Diwali 2018: Celebrate your Eco-Friendly Diwali with an Android App…

This is a ban on sale of firecrackers in the Delhi NCR of Diwali. If you want users to enjoy virtual fireworks with the help of some applications, that means enjoying the sound of different crackers on the smartphone. Apart from this, while saving paper through app, they can also send audio-video greetings to close friends. Do you know about some such measures to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali …

The application of the Diwali Crackers Magic Touch on Google PlayStore is not only the sound of firecrackers and their animation, but it also has rocket animation wallpapers that you may like. Users can lower their voice and more if needed.


                                                                ***The fun from the ‘Diwali Crush’***

During Diwali, you must have picked the joy of the pulley in the ground. Now on the smartphone can also fire the pulley. For this, the phone has to download the Diwali Crush app from Google PlayStore. Indeed, Diwali Crush is a game app where there are dozens of games of Diwali fireworks. In this app, six firecrackers have to be combined to run the pulley. This is a first game. Diwali Crush has got 4.5 ratings on Google PlayStore.


                                                                     ***Cracker Magic Touch Ape***

If you like the sound of firecrackers and want to give a message to your relatives with the same voice, the ‘cracker magic touch’ application is very special for you. It facilitates sending out crackers’ messages. Along with this, the option to choose Diwali wallpaper and caption on them are also available on this app. Users can download it for free from Google PlayStore. The ‘Cracker Magic Touch’ has been rated 3.8 on the Play Store. So far, more than one lakh people have downloaded it.

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