‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9, Episode 1 Review: A New Beginning

The Walking Dead has been associate degree harrowing show to look at ever since Negan took his initial swing at bat means back within the Season seven premiere.

In a ton of how, the issues with the show predated Negan’s arrival, and may extremely be copied back to the group’s arrival at Alexandria. this is often once the show’s forged began to balloon in size, and once the cluster stopped moving and settled down.

Season six had some nice episodes—the Wolves assaultive Alexandria was fantastic—but it had a great deal of issues additionally. Chief among these was Glenn’s faux death (followed by his real one) however there have been a lot of others. Rick was super emo the complete season. Whole episodes were spent on filler characters. Things began to stagnate, primarily, and you may see the show going downhill.

It fell off a drop-off in Season seven and stayed within the gutter throughout Season eight. They killed Carl simply to spice up ratings quickly. Gunfights were trash. Dialogue was nonsensical. Audiences fled in droves.

A New World

The Season nine premiere is titled ‘A New Beginning’ and it’s a double which means. For the characters within the show, we’ve jumped eighteen months into the longer term and also the survivors altogether the varied communities are reconstruction, growing crops, learning to ride horses, and building things like windmills and different low-tech tools. They’ve started over when the war with Negan, and their entire world is new and totally different currently.

For viewers,The Walking Dead, is often additionally a brand new starting. Angela Kang, the new showrunner UN agency took over once Scott Gimple was kicked upstairs, has brought a contemporary vogue and voice to the show that it urgently required. whereas this episode was for the most part concerning introducing America to the characters and their new somewhat precarious peace, and not a lot of happened extremely till the top, you’ll be able to still see simply what proportion the show has improved.

In some ways, these ar tiny, delicate changes that add up to create a way higher viewing expertise. The dialogue is far higher. Characters like Daryl have actual lines that be. I feel dangerous for Lennie James (Morgan) since he left the terribly dangerous Season eight to travel to what was a awfully smart show in worry The Walking Dead solely to possess that show get down its own drop-off. Fear, alas, has been ruined ever since Dave Erickson left as showrunner, however the alternative seems to be happening here.

Kang has done an incredible job respiration new life into The Walking Dead, one thing I honestly wasn’t positive was even potential. however this is often doubtless higher tv than what we’ve been obtaining. there is additional selection in motion-picture photography locations. The photography does not feel quite as low cost as hit’s felt over the past few seasons. and also the central conflict at the core of the season is far additional fascinating than Negan ever was.

War and Peace

That conflict is, primarily, however can we all get along? however do the members of Oceanside whose men and boys were all killed by the Saviors, ever forgive and forget? however will Maggie,whose husband was savagely dead by Negan, stick out the very fact that he is still alive and out of her reach? however do Ezekiel’s folks at the dominion conciliate with the Saviors UN agency slaughtered such a big amount of of them throughout the war?

On one aspect we’ve Rick, backed by Michonne and to a lesser degree Carol, attempting to create the peace hold. On the opposite aspect we’ve Maggie and Daryl UN agency ar growing additional and additional bored stiff with the Saviors. Maggie’s uninterested in giving them food that her folks grow. Daryl’s fed up the Saviors’ icky attitudes. There ar even signs that some Saviors need Negan back, tho’ others appear grateful to Rick and his folks.

The peace is fragile, in different words, and not everybody agrees with however it’s being handled. bother is production. most are tense and you get a way that the dam can break at any time.

Gregory the Snake

So naturally Gregory plays his cards with this in mind. The tip blacksmith’s son is killed throughout a mission to Washington D.C. to salvage previous tools and different product from a depository. They blame Maggie for having sent him on a dangerous mission. It’s quite ludicrous, to be honest, since he was a adult man and this is often a dangerous world. It’s hardly Maggie’s fault, however there isn’t any reasoning with grief. Gregory not-so-subtly adds to the discontent folks ar feeling over this and also the Saviors, hinting that if he were responsible (he lost associate degree election to Maggie, apparently) things would differ.

Then he gets the smith (who’s been sober for twenty years) and his spouse drunk and when the spouse passes out, he convinces the smith to attack Maggie. Then he tricks Maggie into thinking that somebody defiled Glenn’s grave and he or she walks right into the entice. The drunk smith attacks and he or she barely escapes. She is aware of it’s Gregory UN agency did it and confronts him. You nearly assume she’s planning to simply kill him then and there, however she has different plans in mind.

