the social network.


The Commissioner has already mistreated the best doable fine of 500,000 pounds on Facebook for the misuse of knowledge however aforementioned on Tuesday it absolutely was referring differentoutstanding problems to ireland.

“We have referred our current issues concerning Facebook’s targeting functions and techniques that area unit accustomed monitor individuals’ browsing habits, interactions and behavior across the net and completely different devices to the to the Irish information Protection Commission,” it said.


Ireland is that the lead authority for Facebook below the overall information Protection Regulation (GDPR), a law brought in by the eu Union in might to safeguard personal data within the age of the net.

Britain’s data Commissioner aforementioned it absolutely was aware that different regulators have checked out Facebook’s operations over the relevant amount. It aforementioned it’d work with the Irishregulator and different information authorities to develop a long-run strategy for addressing these problems.