Scam Alert: Don’t click on This Facebook ‘Friend Request From You’ Message

Alert  have saw any Suspicious message like in your inbox of  facebook  or across your facebook profile ???

This message Start with “Hi… I actually got another friend request from you yesterday which I ignored so you may want to check your account.”

It then instructs you to hold your finger down and forward the message.

Officials in Plaquemines parish are urging people to stop forwarding the message about being hacked.

“You weren’t. It’s bogus. And you’re just making it worse,” their  Facebook post reads.



The actual message like this:

This message is a hoax, and anyone who shares it is spreading it.

They say there was a cloning epidemic on Facebook about 18 months ago which was real, and some people do still get hacked. However, this message is different.

If you’re going to share anything, share this to let your friends know that they haven’t been hacked, and that they can stop forwarding that message along.