Political breakthrough in Sri Lanka: PM’s chair handed over to controversial Rajapaksa..

Political activities in neighboring country Sri Lanka have taken such a step that in the days to come, circumstances can go against India’s interests. Renal Vikramasinghe had to quit as prime minister in the political transition in Colombo on Friday, and former President Mahinda Rajapakse was sworn in as the new Prime Minister.


Vikramsinghe is considered as pro-India. He had visited India last week. However, Ranil Vikramasinghe has claimed that I am still the Prime Minister. Rajapakse’s appointment has been described as unconstitutional.President Col. Sirisen in Colombo administered Rajapakse the oath of office in a very secretive manner. Its official video was not released until late at night. According to the information received, Sirisen’s UPFA withdrew support from the joint government led by Vikramsinghe. Because of this, the government had come in a minority.


Earlier, the SLFP MPs in the coalition also withdrew support from the government. Vikramasinghe’s political party, UNP, formed a government in 2015 with Sirissen’s party. Then Rajapaksa had to be out of power.                                                                                                Foreign Ministry sources say that there was a dispute between Sirisene and Vikramasinghe on several issues in recent months. There were also issues related to relations with India. A day before Vikramasinghe came to India last week, there was a lot of controversy between the two.

The news came from President Sirisen alleging that he wanted to assassinate him on the Indian intelligence agency RAW. Later on this issue Sirisen’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a telephone conversation and the matter got cold. On the issue of giving a port to India in Sri Lanka, there was also a dispute between the two Sri Lankan leaders.


The new conditions which are now built here will not be called as pleasant for India because Rajapaksa had previously helped China to go against India’s interests as a President. During his tenure, China expanded firmly in Sri Lanka. Because of them, China got an airport and a port there. Vikramsinghe has been referring to China’s growing debt publicly. After the departure of Rajapakse, the path of India was getting easier in Sri Lanka, but now it is likely to hamper.

Meanwhile, BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy tweeted that my friend Mahinda Rajapakse has just been sworn in as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. “He tweeted another,” I will now work on the Maldives and Afghanistan. “