Facebook Alert :12 million Facebook users threatening to run on private messages, a message being sold at 6.5 rupees

The social networking site Facebook has been discussing data leak for a long time. Now a new report has come out that it has been reported that nearly 12 million users have been booked in private messages. According to the report, hackers have used these accounts for advertising. It has also been said that hackers are selling a message per account for 10 cents ie 6 rupees. Apart from this, it has been reported that this data was published on a website of St. Petersburg.


***Facebook denies hack***

Facebook has rejected this fact altogether. But the company has said that the personal information of users has reached hackers with virus extensions. According to Guy Rogen, a Facebook official, the person is talking to people who make this browser. Facebook has told these companies that the extensions that have stolen user data should be removed from the browser. Also, Facebook also says that they are in the process of negotiating with the agencies.


Even before this hackers had hacked into account of nearly 30 million Facebook users. Facebook disclosed this in a blog post. Let me tell you that there was news of data stealing from 2 million 9 million users’ Facebook account. According to the report, details of the names and contact details of about 15 million users were stolen. These include phone numbers of users, email and profile etc. At the same time, 1.4 users’ accounts were hacked for visiting usernames, gender, languages, relationships, religion, birthdays, education and last 10 places.

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