DEATH MATCH wrestling event a deadly neck injury to David Arquette

David Arquette may wish to think about protrusive with acting full-time .


The 47-year-old star of the “Scream” movies, and amateur grappler, competed in an exceedingly hardcore, death match-style bout weekday night in LA, deed the ring coated in his own blood from a noticeable neck wound.

It happened throughout a promotional match for Game Changer Wrestling at Joey Janela’s LA Confidential. David Arquette was facing off against grappled by Nick FN Gage.



Graphic video quickly unfold across Twitter. The footage showed David Arquette and Gage’s violent encounter, including varied weapons and stunts. David Arquette may well be seen in one clip dropping Gage onto folding chairs, whereas in another Gage tried to scalp David Arquette with a dish cutter.



After obtaining hit over the top with a lightweight tube, David Arquette is seen straightaway grabbing his neck. However, he was ready to continue the match. Later he walked far from the ring coated in blood.

Arquette later tweeted that he had been “stitched up” which, because it seems, “Death Matches aren’t my factor.”


Arquette, who marked within the wrestling-themed motion-picture show “Ready to Rumble,” has competed in wrestling before, most unforgettably by changing into the WCW World Heavyweight Champion in 2000. currently eighteen years later, Arquette told Fox News throughout AN interview in September that he has determined stage a comeback to the wrestling ring.

“I virtually desire i am Rocky, I mean like I’m within the gymnasium sweating like thunder planning to the gymnasium on a daily basis for hours, you know, obtaining it therefore i do not get dyspneic therefore simply and golf stroke on muscle losing a bunch of weight therefore it’s all concerning coaching, it’s all concerning determination, it’s all concerning, you know, basic cognitive process in yourself,” Arquette aforementioned.


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