AIB’s Tanmay Bhat And Gursimran Khamba has “Step off ” from AIB #MeToo gains momentum

Comedy cluster AIB has declared that Tanmay Bhat will “step away” from his role within the cluster as India’s #MeToo movement gains momentum. Last week, the cluster had accepted that Tanmay knew concerning comedian Utsav Chakraborty’s actus reus with ladies and still unbroken acting on comes with him. Another member of AIB, Gursimran Khamba, has been “put on temporary leave” once allegations of molestation emerged against him on social media.

“We are closely watching the sequence of events on social media round the allegations against AIB and additionally our Co-founder and chief executive officer, Tanmay Bhat. we tend to cannot overlook Tanmay’s role and in light-weight of this, he are stepping off from his association with AIB till more notice. this means that Tanmay won’t be committed the day to day functioning of AIB or in the other manner,” AIB aforementioned in an exceedingly statement.


The statement additionally aforementioned that Gursimran has been placed on a short lived leave. “We have additionally simply been appraised of the allegations against Gursimran Khamba on social media. At now in time, these allegations pertain to a personal matter, and he has discharged an announcement of his own concerning identical. However, as a corporation, we tend to believe that it might be prudent to position Gursimran Khamba on a short lived leave of absence till we’ve got additional clarity on the matter,” the statement aforementioned.

Khamba has been suspect by a girl of misconduct on social media. The comedian has unconditionally denied “any violation of consent”. The woman, World Health Organization requested namelessness, announce her statement through the Twitter handle of a journalist.


Adding that the cluster can continue operating with the opposite founders — Ashish Shakya and Rohan Joshi, the statement intercalary, “We don’t grasp what this implies for the longer term of AIB or whether or not there’s one.”


On Th, Utsav was suspect of causation sexually specific messages to ladies, together with minor women, in an exceedingly Twitter thread by a writer-comedian. She shared many accounts of girls World Health Organization claimed to possess received uninvited specific pictures from Utsav. He has since apologized for his behaviour.


Tanmay later accepted that he was awake to the allegations however didn’t do enough. “I should’ve ended ties then, and that i didn’t, and it is my fault. I’m truly sorry. I should’ve acted stronger,” Bhat had said.