Deepika-Ranvir shares wedding photos After completing all the marriage ceremonies..

Bollywood’s Bajirao-Mastani i.e. Ranvir Singh and Deepika Padukone are now officially turned to each other. Both of them married the first Konkani ritual and then Sindhi rituals in Como Lake of Italy. After completing all the marriage ceremonies on Thursday, the couple shared a photograph of each marriage on Instagram with both the rites.







Both married on Wednesday in Konkani manner. With the news of this marriage, people started looking for photographs of marriage on social media, but everyone felt disappointed. Indeed, the couple had saved themselves to save themselves from the eyes of the media. Both were concealed by the help of umbrella and were carried out to the venue and they were taken out of the same way.





Deepika and Ranveer had fixed the date for November 15 for their marriage. The first film, Ram Leela, was released on this day.

Deepika and Ranvir shared their wedding photos with their fans, who are constantly sending congratulations to them. According to reports, the vast Punjabi is the official photographer of this marriage who is clicking pictures of all the functions.

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