Rowan Atkinson is back again with Johnny English :Movie Review..

After the long gap of the Seven year Rowan Atkinson’s is back with the Johnny English and by this flim Rowan Atkinson has shown that for a great actor  actor a time lap doesn’t matter so he back so he back with the famous series of Johnny English.

After the James Bond everyone’s favourite super spy is back with a big bang . This is a long and comedy story of a spy .

The main  problem with the Johnny English films is that they don’t appear to be all that interested in trying. They’re not terrible — they’re just not very good.

This clumsy third instalment follows suit, with a chaotic plot in which the lads at MI7 are the target of a cyber attack that exposes every one of their active secret agents. To catch the baddie, the secret service is forced to call the English fella out of retirement.


Emma Thompson has some fun as the prime minister, and Rowan Atkinson pulls every imaginable face in an attempt to make things funny. Likewise, Olga Kurylenko is working hard.

Unfortunately, it never takes off. The jokes are signposted from a mile away. The ham-fisted one-liners are as old as time itself. It is, I’m sorry to say, a lazy, predictable and oddly lifeless affair — and an awful waste of a good cast.