And so we have a tendency to finally get a dangling. Gregory is hoisted au fait the staging, seated on a horse, so adorned from his neck. we are able to cross him off my list of characters UN agency got to die this season, and smart riddance.

But Maggie’s unilateral call to execute Gregory (but not the blacksmith) raises some eyebrows. what’s the extent of her power? Of anyone’s power? What ar the foundations and laws that folks got to follow? Why is not any of this being established additional formally? that is a matter that may grow because the season progresses. reconstruction society is not only concerning new tools and planting crops. It’s concerning laws and customs and resolution issues through procedures instead of the whims of these responsible.

Not everything is roses and sunshine.

Kang has breathed new life into The Walking Dead however you’ll be able to see she’s picked up some dangerous habits over the years (she’s been on the team since Season a pair of.)

For instance, there is this long scene at the depository wherever they are transferral of these significant things down an enormous stairway so walking them over a glass floor. it is a durable glass floor however to a lower place it ar an entire bunch of zombies. It starts to crack at one purpose and everybody is attempting to maneuver across the surface extremely fastidiously.

But here’s the thing: for several of those things (other than the cart) they may pass them over the staircase’s low handrail and simply avoid the glass altogether. would not you are doing this if you saw the ground begin to crack? would not it’s safer although it absolutely was a bit more durable to do?

Then, once the glass truly cracks it’s as a result of stupid Ezekiel walks across the full issue solution into the center wherever it’s cracking rather than simply turning forthwith to the left or right and obtaining off the glass at once. Why? Why do that? Ohio, it’s as a result of writers ar creating characters do insanely stupid things to form faux tension and suspense. this is often the foremost systematically dangerous issue concerning The Walking Dead (and Fear). The writers do that all the time and that i need to travel to the writer’s area and yell in the least the writers till they apprehend through their thick skulls that creating characters act like idiots doesn’t equal smart TV.

Suspense is nice. that would are a tense scene while not having characters behave like idiots. The glass might have broken after they were transferral the large cart through, since there was no different means for them to induce that out apart from taking it across the glass. that will have created sense and it might are a way higher, additional realistic scene.

When the zombies catch up with them on the road we’ve another series of weird, stupid moments. Why do they have to abandon the cart they worked thus laborious to get? they are all extremely hot zombie killers at now. they may have simply killed the zombies and been concerning their business. there have been clearly not too several zombies to dispatch as a result of that is what they find yourself doing within the finish anyways. They were extremely simply planning to leave the cart and also the horses rather than simply killing the zombies? Why? WHY? WHY????

This ends up in the young guy’s death since he tries to free the horses sort of a good person however is not fast enough or good enough to avoid obtaining bitten. the full issue was simply improbably frustrating. Classic Walking Dead. It simply feels lazy to American state. Like no one is paying enough attention to the main points to create these scenes work.

In this second scene, {they might|they might|they may} have set to induce away and are available back for the cart and Rick or someone might have aforesaid “Free the horses!” so once the child visited free the horses he could have gotten kicked within the head or one thing and died from that, not from being the sole person to not run away forthwith.

The episode was written by Kang and directed by Greg Nicotero, and that i guess i used to be simply expecting additional from these 2 once it involves basic logic. Oh well. If I had one piece of recommendation for Kang as she takes over this show it might be to extend internal control. check that that each script is smart and does not embrace characters acting like idiots for no reason. making tension and conflict is very important, and typically that features characters being stupid (people ar stupid thusmetimes!) however it cannot be so clearly stupid to the purpose wherever it does not be for the character and the way they ordinarily act.


Other than these silly moments, i actually enjoyed the season premiere. it isn’t the simplest Walking Dead premiere ever however it is a step within the right direction. {I have|I even have|I truly have} hope for the primary time in years that this may actually be a good season. i believe we’re most likely past the show’s flower, however you ne’er apprehend.

I additionally want we have a tendency to’re obtaining additional of the characters we care concerning and fewer of the characters we do not care concerning. thus additional Daryl, more Carol, etc. and fewer Eugene, less town etc. that is nice. The forged is much too huge still {and we have a tendency to|and that we} got to specialise in the folks we truly care concerning additional and build their stories out. This, including the higher dialogue and acting, is one among the items that you just notice at once this season. Hopefully it continues during this positive direction.

I’ve watched the primary 3 episodes of Season nine and you’ll be able to scan my spoiler-free preview of these here. All 3 ar smart, with episode three quite probably the simplest of the bunch.

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