BIGG BOSS 12: Shahrukh Khan to be seen in the show for the promotion of ‘Zero’

Salman Khan’s show Big Boss is going to be very big soon. According to media reports, Shahrukh Khan is going to spread his magic during this weekend. According to the reports, Shahrukh will be on the 24th of November for the telecasting of the weekend. Now let us see what a ruckus in the house after the arrival of Shahrukh.

Before that, Shahrukh and Salman have shared the screens during the finale of less than ten of them. By the way, this show has not received as good a response as it was before the previous season. Season of this time everyone seems quite boring. But recently something happened that the interest of all shows again increased.


***Jasleen angry at Shiv Sasha ***


The nomination process took place in the last episode. Something like this happened that Sreesanth had to face the anger of his family members. Shivashish also tried to follow Sreesanth’s footsteps. Angered by Jaslyn, Shivashish tried to flee from home, but his efforts failed.

It is something like this that the angry Shivasheesh, who is angry with the matter of Jasleen, comes out to rebel against the house and he escapes from the house to climb on the wall of the house, but his effort fails. In the meantime, Karanveer comes and prevents Shivashish from doing this. Karvaveer motivates Shivashish The villagers try to find out the reason of running away from the house of Shivsahish. Shivashish does not share anything with the house. He simply explains the reason of running away from Sreesanth. Sreesanth calm down Shivashish